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Having lived in Australia for a fair bit, I've come to notice that the language people speak here is... a little bit not-English. So I'm going to start recording some of the shit I hear, so that we can all marvel at this ridiculous dialect. What about you guys? What sorts of local words and phrases make tourists activate their Blankaloupe face?

Anyway, let's get crackin', mate.

Entry 1: Good Egg

Good egg, descriptor. Used to describe someone who is pretty okay. "He didn't fuck me when he could've. He's a good egg."

This one's fairly straightforward: it's the converse of being a Bad Egg, i.e. someone won't take advantage of others' goodwill and is generally a good person.

Synonyms: alright bloke, decent fella (rare)
I've lived in New York my whole life and people still ask me if I'm Canadian because of how I pronounce tomorrow
In my school, we must wear our school's uniform every day, so we call normal clothing "Civvies".

Also, bonus slang: I have a friend who calls laundry detergent "Laundry Sauce" or "Sauce", and his whole family uses these terms.
"good egg" is over here on the west coast of the united states too
I tried to make a coherent post about how in Canada, we call US colleges "universities", and US community colleges "colleges", but then I gave up and made this.
In NZ we combine chips/crisps and chips/fries as referred to by UK and USA culture respectively and everything is just chips. You figure out which is which by context clues, or by everyone just knowing which one you mean? I remember that being one of the things i had to explain to Ren when they first visited
'straya has this chips/chips paradigm as well, except we complicate things by adding 'wedges' into the mix.

I believe non-uniform here is known as 'mufti', which is a term that dates right back to WWI.
Yeah nah
We have wedges and mufti too.

Wedges aren't chips though, eating them with tomato sauce is a crime
Did you just call ketchup tomato sauce, or do the Antipodes have weird condiments?
(11-06-2015, 08:42 PM)Reyweld Wrote: [ -> ]I tried to make a coherent post about how in Canada, we call US colleges "universities", and US community colleges "colleges", but then I gave up and made this.

This pisses me off, it's like someone made it deliberately complicated, just like not using the metric system! What the fuck is up with that. Elementary > Middle > High > University. End of story.

I think i've said it before but, as a Latin American, it's very weird how in order to sound like you're fluent in English you have to speak in an American accent, even though Brittish accents are far more suited for the kind of pronunciations we're used to. Also, using certain words (like mate, bugger, malarkey) feels very odd or forced, even though it makes no sense since English isn't even my first language in the first place so it's not like i get to hear American English only at all times, sure we're more exposed to it but still.

I'll never for the life of me comprehend the reasoning behind removing the T sound from words, IT'S FIGHT-ERR NOT FIGH-RER, what the hell is a shor-ee? You mean a shorty? I can't bring myself to do it naturally, yet you have to do it or else it sounds like you have a huge accent, which is a huge turn off for Spanish speaking people for some reason.

In Latin America Ketchup is better known as tomato sauce (literal translation) or cátsup, sometimes KECHÚ.
For more Latin American facts talk to me you can find me at triple doble u dot tombler slash infrar dash ed dot com

Or help me and talk to me in Skype, it's very easy to fall out of practice if you don't practice your second language.
In a strip of land in the great plains heartland, I saw a lot of "egg" themed restaurants - ones that had egg in the name and I guess they're primarily breakfast places like denny's. There was The Good Egg, Jimmy's Egg, The Egg and I, and probably others but the first two were chain restaurants seen in many places.

marelo, their roommate and I ate at one of them (I think it was Jimmy's Egg?) and a couple of orthodox priests sitting across from us paid for our bill without us knowing it, maybe because at one point we were talking about the russian revolution
(11-07-2015, 12:56 AM)SleepingOrange Wrote: [ -> ]Did you just call ketchup tomato sauce, or do the Antipodes have weird condiments?

We have ketchup and tomato sauce here, but really they're the same thing. Ketchup is just a flavour of tomato sauce here.

[Image: usd-range_updated-with-final-tomato-ketchup.jpg]

Tomato sauce is a big enough deal here that one of the companies had a v popular marketing campaign about how you couldn't be a kiwi unless you loved your [brand name's] sauce.
Not gonna lie Plaid, I have a thing of Wattie's termater sauce in my fridge right now

I feel like next someone will say mayonnaise is just one flavor in a line of "egg gravies"
So hold on what do you put on your pizza underneath all the toppings

if you people are putting ketchup on your pizza i can't look at any of you any more
Pizza sauce.

does the pizza sauce come in a squeeze bottle
I always used spaghetti sauce as pizza sauce (both of which are basically tomato sauces anyways)
Tomato paste is for pizza! It does come in a squeezy bottle but only for ease of use; its only an ingredient in other things because its p hideous on its own
I think tomato paste is too thick and concentrated for a pizza. Herbs and other veg are very important (to have in the sauce) to me!

The tomato paste here comes in cans about 1/3 size of normal canned things.
I don't get what the big deal is about ketchup and pizza sauce being sold as different flavours of the same thing, but i do wonder what the hell are BBQ and steak sauce doing there though.

Would mustard and ranch be different flavours of egg gravies??????
Pizza sauce is an entirely different thing? That picture is just the watties range to the last 3 wouldn't be considered tomato sauces, as such. Tomato sauce is for chips (fries) and on meat (mostly sausages). Not pizza.

Tomato paste comes in cans, squeeze bottles and a wee tube no unlike one you get paint in here. :B
Pizza sauce is like mostly tomato but there is also other stuff in it, like I think they mix BBQ sauce in with it as well.
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