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Hello, hello! Long time, no update! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Friday, and I'm the author and artist of an adventure called The Human Game, which I started back all the way in 2013. It's a horror adventure/ontological mystery that focuses on eight people who wake up to find themselves involved in a strange competition hosted by a masked mastermind - the prize is something far more precious than life itself. Sad to say, I am also a refugee of the MSPA Forums, so I'm here to continue the adventure and keep The Human Game alive.

If you're new to the adventure, welcome! You can catch up with the adventure by using the mirror, which is up to date (excuse the art in the beginning, it DOES get better, trust me). For those of you who aren't new, welcome back! Thank you to all the fans who have been so patient with me throughout these months - I'm so SO grateful for all your support and interest.

Now...onto the newest update, which can be found under the spoiler:


Author's Note for this update (PLEASE READ):
> Kate: Talk to Joe and Abigail. You need to understand what Joe is going through, you being angry is just as bad as his overreactions, Cancel wants you to give into your weakness and become a monster, the solution is simple. Don't let him. Abigail seems to understand the situation well enough.

Talk to Joe and Camilla, and also check out that note in the statue.
> Talk to Joe and Abigail
> Maybe you should check out on Daniel. You were waiting for an opportunity to ask about that bauble...
> Get the note from the angel statue and read it!
>Talk to Joe and Connor

>flip through some books. maybe one of them...is cancel's DIARY
Talk to Connor, try to find some Interesting Books.
>Connor looks like he might have useful information, and we probably want to see what Daniel has for us.
Nox and Thalia

>Hey Connor, uh... good thing you did there.
>Thalia, i remember someone mentioning going to your concert. You play in a band?
(04-21-2016, 02:16 AM)theredlamp Wrote: [ -> ]
You crane your neck, feeling the sunlight beam down upon you from the small windows surrounding its edge.

Interesting. Is there a way to get up to the windows and look outside?
>Talk to Joe

[Image: E1CWDWt.png]

You know that the whole Seth deal is done and over with, but honestly, you feel like you need to talk to Joe again. A part of you is still mad at him, but at the same time, you can’t help but feel concerned. What is going on with him?

You approach him from behind – he hears you, but doesn’t turn to you. Already, a bad sign. You let out a sigh. Maybe you should apologize for before.

KATE: Hey, Joe.
KATE: Look. I know that before, I was really harsh with you.
KATE: I…I shouldn’t have called you an idiot or said those things.
KATE: I was just shocked. I mean, I didn’t know what had happened to Connor and Camilla…

[Image: 0xf1DR9.png]

He doesn’t answer for a moment, instead staring down at the book in his hands. It’s the collection of poetry. Of course he would go straight for a book like that.

JOE: …It’s alright.
JOE: I don’t blame you, Kate.
JOE: I understand why you were upset.

His frown is so heavy that it almost makes you wonder if you will ever see a smile on the man’s face again. His cheerful attitude seems to have gone down the drain.

Even though you don’t know him that well, the fact that all of this has gotten to him chills you in a way you can’t explain. Seeing him like this seems…strange. Off. This isn’t the same man who chatted with you so gaily about trying to find guidance in different places.

JOE: There’s no need to apologize.
JOE: Everything that happened is on me.
JOE: It's my fault.
KATE: ...
JOE: Kate, can you do me a favor, of a sort?
KATE: Uh. Yeah, sure?
JOE: I’ve been thinking over something, and I want to get your input.

[Image: 8CB4k5H.png]

JOE: Kate, this will sound like a very strange question…
JOE: But please, humor me, if you will.
JOE: Let’s say that you woke up one day and found that someone who looked, sounded, and acted exactly like you had taken your place.
JOE: You don't know where they came from, and you don't know why they're here.
JOE: That’s a horrifying thing to find in general, but let’s say that you observe this person for a while, and you find that they’re ruining your life.
JOE: They’re mean to your friends. They squander opportunities. Everything they do, they do with barely any effort or passion. Overall, they go about things in completely the wrong way.
JOE: …If something like that happened, what would you do?

Author's Note:
> I'd probably try to find out why this person is trying to ruin my life. It really depends on who it is.
> Joe are you talking about yourself or somebody else? Do you have an impostor ruining your life? Is this the source of all your angst dude?
> What... literally? Uh, that depends on what exactly is going on, but, if it was an impostor, you'd definitely confront them out in the open!
>Kate: He's obviously asking for advice for a real situation, and, barring an evil twin, there isn't a clone of him running around. Joe or someone Joe knows probably has some sort of mental issue. Sudden mood swings maybe?

>Talk to the imposter and try to come with some sort of compromise? If you can't force them to stop, minimizing the damage seems like the best solution.
>If that doesn't work, talk to someone who knows how to deal with what you're going through. The world's a big place, your case is probably not unique. There are definitely professionals who could give amazing advice.
>: I'd probably want to know what's up with them first, talk to them and see if you can find out why they're like this, and if needed try and get them to at least make them stop being mean to their friends.
>beat them up probs i dunno man


>Try to get them alone- by any means necessary, ask them why. Or, like run away start a new life somewhere else.
(04-24-2016, 04:06 AM)CrimsonMage Wrote: [ -> ]>Talk to the imposter and try to come with some sort of compromise? If you can't force them to stop, minimizing the damage seems like the best solution.
>Impostorise the impostor!
>Is there a such thing as... auto-Capgras delusion? Is this a colorful metaphor or something you actually think happened?
(04-24-2016, 02:46 PM)Benedict Wrote: [ -> ]>Is there a such thing as... auto-Capgras delusion? Is this a colorful metaphor or something you actually think happened?
Maybe Cotard delusion counts in some cases?
I think it's joe using a literary metaphor for Brain Problems...based on what he said earlier, it sounds like he's had episodes where he became somewhat dissociative. I don't think he Literally Has Another Personality, or believes himself to, more that the irritability/antisocial feelings and lack of drive (negative affect) he experiences are ego-dystonic. so he'd conceptualize it as a "doppelganger" bc it doesn't fit with how he thinks of himself. sorta like how some people with depression describe it as a stormcloud or a black dog (i.e. an outside force).

anyways obviously the ic kate answer to this is PUNCH THEM but that's not really helpful so

>talk to my friends, try and explain what's going on so they can understand and help
Well, the first thing that comes to mind is to call the imposter out, right?
>Kate: Kick the imposter's ass. No one can beat the original.
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