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Full Version: Subforum for Adventure-Specific Discussion Threads
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So it struck me tonight that if we collectively wanted to, we could just flat-out make a subforum where people can make discussion threads for a particular adventure and just talk all they want in there.

I think this would be fun even if it doesn't see a ton of activity. Anyone else have thoughts on why this would be a good/terrible/other idea, or how best to organize the subforum if we add it?
I really really dig this idea. Why not call it something like "Metaventureocalypse" or something like that?
could do that
right now, I don't think there's a rule against making discussion threads in the adventure subforum and the thread has a discussion tag.
adventure discussion isn't this huge thing that need to be sluiced off out of the suggestion threads like we're writing the drunk cat adventure. in fact it barely exists at all right now in any adventure
I agree that not much discussion is happening, but that could very well be because we don't have a specific place for it.

And if we did it and it didn't see much use, well, I don't see that actually being a bad thing.
I can agree if there was a subforum for meta adventure talk I would use it.
Don't we already have a thread for FA art and discussion somewhere? We could just revive that thread.
That's general discussion, not a sustained in-depth discussion on one specific adventure.

Talking in there's always good, though.
Having the space could help build the community around other adventures. Kind of a "if you build it they will come" model.

Maybe we could do a trial run for a month and if there isn't a certain amount of content we just merge all the threads into a discussion mega thread.
i really don't think a single mega discussion thread will very useful. I mean, okay, maybe you see what other people are talking about and be like 'oh that sounds interesting' but in practice it's a bunch of people talking about something you have no clue about while you're talking about something else.
I've got no real ish with setting one up as long as we don't call it some variant of Meta, because when we did that on the forums eventually "forum adventures of a meta nature" also ended up in it.

Which was p fun honestly but I would prefer to call the Eagle Time edition "FA Discussion Zone" or the like.
Could shift the critique sticky to it also if it happens.
(04-17-2017, 01:24 AM)btp Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe we could do a trial run for a month and if there isn't a certain amount of content we just merge all the threads into a discussion mega thread.

In my experience, this is a pretty good way of handling things, though I would go longer than a month. In the beginning there will be lots of use, but sometime down the road, there's (theoretically) just going to be a subforum where nobody has posted in the last month - and that's a key sign that the plan doesn't really need to be in place.

But again, you can make the argument that having infrastructure in place for this sort of thing is better than not having it at all.
It's up! I agree we should have a look at usage a month or so from now and see where we're at.
I would remove the thread rating system, if that was put there intentionally; it makes sense in a place like hawkspace, but in the potential passion project zone, that's asking for trouble
Oh whoops yeah that's a setting I forgot to turn off hang on