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[Image: syu7yf0.png]

You stare at your computer screen for a moment, you've played this game so many times now you've honestly lost count at this point. For a simple game concept the replayability is, frankly, amazing. So, at this point what better to do for your...let's say fiftieth playthrough? Yeah, that sounds good. What better to do than what you do with all games with unlimited potential...

and open source code...

You decide to mod the shit out of the game.

Spoiler :
[Mod List]
The Vasikos ship mod.esp
Traits Expanded
Ultimate Randomizer
Ships Expanded
Expanded Bosses
New Foods
New Drinks
New Items
Settlements Expanded
Bugs undone

[Image: TxPFvbJ.gif]

But before you begin, you have to make a few quick decisions. You scroll down to the achievements menu.

[Image: Pne7WjE.gif]

God you're glad you downloaded that UI update.

[Image: GcZmR7V.png]

[Image: XI119CM.gif]

You head over to gameplay bonuses first, just to take a quick look. You've seen all this before, but with the mods you add, you never know what could be changed.

[Image: w96sT49.png]

Same as always, for the most part. You take a quick look at all the available gameplay bonuses before moving on to Fortuna Items
Spoiler :
Wild universe
Cost: 500
Strange things happen in the universe, and with this you’ll run across more strange, if sometimes disturbing events. Can be toggled off.

Lucky keyword
Cost: 500
After buying this you are able to input a keyword. Things relating to this keyword are more likely to pop up. Can be toggled off.

Starting item
Cost: 500
Be able to pick one item for each character you make to start with within reason. The rest of their items are randomized or picked using their traits as a guideline. Can be toggled off.

Fortuna item slot
Cost: 1500
Amount of slots obtained: 2
Allows you to start with a Fortuna item brought from the Fortuna item section of the store. Up to 3 slots can be brought. Can be toggled off.

The ole switcharoo
Cost: 500
Be able to start with a ship of one god but the AI of another god.
[Image: IDaD2Cx.png]

You've gotten some...interesting Fortuna Items in previous playthroughs. You quickly scroll through the list while thinking about what you want.

Spoiler :
>Perfectly Ordinary Sandwich
It’s a sandwich with ham, some cheese, lettuce and other normal ingredients.

>Mysterious Egg
A strange Egg that may or may not hatch during a playthrough

>Pocket World Snowglobe
A snowglobe with a pocket world inside! Can be used to skip one planet at no cost. Can only be used once

>Cash bag
Allows you to start with 200,000 points if applied.

>Robotic Alligator
Allows you to start with a Robotic Alligator in the crew Inventory, be careful about those fingers!
[Image: 5NOzM06.gif]

Finally you take a look at Patrons to see who you can buy. Looks like you have a few Patrons available for free, and others you can buy for 500 achievement points. You take note of this while keeping in mind you only have two Patron slots. Neither of which are currently filled.


Thoth As A Patron
Spoiler :
In exchange for the entire crew being of a neutral moral standing, Thoth will allow you to more easily sway those of good or ill intent to the opposite moral standing.

-Crew will always be balanced in moral attitude
-Thoth's influence will prevent extreme disaster

-Crew will always be neutral in disputes
-Thoth's influence prevents extreme good fortune

Nepthys As A Patron
Spoiler :
Nepthys, being the protector of the dead, will give a select few members of your crew a one time "pass" on any roll, be it skill check or attack, that would result in their death. In exchange this "pass" may change that characters personality permanently.

-One time get out of death free card
-Nepthys provides subtle influence to combat to protect your crew
-Nepthys is easy to get along with

-Permanent personality change
-Not all crewmembers are guaranteed this "pass"
Amaterasu As A Patron
Spoiler :

With Amaterasu's blessing, none in this universe shall ever need to fear the dark! Amaterasu's shining light of the sun allows all with her blessing to see in dark places as if it were day.

-Can see in the dark

Raijin As A Patron
Spoiler :

With Raijin as a Patron the crew will start with a special drum that, when struck, will strike lighting down upon an enemy.

-Lightning Barrage
-Raijin is easy to please

-Lightning can potentially strike your crew
-Raijin's moral code
Mixcoatl As A Patron
Spoiler :

With Mixcoatl as a Patron your crew will only use half as much food supplies per day, and will be more likely to produce stable Hybrids in exchange for making beasts and hunts more challenging.

-Stable Hybrids of less than stable species
-less money spent on food

-Beasts and Animals will become stronger
-Crew is more likely to be surrounded or ambushed in combat scenarios
Huehueteol As A Patron

Spoiler :

With Huehueteol as a Patron your crew will start with very little food supplies, (Only a single days worth) but Huehueteol will grant you twice as much food per every animal killed or forage gathered.

-Great for hunter builds

-Food will cost twice as much when bought.


Athena As A Patron
Spoiler :

Athena is a very strict about being a patron and if there’s one thing Athena hates it’s luck. If you ever roll the lowest possible number Athena will cancel the roll and reroll. The negative side to this is Athena will reroll if you get the highest possible number as well.

Athena will require she makes and controls the leader of your crew. Due to this she will give it extra points and this leader will only have 1 negative trait. You are allowed to give Athena more characters to control but she only requires the leader.

- Athena will stop being your patron the moment you ask as she is neither clingy nor wishes the player ill will. She honors herself as being drama free as possible.

- Athena sees the player as an equal.

- Athena commonly comes up with well thought up plans and actions as she refuses to fight a battle she does not believe she can win. She knows when to respectfully retreat.

- Athena requires she controls your ship leader and as such if you and Athena disagree on an issue the leader of the crew will not support the crew’s (Your) actions.

- Athena is hard to befriend and is rather cold about protecting what she sees as pixels. Athena feels as if she is a player, not a character. As such she will sacrifice crew without a thought if she feels it’s right.

- Athena refuses to stop controlling the crew’s leader until you befriend her. Befriending her is a long and tedious task as she prides herself in being emotionless at times.

Omoikane As A Patron
Spoiler :

With the god of Intelligence on your side, your crew will always have the intelligence to succeed! Your crew will each gain a bonus point in Intelligence during skill checks, and skill checks involving intelligence will be slightly easier!

-Smart crew
-Great for characters with psychic powers

-Charisma checks will become more difficult
-Crewmembers may obtain chronic head pains disabling them for short periods of time

Quetzalcoatl As A Patron
Spoiler :

Through sacrifice you may gain great strength, with Quetzalcoatl as a patron you may sacrifice a crew member or npc to receive bonuses to your crews stats.

- +2 to every stat for the remaining crew after a crewmembers death done in sacrifice
- +1 to every stat for a single crew member for sacrificing an Npc

-When you kill people they die.

You currently have 2000 Achievement Points to spend however you wish. Patrons cost 500 points each, you may take any two Patrons listed above.

Authors Note
Spoiler :

Hey everyone, so with Fortuna currently in a series of downtime pauses, I came up with an idea to continue to give everyone the Fortuna they love while Gime deals with the perils of real life, so that everyone stays happy and Gime can work on the updates in peace whenever they find the time.

So, after speaking with Gime for a while about this idea, and getting the blessing to go ahead with it, I bring you all:


A non canon modded playthrough of Fortuna with a randomized crew to save a little time. I hope you all enjoy it, and get those suggestions going everyone!

Q: So wait, what are these new Patrons?
A: DLC Patrons from other pantheons, so far the Egyptian, Japanese, and Mesoamerican deities have been added.

Q: So, what happens when Fortuna is out of downtime?
A: Well, I'm not entirely sure, if you all want it to continue alongside Fortuna as a Fantuna adventure, we can do that, Or this can only run during downtimes. It's pretty flexible.

Q: So, Gime is ok with this?
A: Yes. In fact, For a lot of information on this I asked for Gime's reference on certain things, such as Patrons. I wont go into details though

Q: Ok, so what about [Species that doesn't exist, doesn't exist yet] why are they here?
A: Simply put, because it's fun. If you have a species you've been holding onto for the next species app openings, feel free to send them my way and I'll include them in here if you'd like. You can use them for any NPC apps that may happen or anything of that sort. I really don't mind, it's fun to include everyone's interesting creations!

Q: So... where exactly did this idea come from?
A: Simply put, Speedtuna. I had a dumb idea one night to do a quick and dirty speedtuna run for a few friends that somehow just kind of evolved into this. Because of this, I can't say for certain if this is going to have an overarching plotline or anything of the sort like Canon Fortuna, as it was made more for the idea of quick Fortuna runs. Not any particular run like a Sun God Run.
>Switcheroo, Starting Item, Wild Universe, Mysterious Egg, Robotic Alligator, Nepthys and Amaterasu

Edit: Changed vote slightly, I somehow forgot about Wild Universe and Kieros reminded me. (Sorry Omoikane, maybe next time.)
> How about Thoth? They'd be a great patron to pick, and you have more points to spend on fun things, like Wild Universe.
>Athena, Starting Item, Cash Bag
> Athena & Thoth Nepthys
> Lets get Amaterasu and Mixcoatl as our free patronS!

> Lets buy the Mysterious Egg and the Robotic Alligator. (500 points)

> Then lets get Starting item, The ole switcharoo, And Wild Universe. (1500 points)
> Amaterasu and Thoth!
Lucky keyword: friendship
> Nepthys as a patron. Seems like the best option...?

> You know what else seems like the best option? ...Buying Wild Universe!

(05-24-2016, 05:22 AM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: [ -> ]> Lets buy the Mysterious Egg and the Robotic Alligator. (500 points)

> Then lets get Starting item, The ole switcharoo, And Wild Universe. (1500 points)

>Let's go with Amaterasu and Nepthys.

(05-24-2016, 05:22 AM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: [ -> ]> Lets buy the Mysterious Egg and the Robotic Alligator. (500 points)

> Then lets get Starting item, The ole switcharoo, And Wild Universe. (1500 points)
>Thoth and Ammy fo sho
I don't have any suggestions but I want to say bless you Hichico. Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
(05-24-2016, 05:22 AM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: [ -> ]> Lets buy the Mysterious Egg and the Robotic Alligator. (500 points)

> Then lets get Starting item, The ole switcharoo, And Wild Universe. (1500 points)

(05-24-2016, 05:13 AM)nonexistentPumpkin Wrote: [ -> ]>Switcheroo, Starting Item, Wild Universe, Mysterious Egg, Robotic Alligator, Nepthys and Amaterasu

[Image: 5NOzM06.gif]
After thinking it over for a moment you eventually decide to take Amaterasu and Nepthys as Patrons, and take the Wild Universe, Switcharoo, and Starting Item bonuses, and two Fortuna Items: The mysterious egg and the robotic alligator. Not a bad use of Achievement points in your opinion, though that cash bag was definitely tempting.

[Image: rO8vsXd.gif]
Now that that's out of the way, you head over to start a new game. As you do you get a quick pop up notification from one of the mods you have installed, a game randomizer mod, letting you know the randomization is in progress. You're...actually kind of excited to see what the results will be. Fortuna randomizers are usually pretty wild in what they do and don't randomize.

[Image: eFdtORT.gif]
Looks like it randomized your ship selection. Whatever ship you get is guaranteed to have enough space for whatever crew you may have, be it a small crew or a large one. You remember the time when your friend got a Gaia ship with a crew of a Generic and an Angel. That was a laugh riot of run that, somehow, managed to be a successful run.

Anyway, looks like you have a few choices for your ship's AI Pilot. You wonder for a moment just who exactly you should choose.
> Sobek, Sobek, Sobek, Sobek, Sobek, Sobek, Sobek.

This isn't some sort of bias due to Sobek being a crocodile. No sir. I will have you know I'm a rich alligator connoisseur of the alligator arts. I have no bias to their dile brothern.

> "Yo Patrons, testing 1, 2, 3. What's up my home doggs? Mind telling us about yourselves?"
> SKWAKA (aka Athena)
> Roll an 8-sided die to see what AI you pick. Let's hope you're lucky!!
(05-24-2016, 11:37 PM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: [ -> ]> "Yo Patrons, testing 1, 2, 3. What's up my home doggs? Mind telling us about yourselves?"
> Xochipilli seems like a chill dude
> Haniwani for AI.
No, not Sobek. The Time Shifter/Space-Time Monster Haniwani. x p

> Fujin. Unless there is still a tie among actual AI suggestions, then Athena.


(☞ᐛ )☞
> Hey, let's vote Sobek
> Izanagi!

[Image: persona-summon-o.gif]
Let's see what's on wikipedia.
-Sekhmet: Lion goddess of the sun and war. Required a lot of rituals.
-Sobek: Crocodile god of argession, healing and protection.
-Tlaloc: Aztec god of water, thunder and violent death. Took child sacrifices. It's as if Poseidon Zeus and Cronus had a living baby together.
-Xochipili: Trippy art and flower god.
-Fujin: Keeps wind in a bag.
-Izanagi: Dad of a bunch of gods, Ameterasu(one of our patrons) among them. Gives life to a bunch of people because his ex kills them.
-Helios: We know this guy.
-Athena: We know this gal.

>I'm gonna go with Izanagi cause he's Ameterasu's dad.
Xochipili: Trippy art and flower god.

yes, that one. I want my fortuna experience to come with 120%+ more weird photoshop filters and rainbow gifs
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