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[Image: f3BF8x8.png]

Fortuna is a pretty great game. Real immersive, good at creating compelling characters, and, well, most importantly to you, there are just so many OPTIONS. You tend to cycle through mods pretty regularly. You've got some maintstays but overall they switch pretty often.

But today isn't about that. Well... okay. It's always about that. But today specifically you're going for the Hitchhiker Challenge. It's simple enough. Start with no ship, and when going from planet to planet, you can never use the same ship. Grand theft spaceship is kind of like hitchhiking, right?

You had a friend pick a few mods for you a coupla days ago and you were busy with work, so you haven't had time to check it out yet. Let's do that now.

Fortuna Patron by AtomicGatorX
Kratos (GoW) [no replace]
Rotom AI
Better Settings Menu v2.01
The Chair Mod
Tactical Combat ~by FFTfan3~
Wild West v0.3 ==ABANDONED==
free dice
"Bird gods" mod -- STILL ACTIVE!! --

Better Settings is always on, of course, and so is the free dice mod.
Stevetuna is, like, basically easy mode. Replaces Fortuna with an entity known as Steve.

And, honestly, you HAVE to see how a Fortuna AI would react to this.

Should probably take a look at your starting options.

[Image: zD8fcv6.png]

This guy's weird. None of the other characters get censored when they use foul language.

[Image: 7GlQZFb.png]

You did a full reset somewhat recently, so you’ve only got a few runs worth of Fortuna items available.


So, yeah. Free Fortuna Dice, because you’re secretly a scrub. But other than that, a few runs worth of stuff. You’ve also got the usual Gameplay Bonuses to choose from.


You’re gonna need the ole switcharoo for this run. Well, okay, you don’t need it, but without a ship, you don’t usually get a starting AI. One of your Fortuna slots is taken up by the dice, too. And Patrons are better with company, you think, so that’s on.

Now, the important part.
[Image: urjzF5E.png]

Here we are. Hitchhiker mode is toggled on.

Patron mods get a little weird sometimes with selection so, finally, let’s see what our options are here.

Fortuna [on]






You're sold on Fortuna being one... at least for now. If your theory is right, she may not have to stick around that long. But at the moment you also need a companion for her.

Okay, so after the points you’ve already spent, you’ve got 2200 points remaining. How should you spend them.
> Get Raven

> Keep Fortuna, we can always go to the main menu and swap her when we get more points.

> Get Fortuna item slot

> Get Mindcontrol Device
>Show me what's behind Kratos #2!
As for patrons...
>Phoenix, Fortuna
>Lucky Keyword, enter "Hitchhiker" or "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
>Fortuna and Kratos 2
>Cash Bag, Lucky Keyword (Magnet), Starting Item
Fortuna, though doing so may screw with the canon if you don't check with Gime though.
Fortuna and Rotomdex for patrons.

Get a second fortuna item slot, then get both the shrink ray and the growth ray. Think of the possibilities!
(02-04-2017, 05:59 PM)AABowser Wrote: [ -> ]Get a second fortuna item slot, then get both the shrink ray and the growth ray. Think of the possibilities!

>Fortuna and Kratos 2 (the nice guy)
>Fortuna Item Slot, Mind Control Device
> 2nd item slot and Necronomicon.

> And pair Fortuna with ROTOMDEX
rotom's decks is perfect for a rambling traveler.

Fortuna item slot, mind control device to help get rides, and the stache in case the cops get on your trail.
(02-04-2017, 05:59 PM)AABowser Wrote: [ -> ]Fortuna and Rotomdex for patrons.

Get a second fortuna item slot, then get both the shrink ray and the growth ray. Think of the possibilities!

After we ditch Fortuna, a party of Kratos and Kratos sounds great.
Mmmmm…. Alright, you’re taking Fortuna along anyways, so if she’s gonna give you more information, she’ll probably tell you about the rolls anyways. So you’ll sacrifice your free dice, in favor of shrinking and growing things. You earned that for a reason, dammit.

Furthermore, you think you’ll bring along the Rotomdex along. You like prizes.

Anyways, now that we’ve got prep out of the way, it’s time to… do more prep!

New game start!

[Image: qneJPRN.png] Greetings, Player. I am Fortuna, but I'm sure you're aware of that. I'm eager to assist you on your journey to my home.

[Image: ovVTcPf.png] Gzzt~ Hey there! I'm Rotom, nice to meetcha! I'm your-

[Image: Wu5kKqn.png] THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING THE FORTUNA PATRON MOD BY ATOMICGATORX! Be sure to check out AtomicGatorX's other mods, like Patron Players, More Ships II, and Better Nike.

[Image: FbryjwD.png] ...

[Image: Wu5kKqn.png] And if you like this mod why not toss AtomicGatorX a few bucks on Patreon? Or if you'd just like to keep up on AtomicGatorX news, follow him on tumblr!

[Image: FbryjwD.png] ...

[Image: hHKboKt.png] ...

[Image: 0sfLOSn.png] Are you okay, bzzt~?

[Image: 5Boei95.png] I feel uncomfortable.

[Image: FbryjwD.png] Well, okay then.

[Image: ovVTcPf.png] SO, GZZT~ HEY THERE PLAYER! Gotta choose a ship!

[Image: sS4BmuX.gif]

[Image: ovVTcPf.png]Oh! There's no ships. That's kinda weird, huh, bzzt~? Looks like you get to pick an AI, though! Well, I know what I'd pick, gzzt~!

[Image: qneJPRN.png] I apologize for that, Player. Allow me to provide some advice on your choice of AI. A Raicho is very good at handling whatever fate may throw at it, if you allow it to pilot a ship in between planets, while the Liderc are competent, but not as fortunate in general. Phoenix don't often stay down if struck by unfortunate circumstances, and Ravens tend to flourish under extreme luck, either good or bad.

[Image: iCLZ9ld.png] I'd pick a Rotom! Because I'm great, gzzt~!

[Image: B9vjuqU.png] If I had to decide, I would probably choose...

[Image: frwoqNZ.png]

[Image: qneJPRN.png] Kratos.

[Image: ovVTcPf.png] Gzzt~, I like your style.
>Kratos, but only if it's the nice one.
> Phoenix

If she's gonna be our only friend we want her to stick around. Plus I imagine she'll be nice for those cold lonely nights.
> Kratos, even if it's the screaming one (They're both the screaming one)
>Phoenix. Coming back from the dead sounds handy.
>Kratos. Inevitably he wont be the one I'm expecting but so-so.
> Raicho. Because that sounds like Raichu.
We probably will really need an AI this run and it's not like we can tell them to wait in the ship so they don't get killed, so we should def go with the one that can't be killed anyways
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