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Full Version: Text You Up -- Eagle Time Edition [R1 last question!]
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Yesterday, I was with Sruix and Ix, and we were playing some of the games in Jackbox Party Pack 3. Fakin' It... didn't really work out online (It definitely helps being able to see everyone else). However, I think that the last round, "Text You Up", would work well in an online setting. Unfortunately, that's only the last round, so... Guess which game we aren't going to be playing.
(For the record, T-shirts the Anime is still the best game of the pack)

The rules are simple: Everyone who signs up (I'm thinking no more than seven to begin with) will get some questions sent to them in a PM, and they will respond with their answers. However, one person will receive different questions. For instance (from yesterday's game), the faker might receive the question "Name someone else in this game", while everyone else gets "Name someone you've seen naked". Hilarity then ensues.

After receiving all the answers, The sets of answers will be revealed one at a time, paired with the question that almost everyone received. Everyone will then have time to discuss who they think got the other set of questions, and at the end, all the players will vite who they think the faker is.

If all the other players figures out who the faker is before all the questions are exhausted, they win! However, if they haven't been figured out by that time, the lone faker wins. Thankfully, the questions get easier to figure out the later they are.

And these rules are subject to change between rounds, if there's problems with the rules, or I can think of an improvement, or if I want to do something hilarious like giving everyone different questions (Probably not exactly that last one, though; mafia where everyone is scum isn't fun).

Current Players:
  1. earthexe
  2. a52
  3. Gatr
  4. Palamedes
  5. Truegreen
  6. Papers
  7. Kaynato
Get me in there
I'll join
Hi hello yes please.
Interesting, I'll give it a shot
I'm in please
This'd be cool, I'll sign up
Okay, here's a good number to start. I'll be sending out the questions shortly.

Make sure to PM your responses.
Well, I'm going to make the executive decision to flip the order of the questions, because I did not expect that answer for the first question, so for sake of prolonging the humor...

What was the name of your first crush?
earthexe: Teddy
a52: None (sorry)
Gatr: Allen
Palamedes: Kirstie
Truegreen: Megan
Papers: I
Kaynato: This is real difficult. I don't know if I had one.

One of these people had a different question, but who?
You have about three days to discuss amongst yourselves and vote who you think got the odd one out. And remember, the six of you telling the truth have to be unanimous to win in this round.
I as in you Papers? What are you, some sort of megalomaniac?
It does seem suspicious. Well, disagreeing will get us nowhere, so I'll concur. Papers it is.
I don't know. I'm kinda thinking it might be a52 or Kaynato. Their replies are both generic and it's uncertain whether they refer to people. Paper's answer is also odd, but I have to wonder what false question could elicit such an answer.
Dangit Truegreen.

I actually was thinking the same thing (nobody else is ruled out because there are so many questions that could apply to a person), but wanted to get a52 to show up first. That said Papers is still someone I have my eye on.

Kaynato, what made it difficult to determine whether or not you had a crush?
My personal analysis

a52: None (sorry)
Inconclusive, could apply to many questions

Gatr: Allen
Almost certainly not the faker, it makes sense for gatr lol

Palamedes: Kirstie
Makes sense, maybe not fake

Truegreen: Megan
Makes sense, maybe not fake

Papers: I
Either Papers is a narcissist or she's the faker, very suspicious

Kaynato: This is real difficult. I don't know if I had one.
Inconclusive, could apply to many questions

Least suspicious: Gatr
Most suspicious: Papers, a52, Kaynato
A good Analysis Earth. Barring any further information I'd suggest we select one of the three most suspicious at random and make a guess. Though, we do have time to spare at this point. No point jumping in half cocked.
Judging by the fact that Kaynato and I both got similar answers but there's only one fake question, I'm voting Papers.
More the problem, a52, with your answer and Kaynato is that they offer no information on the subject of the question that spawned them.

They are non-committal answers. Almost any question could have created them.

Let's examine the differences though.

papers says "i" Unusual certainly. Worthy of suspicion, but could just be referential to self obsession? Could also be the result of a tricky faker question. Eyes on you papers.

Kaynato says "This is real difficult. I don't know if I had one." Which seems to address the question directly but is still too noncommittal to be reasonably certain of its veracity.

a52 says "None (sorry)" Which is quite generic. Oddly 'None' implies a plural whereas the real question requests a singular element. I can see this as being a simple mistake, but it does seem somewhat more suspicious than Kaynato's answer.

In any case I think we can narrow our suspicions to papers and a52 as the most likely offenders.

(Also, a minor digression. I think we should refrain from addressing specific elements of the questions this early. It's my worry that they might help the faker defend their answer more effectively.)
Judging from how you're treating the responses I know it's not me
I'll say this: I can relate to Crowstone's icon in regards to this question
answers arent giving me too much so i'll just play this like mafias i guess (as long as i dont get lynched d1). kaynato started with a generic "that does seem suspicious" to the first accusation. remember, the faker does not have access to the real question, so they must play the other players for the real question. so ill vote kaynato for now
Gatr the real question was provided with the answers.
well damn look at that. i am ashamed.

vote: gatr
in all seriousness i guess kaynato is still a better option than most...
Hey, hey, infatuation and love are things I'm still unfamiliar with and uncomfortable with. Please recognize this.
I went through high school eschewing any attachment out of some ridiculous idea that "school is for learning only and to never have loved is better than to have loved and lost," and here I am.

I won't say anything about orientation or whatever because I don't want to say to myself anything about that, though. Don't say I'm ace or aromantic or anything until I finally buckle under the weight of "names and categories" and give in to definitions. For now I define myself by my actions.
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