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Full Version: Stovie Stays Up Too Late and Photoshops and Sews
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I can't really draw, I'm only learning to play an accordion, and I'm not terribly well versed in writing. I can run Photoshop like a mofo though, and sometimes I'm pretty handy with a Singer, needle, and thread.

This is thread for weird stuff I make, I suppose. Usually it's patches, flags, and the like because I really need to buy an embroidery machine instead of trying to do it by hand. I'm not very good at doing it by hand. Yet.

Anyways, this is what I'm working on right now.

It's based on an old medieval song, and the German is "You promised to dance with me, and you have broken your word." In my opinion, very fitting for the danse macabre aesthetic of death playing a fiddle. I'll definitely have the scale up death and probably mess with the lettering so it fits together a bit better, but that comes later.

Tomorrow I'll post some more things I've done.
I forgot I had this for a moment. Uh, here's the finished product of what I was doing earlier. Spooky!


Originally the plan was to dig up some of the patches I've actually had made but I have no idea where those are, so I guess I can Tarstijapost, since it's been quite a long time, and since I was last here I've made some mental changes to how all that would have worked. As a matter of fact, what I've had in mind for my only begotten piece of real original story making and world building has changed so much since I had used a piece of it for Grand Battles that I wouldn't be able to go back, as the character I wrote would no longer work within his own backstory.

More than that, I also managed one day to make a nice flag for it and what would be a 3x5 patch or something. I guess that's my justification for fitting it here.


I guess if anyone was worried from the previously posted very German patch and my vaguely EBMish avatar that I might be right leaning or something I can alleviate your fears now a bit.

The Confederacy of Tarstija is kind of an old idea I've had, and it started out as something for a little forum some time ago called Picture Wars. I'm not the only person here who also had posts there, but I guess that's all in the past now. All in all it could best be summed up as the Socialist Federal Republic of Jugoslavija in space, only you could replace the different and varying ethnic groups with different species.

As for the flag itself, the red and gold coloring along with the gear is instantly recognizable as a standard Socialist motif. The center petals and the two bands harken to the history of the Tarstijian Confederacy. The Confederacy was born out of a slave revolt against an outer rim alliance of several slaver clans, starting out on a planet and its moon. This revolution began when a colony ship of sorts that had strayed far of course, its original purpose and destination unknown, was captured by these slavers, and forced down onto the same planet. The occupants, not entirely keen to being enslaved, took to arming the local downtrodden masses. This uprising eventually led to a full system wide overthrow of the slavers, and the rising of a kinder order.

Now, originally this was something completely different, and perhaps, a lot more boring. Somewhere along the line I realized that having something more than humans out of their element in some eastern space opera would be a lot more fun. Among the species and groups I've panned out there are sentient machine races who had transferred their consciousness long ago, former servants which were biomechanically crafted to serve long dead and destroyed utopian empires, space mantids, and all manner of anthropoids.

One day soon hopefully I'll be able to take up the time to do more with it than what I was once able to. The only real media representation of this is in the form of a sprite sheet for the forum I mentioned. It's still pretty neat though, and I think I got pretty far stylistically before I had to give it up.

The problem: I don't really have time to write or anything, and even if I did I'd be pretty out of practice.

The solution: Find the esoteric harness, Yugoslav flak jacket, and socialist double buckle boot combo I used as a base for my old Picture Wars army, then break out the dye kit on some trousers to do it irl.