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Yes, everyone's favorite nineties television gameshow about supermarket shopping is making its return, right here in Hawkspace.

Except not the question parts because they were boring, and not the big sweep or whatever it was called because I'm the only person here. Or the riddles, because I'm not good at rhyming (see: mweep). Which only leaves finding the items in a supermarket, where I already know all of the items.

At least I can make the shopping list ridiculous, and you get to help!

You see, I live within walking distance of a giant food store, and there is very little you can't find there (Don't tell the authorities, there are the highly illegal Kinder Surprise Eggs). I'm giving myself a challenge, that the next time I head there, I will have thirty minutes to find as many items off a list of ridiculous food products, and you all can help come up with such foods.

You can list all sorts of things, from the general (hot sauce over 1 million Scoville, Austrian cheese) to the specific (watermelon flavored hot chocolate mix, margarita jelly beans) to the outright weird (durian, raw alligator). Those all are real things for sale there. Next time I head over, I'll take a interesting selection of suggestions and see just how many of them I can get.
Get at least 20 different kinds of juice boxes.
Specifically juice boxes.
tzatziki sauce


a type of pita made without wheat

a single onion

We're gonna get you to make some gyros.
The manager's car keys?
(01-20-2017, 03:20 AM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]santa

hey save santa for the rest of us.
just gluten
A girl kinder surprise

Cheese powder, the kind you get in packets in macaroni boxes, but in a bulk jar

Sugar skull

Extra soft tofu
I am very jealous by the way, I would give anything to be able to walk around this shitty store and buy many strange foods
The most expensive "artisan" water you can find
a small container of utz cheez balls
expired kimchi
(0.5 pts for non-expired kimchi, 0.25 pts for sauerkraut)
Evil food
sega genesis
Pre-mashed mash potato
Pickled Beets
Instant Ramen with 70+% of your daily recommended sodium
Meyer Lemons
A product containing precisely one calorie.
A product that claims to be calorie free, but you see through their lies
Not Pockets. Completely pocket free. It's all bread, friend.
true love
Legal kinder surprise eggs
The kind of peanut butter and jelly that comes in the same jar
overwatch body pillow
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