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Full Version: justice has a lot of music WIPs
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muffinfilms is p cool
edit: holy fuck so pxtone is a free program? people kept telling me there's no way to make music audio without having traditional equipment (like musical keyboard, launchpad, instruments, etc) but this is cool stuff
pxtone is very very good, but not quite as good as some other things. When I moved to FL Studio I dragged all the instruments with me. Also it's made by Pixel, the Cave Story guy. Obligatory link

There's all sorts of free trackers out there :0 Whoever told you that you can't do this for free is flat out wrong
I really want FL Studio, but it's sooo expensive. I'm glad you mentioned PXTone, I never heard of it and it will work a lot better than Famitracker.
I'm normally just flat broke 999% of the time, so I'm like "wait there is a way to make non-vocal music without having to buy programs or midi stuff", because while there are phone apps it's not stuff I can easily send to my comp it seems without hardware, and I have any vocals covered by UTAU when I get my butt around to making a voicebank
Wow earthexe these are really good!

I've got some new unfinished jams to jam to!
Ooof I'm trying to use it, but earthexe do you have any recommendations for using this? I only really speak english, and the program seems to be having the same stuff going on as usuing UTAU on an NA english comp
I can use it just fine, but knowing what hte messages are telling me is a bit wonky
Oh, there's a file you have to delete; it should have "jp" somewhere in there. But even then, there is a fair bit of broken English.

The first tab lets you add voices/samples, second tab lets you add tracks, and the third is your piano roll. Play around with the sample tracks, they're cool
aaaaa knowing this helps a lot more haha
and there was a readme inside the folder I didn't notice > . <
I remade this one in FL Studio and now it's much better


I should get to posting all my FL Studio WIPs sometime soon, I keep putting it off
[0:51] run - FL Studio

I made this guy the other night. It's, uh, pretty similar to mineral secret

I've been looking through my soundcloud and thinking about mastering and compiling an album out of all my old works. I could feasibly make a story out of it.
I like it a lot! It reminds me of someone galloping on a horse, in search of adventure. Not sure if that was what you were going for, but I approve!
Yes! Make story!
Really enjoying the sound of these. Granted, big fan of Cave Story's brand of simple synths and many-layered or intricate bits; one thing I think simple synths are good for is making complex melodies, where you can easily pick the layers and finer bits out!

Also, I will second the switch to FL Studio. Tracker programs and simple synths like pxtone and Bosca Ceoil are fun, but making good stuff in 'em can be tedious! I don't know how to use 9/10 of FL's mixing and mastering features, but the VSTs, soundfonts, and midi-style composition is enough for me. I've heard Reaper is comparable, but I've never used it. (Also if you can't afford the most recent version, it might be worth pirating an old version of FL Studio to get a feel for it. It hasn't changed much).