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Full Version: The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
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[Image: 01.png]
"You called me, Heaven?"

[Image: 02.png]

[Image: 03.png]
"Go back to Earth? But... okay, I will. I understand."

[Image: 04.png]
Sure thing, Heaven, you're only sending me into a world where my own mother doesn't want to see me.

[Image: title.png]

> Whisper in people's ears that Lovecraft was a pretty good writer, so they'll read it and think of Cthulhu when they think of demons. Octopus-face go.
>Go patch things up with your mom first.
Let's see... What if bones started turning up with MONSTROUS teeth marks on beaches and so on. Would that make people start to think of a watery demon, do you think?
Just run up to people and yell:




Spend all of your spare time swimming, so people comment that that child must be a fish.
Ahhhhhhhhhhh i forgot where i left off on a different realm so i'll just re-read it this is just to cute not to read~
Yaaaaay, A Different Realm was great :O

>arise at Loch Ness, and try to make people think Nessie is a Demonic Leviathen, not a dinosaur.

Crawl around on beaches and drag people into the sea. Though you should probably let them go before they drown, or whatever.
roll around on the floor in a fish market so you stink like fish
[Image: 05.png]
You have some ideas of... varying quality on how to convince the populace that you are actually a water demon. You'll figure it out once you get there, you're sure.

[Image: 06.png]
You arrive on Earth once more. Surprisingly, you are not a corpse anymore, but a ghost. Did your body decompose that quickly? It's only been some months... Well, at least you look the way you used to. You decide to get near water as soon as you can, and you head to drift alongside a creek that runs near your old home.

[Image: 07.png]
You are Alex Harvest... at least, that's what you like to call yourself. Your name on Earth was Amy Lu, and due to some strange happenings in your new home, Realm, you are now known as Demon... or more accurately, that's what you've become. Last time you visited Earth, you came back from the dead, and the people of your town were convinced you were some kind of vengeful spirit. Beliefs shape the world of Realm, you've had enough proof of that by now...

[Image: 08.png]
Oh, watch out! You nearly drifted right into some fisherman.

[Image: 09.png]
He looks a bit disturbed.
>Pretend to be here to issue a warning. Specifically, a warning that your "past self" will be arising from the ocean. That should give you a more suitable body if you get the rumor spreading far enough.
wave and say "Hi" in Japanese.

Ask which way the ocean is.
HISSSSS at him and act angry that he is fishing. Then dive back into the water.
Iriri Wrote:HISSSSS at him and act angry that he is fishing.
Attempt to cut his line, shouting things about freedom at the fish.
sdegenko Wrote:

>Jump in the water!
[Image: 10.png]

"What are you doing?"

"You...... you're the... the child, back again?"

"Yes, I'm back again, and I'm here to defend the fish."

"I don't kill the fish! I let them back into the river once I catch them! Spirit, leave me!"

"Hmmmm... alright, I believe you. But I'll be back when I hear the sound of gasping sea life. You're lucky, mister.

[Image: 11.png]

You slink into the creek for dramatic effect. With that, you've just convinced whoever listens to his story that this fisherman is completely drunk. You hope you can find a small group of people to scare next.

The creek is starting to widen. You think you're getting close to a beach. Not only that, it seems that it's getting dark out, and you can hear music in the distance.
Oooh, Beach Party! Let's take a look before we spook people!
What kind of music can you hear?
Creep up on them~!

Maybe after this, you can go check on your mom? You'll probably want to be stealthy about it...
[Image: 12.png]
You hear loud music, from a good distance away. Loud, happy music. You see some kind of beach party, farther down the shore. There appears to be a bonfire, food, a band, the whole works.

[Image: 13.png]
You're filled with longing. You've always wanted to join those parties, ever since you and mom would walk along the beach on those cool summer nights, hunting for shells, and you'd see the party in the distance. But mom wouldn't let you join the parties. She'd always say the same things: you're too young, we don't know who they are, it's too late in the night, and so on. Stupid mom.

[Image: 14.png]
Stupid mom.

[Image: 15.png]
Oh, jeez, some girl's looking at you! You need to pay more attention!

[Image: 16.png]
You hurry behind some trees. You watch the young girl talk to some adult at the party, pointing at where you are hiding. The adult glances in your direction, then returns to the party, obviously unconcerned.

There aren't a lot of hiding places on this beach. If you want to get a closer look at this party, you'd better be careful. What will you do?
Get underwater and approach along the coast.
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