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- Lime
- He
>Laurent Blanker


>Adventurous, Alone, Sarcastic and Happy. Likes to talk alone.
> Fedora Freak.
>Name: Chartreuse Terres
>Gender: Male
>Traits: [Organized] [Perceptive]
>Adventurous, Sarcastic, Albino, Optimistic, Lone Wolf, Logical, Observant, Impulsive, Intrusive
>Name: July
>Gender: Female
>Personality: Loves to explore new and mysterious places. Very good at running and jumping and climbing, but couldn't hurt a mouse if she tried. Likes to pretend the fate of the entire world rests upon her shoulders when she's on an adventure. Brags a lot. Screw your ridiculous traits system, I do what I want!
>Name: Silver
>Gender: Male
>Traits: [Storyteller] [Nomadic] | [Adventurous] [Observant] | [Kleptomaniac] [Intrusive]

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>Straight ahead towards adventure!
> Check supplies.
> Review your maps and plans, as well as check your supplies
>Get ye flask
>Rush straight ahead!
>Get ye flask
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>Review your maps and plans
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>Straight ahead!
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>Has he lost his brother?
> Snap your whip in the air to draw it's attention.
>It's your first enemy! Quick, jump over it!
>Ask Robot to calm the heck down.

>With your fists.
(03-11-2017, 09:54 PM)SirBlizz98 Wrote: [ -> ]>Ask Robot to calm the heck down.

>With your fists.

>Pet the robot on head
>Ask robot if they want a hug.
>Whip to get its attention.
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>Offer constructive criticism
>Look around for the nearby Thanatos unit. Its gotta be around here somewhere...
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