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Spoiler :
Being ported from MSPAF to here.

Original thread

[Image: title%20screen.jpg]
a tribute to trol seasson

OFFICEQUEST is an epic story of the struggle of one young, middle-class worker as he searches for his place in life. Gerald's tale is fraught with danger, suffused with romance, and filled with poignant meaning that will bring tears to the eyes of even the most stoic readers. Watch Gerald transform from a simple, lowly worker to an intelligent, mature, and respected man.

just me at the moment, but anybody who wants to make an update can just pop in at any time

fa n art:

none, you useless dumpbutts
make me some art already

update list:
sorry, im too lazy

[Image: mirror%20button.jpg]
first set of updates (read these!)
(spoilered for long)

Spoiler :
[Image: 1.jpg]
You are gerald, the most prestiigous office worker in the wonderful and mighty-ly affluent office tower, OFFICE TOWER INC CO ENTERPRISES. What will you, proffesional and intelligent do next?????

CaptainDriad Wrote:> Jump out window.
[Image: 1.jpg]
Kíeros Wrote:> Defenestrate window
[Image: 2.gif]
its a mac!
[Image: 3.gif]
you throw it out anyway

CaptainDriad Wrote:> Hit up coworker
[Image: 4.jpg]

she gracefully and pulchritudinously walks over to you seductively. what do you wish to "hit up coworker" aabout? (wow she sure does inpires feelings of possible romatnic attatraction to you!!

duneMortuae Wrote:> Hit up coworker about IMPORTANT POLIDICKS and BUSINASS PROPOSALS. She'll understand what you mean.

Spira-Virgo Wrote:> Say a good morning to that amazing person next to ya

Chizita Wrote:Impress her with your skills at doing Office Work.
[Image: 5.jpg]
she is too busy talking about hefr new favoritae game [URL="http://www.mspaforums.com/showthread.php?41880-Trol-Seasson-kickstarter"]SBRUB [/URL]to do any of these things ! [Image: 6.jpg]
OH NO! It's BOSS! BOSS doesn't like games he says to get back to work or YOUR FIRED!!!

Kíeros Wrote:> Start working right there
[Image: 7.jpg]
but you threw your computer out of the window
turtleOracle Wrote:> defenestrate boss
[Image: 8.gif]
upon heering youre disparate tail of woe, the irate and very angry BOSS threws YOU out of the window!!!!!!
[Image: 9.jpg]
you land outside

turtleOracle Wrote:> Burn down this shitty place yo

[Image: 10.jpg][Image: 11.jpg]
[Image: 12.jpg]
fire extuigwisher's are for putting them OUT numbnuts

BlueMoonHound Wrote:(Wow this is emin' hilarious)
>Go for a walk.

[Image: 13.gif]
[Image: 14.gif]
[Image: 15.jpg]Oh no its BEAR! Aour mighty hero trmebtles with appreshesnion and forbodign fear as the challenger lumbers slowly toward him slowly![Image: 16.jpg] And Bear has a gun!!!!!!

BlueMoonHound Wrote:Bear: Shoot

[Image: 17.jpg]

[Image: 17.5.jpg]


[Image: 19%20flash.gif]

[Image: 1.jpg][/CENTER]
[RIGHT]You are gerald, the most prestiigous office worker in the wonderful and mighty-ly affluent office tower, OFFICE TOWER INC CO ENTERPRISES. What will you, proffesional and intelligent do next?????

BOSS under-goes a terryfighting transformatnion!
[Image: 20.jpg]
[Image: 21.jpg]
[Image: 22.jpg]
[Image: 23.jpg]
[Image: 24.jpg]
[Image: 25.jpg]

typeandkey Wrote:>Wait, this is a sign. This bear is not your enemy. It is your soulmate.


BigBrain Wrote:You and that lady must be pretty high level to attack twice in one turn. I'm super impressed.

[Image: 26.jpg]
[Image: 26_2.jpg]
you both have very high speed
BigBrain Wrote:> Hit on plant instead of woman
[Image: 27.jpg]
you whisper a ffew choiec words on the beutiful iridescent green of her leaves
[Image: 28.jpg]
she blushes furiously!!

Dalmationer Wrote:Chew a whole in the floor.

[Image: 29.gif]
[Image: 30.jpg]
[Image: 31.gif]
[Image: 32.jpg]
[Image: 33.gif]
[Image: 34.jpg]
[Image: 35.jpg]
it appears you haev landed in some secret underground lair, full of mysterious gadgets and gizmosa nd techonlogicial machines of allsorts of various and possibly unethical purposes!

BigBrain Wrote:> gerald: break chamber glass with mug
[RIGHT][Image: 36.jpg][/RIGHT]
[Image: 37.jpg]
[Image: 38.jpg]
[Image: 39.jpg]
[Image: 40.jpg]
a potato man comes out!

geradl: "hello."

Potato Man:
"Please do not speak to me. The entirety of my small existence is a falsehood, a tale told by those who wish me nothing but ill. All joy is an illusion, all happiness farce, and all pleasure mockery. The living body is naught but an animal, a system of ravaged instincts slowly crawling inexorably towards nonexistence, all the while believing it is crawling away. I am an abomination. While I desire nothing more to destroy myself and whatever sadistic being created me, I am too vile and lowly to be capable of even that petty task."

geardl: "aww man im sure its not that bad"

Potato Man:
"No other mortal can comprehend the depth and cruelty of the pain I feel every waking moment. Kill me."

gearld "no."

[Image: 41.jpg]
BigBrain Wrote:> jeanie: hit on plant, steal from gerald
[Image: 42.jpg]
[RIGHT][Image: 43.jpg]
[Image: 44.gif][/RIGHT]
RandomWriter Wrote:>Use said unethical machinery.

[Image: 45.jpg]
[Image: 46.jpg]
[Image: 47.jpg]

first update on eagle time:

[Image: music%20box.jpg]
(click it)
[Image: 48.jpg]
[Image: 49.jpg]
[Image: 50.jpg]
[Image: 51.jpg]
[Image: 52.jpg]
[Image: 53.jpg]
[Image: 54.jpg]
oh my! what mysterous and posisbly dangrous place have you aligned yourself into now???????

(wait for next time to find out!)
wow man what a pageclaim jeez way to take up the whole fucking thread in one post dickwad
you're in the matrix
scan your face into the machines
Hit on the tree
(01-28-2016, 05:31 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]you're in the matrix

[Image: 55.jpg]
PIXEL appears!
ummmmm that's not a pixel that is clearly a zelda
Befriend the zelda
Hug the pixel
hug the lava zombie
(02-09-2016, 01:37 AM)AgentBlue Wrote: [ -> ]Hug the pixel
[Image: 56.jpg]

a parade of valentiens ballons appears for thr occasion!




[Image: 57.gif]


STRIKE BACK WITH 3V3N 133T3R HAX!!11!1!,,!,1,1,1<!,1,1,1<!<!<<!1,,1<1,

[Image: 58.jpg]

you are just alive to do this... but not for long...[/b]]]]]]]]]]

Zerio Wrote:>Bend the code to hack PIXEL's gun to reverse (so the gun shoots at her intsead of at you).

[Image: 58.jpg]

it is an option.....

but what are the OTHERS (hacking options)??????
Hack the mainframe and change the scenery back to Office (default)
Zerio Wrote:>Hack PIXEL......... to join the your team?

you do that and also hack yourself back to into life an d jeanie is now there aswell.

(its a movie dumpshit!}

[Image: meanwol.jpg]
[Image: 60.jpg]
you are now BOSS. he (you (BOSS))) is (are (is)) going fore a relaxing jautn acros s the plasent countrysied to calm his (your (his)) nerves.
Spoiler :
teh moive was ver-e güd
Ew, 12 av
RandomWriter Wrote:>Boss, look for greener pastures, such as the red light district

[Image: 61.jpg]
hores and there patrons are everywhere!
GreatKaiserNui Wrote:>Get Laid!

warning: nsfw as hell
Spoiler :
Spoiler :
Spoiler :
what now???????
[Image: 63.gif]
[Image: you%20decide.jpg]
Go to a florists
(02-23-2016, 03:53 AM)Whimbrel Wrote: [ -> ]Go to a florists

ask the Red Shpee for his sservicess

no, the OTHER ones.
(02-23-2016, 05:40 AM)ICantGiveCredit Wrote: [ -> ]ask the Red Shpee for his sservicess

[Image: 64.jpg]
you querye him o n how much negotiabel curency it might exaction you to hire him to assissanate your boterhsome empolyee.
[Image: 65.jpg]
he says it'll d'expenditureeaux you deuxe le ENTROPY CRYTSALS
you ask whats' a entroupy crystal
he says i dunno i le guess like ze chaos emeralds except zey dont let vous go bullshit super sayian. i am french. baguette
Suplex him
grab a baguette from the garbage can and give it to him
i dont feel like doing the next update so the next person to post an update is now an OFFICEQUEST 2K15 (©) official pseudo-author (tax-deductible, no contract required, all rights reserved, please drink respondibly)
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