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Before anything else, before you open your eyes, you can clearly recall a message burned into the space behind your eyelids...

[Image: o0PiVnL.png]

Suddenly, an expanse, all-white. What you are viewing is a VOID. This VOID can be interacted with, and it seems to call out to you to do so.

Your TCP LIMIT is 1.

You can CREATE a TINY CAT PERSON by presenting the VOID with a noun.
ooh, ooh, umm, pizza!
Large, but used as a noun.

or angel.
[Image: k0SCd1h.png]

Presented with many words, the VOID pauses for a moment… and then, with a sharp -snap!- a FENESTRATE-TYPE TCP blinks into existence.
Well, with nothing else in the VOID, the TCP simply floats in place, studying its surroundings.
It doesn’t have very much to study, though, but it doesn’t really mind.

Before you can INFLUENCE a TCP directly, you need to name it. What will this TCPs NAME be?
windy, short for window
> Greeny
second windy short for window
another vote for windy for window
(08-07-2016, 04:49 AM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]windy, short for window

Gotta third this, window-esque cats need a window-esque name.
Windy for window is a great name and should be picked.
[Image: vrm1HHG.png]

Given a name, Windy quietly hums through the hole in its head.

Upon being named, a note appears next to Windy. It cannot read the note, though, but you can perceive what is scrawled upon it. It reads:

GIVE- Kitties love gifts! Pretty much anything can be a gift.
CREATE- The VOID is really wide, and empty, and kitties can’t walk or really do anything when there’s nothing there.
NAME- Name your cats to make them feel individual! They like two-syllable names the most.
TEACH- Kitties don’t know anything when they’ve just been created! Teach them things so they can gain skills and have fun.
CHECK- Make sure your cats are okay by checking on them! Sometimes they might be hiding something.
SPAWN- If you have a kitty, you should spawn more to keep them company! Give a word to the VOID, but only if you haven’t hit your TCP limit already. Don’t worry, it won't always be so small.
KILL- If things turn sour, or your cats don’t get along, you might need to use this command to keep things peaceful.
CREATE ground. Got to start somewhere, right?
> Create catnip.