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Simple hypothetical question: would you renounce your humanity and become a birdsen (birdperson)

I would
I would rather become an alligatson (Alligator person) but to do that I have to renounce my humanity and eat a bucket of raw uncooked chicken.

So yes, I would renounce my humanity and become a birdsen until the harsh restrictions on becoming an alligatson are lifted.
alligatorsens are perfectly allowed, as long as you renounce your humanity and give up one boon.
you can become many things, which all are welcome to talk about, but the most pressing question here is, given the choice, would you become a birdsen.

(becoming a birdsen does not affect future chances of becoming any other sort of animal person.)
I'm in.
Can I become a birdssen
That's a person that is multiple birds
i'd become a gatrsen in the blink of an eye. no matter what the consequences are. no matter what i have to do.
(09-04-2017, 09:57 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]That's a person that is multiple birds

This or no deal.

*I* want to be multiple birds.
I gotta be me
i want to be a chimera abomination
(09-04-2017, 07:18 AM)Wheat Wrote: [ -> ]Simple hypothetical question: would you renounce your humanity and become a birdsen (birdperson)

I would
(09-04-2017, 09:57 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]Can I become a birdssen
the way i'm envisioning birdsens, they are a synthesis of both bird and person to create a brave new individual better than the sum of its parts. so when you say mutliple birds, do you mean, you want the bird portion of you to be that of several types/species of birds? if so that's definitely doable

or do you mean some sort of parliament situation where you are multiple bird personalities contributing to a single person or something? you'll have to elaborate on how that would work with the birdsen concept, tho our engineers would be more than willing to take on additional research into developing multibird-persons

or if you just mean that you want the proportion of birdness to personness to be more >1 to 1 that would also require additional research, as we've just got humans and birdsens at the moment

additionally, in reply to the initial question, would you be a birdsen?
note: if you reject your humanity and become a birdsen, you get a choice over what species (or species) of bird your bird part would be based on. or what general bird characteristics

a friend who was more than happy to reject their humanity and become a birdsen no questions said they would become a secretarybird who could also fly. well w/in the capabilities of our birdsen engineers
(09-04-2017, 09:57 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]That's a person that is multiple birds

i mean i guess if i HAD to be a birdsen id be an eagle of some sort. they are the buffest of birds.
I think becoming a seagull-human-abomination creature would definitely represent who i am inside; a trash rat with wings.
I could comfortably live my life as a birdsen, maybe a adelie penguin birdsen, or maybe even a hummingbird birdsen. It wouldn't matter what birdsen I become, I will adapt.
i'd honestly rather be a batsen (bat person) but being a birdsen is fine too
I'd rather just be a bird
Robot birdsen: is it possible?
If yes, immediate yes, make me one, now.
If no, I'll think about it. Probably end up at yes.
I think a robot birdsen would end up being a plane that can think and say things, though our bioengineers are still baffled on how to solve the brain-computerinfo transference problem. It'd be a plane because our bioengineers specialize in making flying things through natural flight; mechanical flight is too hard for heavy things without a specifically designed aerodynamic bod or with insane amounts of energy/fuel consumption (or... you just don't fly...). The plane could be vaguely resembling the idea of a bird i guess.

A cyborg birdsen is probably your best bet.
when first discussing it i went with being a Fact Seagull birdsen, which is something that has remained the same since 2009 when i had the original fact seagull for an avatar and was planning to write a story centered around either a seagull or a young adult who thought they were a seagull
i appreciate the fact that you like seagulls too.
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