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Full Version: you don't want to click on this thread. it's a bad idea + nsfw
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[Image: C_WInLyWsAUujuq.jpg:large]

i told you
Haha Garfield dick.

Label as NSFW please.
(05-09-2017, 11:47 PM)btp Wrote: [ -> ]Haha Garfield dick.

Label as NSFW please.

i mean it sort of ruins the joke, but whatever, i'm not out to be a garfield dick of my own
Thanks, it does dampen the punchline. But now I suppose we have a thread to post this in:

hey gamers, i approve of this image. i whack off to it 2938590123509813590 times a day now. i am now God*

[Image: tumblr_inline_opo2yrhmHk1r05f73_540.png]

chwoka, i was there
[Image: C_WInLyWsAUujuq.jpg:large]
i remember this day
and yet, life carries on
but i wish i could go back
the day i sucked garfield's big doggy dick was the best day ive ever had
disgusting. shameful/ but dare i say alluring
[Image: cV5kqwf.jpg]
i like it. does that make me a left?? but i'm right-handed.
I'm left handed but I don't feel much towards this other than the slight satisfaction at knowing someone made this. But I guess you could take it as left being "wrong" and right..well, right. So maybe you're not supposed to like it?
Also john is too small I don't approve. Needs more muscles. 2/10
Gar fields john....
there sure are a lot of garf threads

is anyone gonna make a joke about oDie