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Full Version: National NaNoWriMo Doing Month!
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It's November, and that can only mean quite a number of things, one of which is NaNoWriMo!

Do you plan to write a novel this month? I certainly plan on it, but we'll see how well that works out with all the gobs of free time I have.
Probably will, but how smoothly it goes depends on what I decide to write about.
I'm doing this instead! :D

The boyfriend is attempting the 30 characters challenge and nano at the same time, because he is a crazy person. It's going to be fun watching his sanity slowly slipping away.
Well, it's already begun for Plaid and I, and as usual it coincides something shocking with my exams.

So I'll probably sit it out and get into the spirit of tl;drery with some Grand Battle posts instead.
I'm going to attempt it. Slightly worried due to two previous failures (not counting any unofficial attempts) so lgfgfdsisuf
Oh, almost forgot; everyone everywhere ever should check out Fake NaNoWriMo Tips on Twitter. They provide such useful advice as:

Quote:Emoticons do not count as words until midnight November 29.
Quote:If the need for sleep is hurting your daily word count, hop on your CB radio and ask truckers where to get the good speed.
Quote:As cool as it is, we must still discourage use of Batman ex machina.
I'm attempting to NaNoWriMo.

P.s. This thread is called 'National National Novel Writing Month Doing Month'. Someone needs to change Doing to Writing for maximum redundancy.
Having not done it last year after having told myself I'd have to the year before, I swore I'd attempt it this year.

I have obviously done nothing to that effect. Admittedly the MAT I sat this morning is mostly responsible for me not having planned or even as much as considered it, so presumably I'm legitimately justified in not having done so, but I do feel somehow like I really, really oughta have done something. On the other hand, Schmaltz II has chalked up 38,000 words to date, so I could just pret- no wait that's a stupid idea...

What I might do is use it as an excuse to do some writing regardless, maybe through some tenuous connection of showing solidarity. Bar the aforementioned exploit, I haven't done any proper writing since... well I was going to say February but then I'd wound that side of things down before my "hiatus" anyway... so I'm long overdue some. I could end up with a short story or two, if I'm lucky, and knowing me they'll probably total 50,000 words pretty damned quickly whether I intend them to or not...
Everything is going badly. Anyone want a wordwar?
I'm managing 3000 a day over here, though not as smoothly as I could be.
I'm doing pretty terribly. I've not even managed the 1667 that is the target for the first day.
I'm lagging a wee bit on the characters- one behind right now since I'm trying unsuccessfully to juggle that with homework and updates.

The boyfriend is up to 16k words, though. Don't know how he does it. @___@
4k to catch up on today. It's one in the morning. I have to make a cake later. And do various homework things I've been putting off as well as internet obligations.


I should sleep and catch up properly when I'm functioning like a human but damnit 4000 bloody words
I was at a Write-In today, it was pretty productive. I got 3000 words out of it in about two hours, my total is currently about 15k and a bit.
I was going to do this but whoops I'm five days in and haven't written anything. I might try for a half-novel once I clear through this weekend and get my shit together but there's no way I can achieve a full novel most likely.
So this morning I buckled down and wrote a lot

I finished my novel

Here it is:
Six more days. Let's wake this business uuuuuuup




BUT YES, November is coming. Let us discuss our plans (exams notwithstanding) to write a lot of words in a month! Are you going to write about wizards? Ninjas? Hipsters? All three (Not gonna happen, ninjas and wizards are far too mainstream)?

Also this was the very last thread on the projects page so it looked lonely.
I'll attempt to write an entire research essay in two weeks, and y'all can marvel at that instead. Bloody typical that the first year I get all my exams done before the fabled month and I leave myself the hugest-arse written assignment to finish.

It won't be 50,000 words, on the other hand once that's done and dusted I can write significantly less than 50,000 words for other neglected things.
I believe I am not going to be busy with anything at all this November, which means conditions are pretty much perfect for me to do one of these. On the other hand, I've never done one before and I have no suitable ideas and I'm not even good at writing??? my novel would end up being some surrealist work about angel hypnotism or something it would be the worst
I've gotten to 50k three years in a row, but the last two years were something of a slog towards the end.

But now I'm reconsidering my plan to not bother with it this year; as I've said repeatedly, I try to write every day, and lately it's been hard to come up with things to write. So having a novel to work on would help with that, I'd know what I was working on at the very least.

I'll give it some thought. I have a few days to see if I can find an idea I like.
I will join this for the first time. I've always considered trying it for the last four years, but I never really got around to doing it. Well, now it's time to get serious.
Quote:[10:54:45 AM] Schazmander: I also just had the worst idea
[10:54:52 AM] Schazmander: what if a group of people did NaNoWriMo
[10:54:57 AM] Schazmander: but exquisite corpse style
[10:55:03 AM] Not The Author: ?
[10:55:37 AM] Schazmander: so first person writes 500, 1000 words
[10:55:49 AM] Schazmander: next person writes a similarly-lengthed piece working off whatever they wrote
[10:56:28 AM] Schazmander: and you only get to see the piece preceding yours
[10:57:15 AM] Not The Author: So
[10:57:31 AM] Not The Author: SalNoWriMo
[10:57:42 AM] Schazmander: yuuuuup
[10:57:49 AM] Not The Author: Hee
[10:57:50 AM] Schazmander: well
[10:57:54 AM] Schazmander: it'd be SahNoWriMo
[10:58:06 AM] Schazmander: Something a Huge November Writing Month
[10:58:35 AM] Schazmander: you'd also need to keep it going quickly, like, make sure at least one 1000-word piece is written a day
[10:58:36 AM] Schazmander: preferably more
[10:59:00 AM] Schazmander: of course you don't need fifty people for it, people can jump back on a few links down the chain
iiiiiiiiii guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuesssssss i would do that if it became a thing
Haha, I figure I could contribute to that!
Dear lord! Yes yes I would totes do that
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