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Hey Eagle-Time!

After much discussion in The Great 2016 people remalgamation thread, I figured we should have a thread proper for podcast postings and discussion.

Use this space to comment on podcasts, collaborate on hawksquawks, request discussion topics, swap editing tips, or anything you audiophiles find interesting!

To start things off, here's a little Pre-cast that Akumu, Dragon Fogel, and myself put together. The topic: "What's been up the last 4 years?"

0. Eagle-Talk Precast
1. Eagle-Talk: Schazer-Talk
2. Eagle-Talk: Laundry Talk
3. Eagle-Talk: A Year Later Talk

Happy Squawking!
Beep BOOP beep beep BOP boop

Cool! I'm liking this, but I would appreciate it if you introduced yourselves so I know who's talking when.

edit: Also, I'm currently working on the first Hawksquawk episode. If you're expecting anything at all, you're already expecting too much.
Oh yeah, we totally did that introduction thing in years past. (Well, not me specifically, but I do remember it happening.) Something to remember for next time, I guess!
Yeah I agree on the name introduction every podcast.

I really enjoyed listening and I'm glad someone explained what grandbattles were, I've always been a little confused about them but hearing an overview of what they were really helped.
Man these are good voices for talking

If I ever get a decent mic I'll put up to talk.
Nice! Definitely a round of introductions to kick off the cast would be good.

I'd be happy to jump in on a convenient day and tell eager listeners about my OCs/birds/whatever other stuff comes to mind.
(03-09-2016, 04:03 AM)Akumu Wrote: [ -> ]Beep BOOP beep beep BOP boop


(03-09-2016, 04:37 AM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]Cool! I'm liking this, but I would appreciate it if you introduced yourselves so I know who's talking when.

I think introductions are a great idea, especially since we'll be having different people on at different times.

This recording was kind of a "warm-up" round. We didn't have any real topic list. Fortunately, since it has been so long since we've recorded something like this, the topic of "What's been going on?" naturally came up. We actually recorded a good 90 minutes of audio, but most of that was just Akumu and myself catching up while we tried to wrangle someone into chatting.

A huge thank you to Dragon Fogel for being that someone!

The original podcast of yore was almost exclusively about the goings-on in the forums, but I'm hoping that this will extend farther into the lives and opinions of the people who make up this place. I'd love to get the chance to record you guys sharing whatever topic or specialty you're passionate about - I'd personally love to do a teacher-cast at some time, considering we have at least a couple of people here who've found themselves at the head of a classroom.

What are some topics you'd like to talk about or listen to? I can update the first post with a possible topic list.
[Image: vidja.png]

That was really good! I def agree with everyone regarding introductions, plus i would be keen to join in at some point?
I am super keen to join and babble at yas

Now if I can just remember my Skype login...
Maybe you could get a new one?
The Hawksquawks (and Squawk Hawks) are all fantastic and I love them and I love you all.

I meanwhile am getting SCHEMES for this Eagle-Talk sorcery, and in the spirit of basically everything else we do on this forum I am encouraging reader participation!

Part of my 'cast will be a science Q+A, so it'd be rad if people would send me biology-related questions via PM. (Other sciences may be forwarded on to more qualified hosts). You can either send them as a textual message to be read aloud on the 'cast, or you can record your own voice and send me a link to the audio clip in which case I can edit it in? The potential always remains to let folks hop on the call when I eventually get round to recording the thing.

Thanks friends!
(03-10-2016, 05:48 AM)Papers Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe you could get a new one?

I probably should just so my parents can't contact me that way anymore but also ehhhhhhhhhhhhh skype bloatwaaaaare
(03-14-2016, 08:04 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ](Other sciences may be forwarded on to more qualified hosts).

Yeah if you want to ask me any questions about physics, that could be fun!
what is the smallest thing
Are quantum wavefunctions an actual, physical property of a particle, or are they simply constructs to describe what we know about said particle?
I hope you guys are also sending biology questions to Schazer!!
What is a Slime Mold and will it kill me?
What human parasite creeps you out the most?
How do GMO's work?
If you were a force-carrying particle what kind would you be and why?
Who is your favorite scientist?
Can I quantum tunnel?
Given our current level of scientific understanding, how far away are we from real-life Pokemon?

Of course, I'll have a few /secret/ questions prepared as well.

Also, between Schazer, Akumu, and myself we have about a decade of experience teaching highschool/college students - if you have any questions about what it's like on the teacher side of a classroom, post or PM those as well!
what practical applications does e=mc^2 have, if not now, then in the future. Does it mean i can slow down energy by 300 000 km/s to make a sandwich?
what is the smallest bug

what is the smallest student
On a scale of bilby to human please rate all the common household pets by how terrible they are ecologically. That's dogs, cats, fish, pet rocks, parrots etc.
What is the evolutionary purpose of laughter?
How come goldfish can change gender but very few other species can?
Why is chocolate poisonous to pets?
What is the second most likely species on earth to evolve sentience/sapience? (Proto-humans were the first, obviously)
What is the difference between sentience and sapience?
What do you think martian multi-cellular life would look like if it existed? Venusian? Jupiterisian?
Why do we have five fingers? Why not six, or four?
*Repeat Akumu's pokemon question, but with Bulbasaur in particular*

More physics:
If photons are massless, then why can they impart force? Does it have something to do with lightspeed being essentially infinity and ∞ * 0 ≈ 1 in some branches of math? (Where "≈" means "kinda sorta equals but not really)
What would happen to the earth if a single atom (let's make it a fluorine atom, I like fluorine), heated to ~99.9972% of the planck temperature was placed in the center? How quickly would humanity be destroyed?
Feynman, Einstein, or Hawking?

To Schazer:
What's Japan like?
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