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Full Version: Good patent ideas
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golden .45 revolver, powered by dreams. shoots lightning
A robotic snake that looks like a real snake. Detects if it's been tread on, and beams super badfeels into the treader if they belong to a union
Special Device To Destroy Tumbler and All Its Fiat Fanboy Blogger's
Canned bread
bike that when you peddle it it produces a gas which inspires revolution upon the ideals of the founding fathers
Video Games, but better
thomas jefferson sex pillow
GOLDEN thomas jefferson sex pillow
a genetically engineered monkey that can be eaten by bananas
fire. nobody's patented fire yet, you'll make a killing

A tuned frying pan that when it fries eggs, the sizzling sounds like the Who is John Galt speech from that one book it's from
a page a day calendar where every day, is a different page
a golden firehose that spray a liquid which melts favelas off hillsides
alger hiss trial playset
soggy gruel, mixed with mud and gravel, served to eat
(10-08-2015, 04:51 AM)ICantGiveCredit Wrote: [ -> ]time.

nobody's patented time yet, you'll make a killing
a write-your-own-US-constitution mad lib. we might not be able to patent this since it's what basically everyone does anyway
toaster that burns toast in a pattern to miraculously produce the face of milton friedman on your breakfast
if God doesn't exist (yet) we can patent it. if He doesn't we'll make a killing on sales of religious books and if He does then the patent will be rejected and we'll know for sure!
Earth! No one's patented Earth yet! THE WORLD WILL BE MINE! A-HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!
a "DEfirmative action" button. or a "affirmative INaction" bumper sticker, not sure. "infirmative deaction??" work in progress, point is, minorities don't need more opportunity than they currently have
(10-08-2015, 04:30 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]Canned bread

best patent since sliced bread

edit: wait if i slice the can open am i infringing or not
jelly beans shaped like the body parts of ronald reagan. head, torso, leg, etc. it's for communion
a dog training program that teaches canines to sniff out reds and pee on them
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