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[Image: c8F2dFm.png]

A Sequel to the hit game Science Train. You don't have to read that game to understand this one, and the image links died there in the Great Dropbox Betrayal anyways.

[Image: jgdlFRL.png]

We zoom on a small strip of land on planet Gaia. It is unknown if this location belongs to the Assembled Monarchies, or to the Mostly Holy Chronan Empire.
It is kind of a grey area. Coincidentally, this is also the zone's name, designated after the lineage of counts who used to rule over it (Count Grey), who were famous for allying with everyone.
Nowadays, it is independent, providing greymarket trade between the two countries. There is also a prominent blackmarket trade of SCIENCE parts, smuggled in from the Federal Republic of Scientistan.

Your team is a small mail and delivery company named MAILSTROM, which is coincidentally the name of the Mailbus you are driving (a bus converted into a camper van). You have been called to meet a mathematician somewhere south. You have never delivered math before, so... how hard could it be?

Name: What is your name?
Short description: How do you look like, and what are you like?
Culture: Due to Count Grey. Which culture do you consider to be from? See a list of main cultures below.
Greatest dream: What is your greatest wish?
Strength: What is your three greatest strenght?
Weakness: What is your two direst weakness?
Three items you own: equipment! The tools of your trade.
MAILSTROM mod: you have outfitted the MAILSTROM bus with a special feature. What is it? Could be a pet!

Some info on the world's main cultures and nations:


Looking for about four-five players! Updates happen once everyone made a post, and bolded their action. Actions will be resolved in a random order, and enemies might get the initiative sometimes!

EDIT: characters have to be human
Name: Dolomite Perchlike
Short description: Thickly cloaked+goggled+swaddled, with exactly two arms emerging from the front
Culture: Raised Mostly Holy Chronan, but doesn't like to talk about their homeland much, never mind visiting
Greatest dream: To travel and check off seeing every last bird, "bird", and Byrde in my field guide.
Strength: Good at sitting still and quiet for ages, talking to bugs, sewing
Weakness: Can't lift heavy objects, constantly tells people to shush if there's birds around
Three items you own: The Comprehensive Guide To Birds, "Birds", Byrdes And Other Birdlike Entities, 4th Edition; rather fancy binoculars, a big stick that goes bang when you rap it on the ground just right
MAILSTROM mod: Camouflage units. They're actually just a bunch of sheets painted very convincingly to disguise the bus in a great number of environments
Name: Anastasia (Ana) Mullweed
Short description: Ana is a pale woman of moderate height who wears engineers overalls at all times. She also has a chef hat covering a messy mop of brown hair which goes no longer than her shoulder. She's generally very excited, but can be a little loud sometimes.
Culture: F.R.o.S. She's patriotic for her home region, as a strong believer in SCIENCE, and she makes sure that only good things are said about it anywhere.
Greatest dream: To cook food with a star.
Strengths: Cooking skills, Engineering knowledge, and setting things on fire.
Weakness: Setting things on fire, and a lack of understanding of what occurs when you cook things with pyrotechnics.
Three items you own: 2-Minute-Meals Cookbook, a snazzy lighter, and some homemade jerky.
MAILSTROM Mod: Nitrous Oxide stoves. A cooking implement which uses nitrous oxide gas in copious quantities to cook food. Not safe.
Name: Ginger Poisson
Short description: Stout with tanned skin and freckles, generally dressed in practical working duds, but always wearing a navy blue bucket hat. She's got kinda long hair but she keeps it tied in a rough ponytail. Carries a messenger bag. How appropriate. Studied pharmaceuticals, and that's her primary area of expertise, but time spent fishing very much rivals it. It's relaxing. She likes to relax. Work smarter, not harder, she always says. If she can find a way to make something take less effort, she'll go for it.
Culture: Hails from a small island nation in the League of Belligerent Ocean. Not Tengeereese. Her nation's a little more willing to dive into somewhat wilder production.
Greatest dream: Catch the fabled Miracle Fish.
Strength: Creating and applying medicine, Ask her anything about fishing, and she's also been known to put together makeshift contraptions to do things for her.
Weakness: Lazy to a fault, and just has no intuitive sense of time
Three items you own: Her favorite fishing rod (and associated tackle), a satchel full of medicines and components, and just an unorganized smattering of small machine parts
MAILSTROM mod: Okay so what she can make by hand is limited and while she's not here specifically to make medicine she still put her mini-lab on the bus.
Sorry, I forgot to specify that the characters have to be human in this setting, so this has to be applied to all past and future apps. Sorry ; -;

Strange fact: this is the sole human only setting in the entire of Nthspace, but I am planning things where this world finds out about them, so they are slated for Part Three: Science Space...
I'd like to reserve a spot, please, if possible. (This looks really cool, but I'm too in a hurry to fill it out right now)
(11-06-2017, 12:29 PM)ProfessorLizzard Wrote: [ -> ]Sorry, I forgot to specify that the characters have to be human in this setting, so this has to be applied to all past and future apps. Sorry ; -;

Edited my profile to reflect this!
Name: Riesling (Reese) D'Rosé
Short description: Reese is a 19 year old bastard-prince with shoulder length black hair and a particularly unimpressive mustache + beard combo. He's also a bit on the heavy side, and exclusively wears burgundy.
Culture: Half Assembled Monarchian royalty, half Tengeerese. Grew up in the Assembled Monarchies.
Greatest dream: To become fabulously wealthy and/or famous, thereby proving to his half-siblings that he's not an embarrassment and should be welcomed back home.
Strength: Good at fencing, gets along well with animals, a respectable last name.
Weakness: Naivety, can't run due to bad leg.
Three items you own: Lucky rapier, royal birth certificate and ID card, and one large bag of All-Purpose animal treats.
MAILSTROM mod: A small stable containing the nice horse friend, Eggnog. Her character backstory is much too complicated to get into just yet, but she's eggnog colored and her favorite food is sugar cubes.
Pets count as an entire mod, so you would only have Eggnog's den, however, they don't count as an equipment so that leaves space for a third thing.

Also do not worry, a52, I'll wait for a few days.
Eggnog has been moved to the appropriate line.
reserving also
I'm reserving a spot too but would that be too many players? Original post says 4-5 and I can totes pull out if needed
(11-06-2017, 03:44 PM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd like to reserve a spot, please, if possible. (This looks really cool, but I'm too in a hurry to fill it out right now)

(11-08-2017, 03:52 AM)awkwardcarapace Wrote: [ -> ]I'm reserving a spot too but would that be too many players? Original post says 4-5 and I can totes pull out if needed

looks like i'm going to be always in a hurry for at least a week, so i'll unreserve and let ac join instead. It's Larry!
Yeah I'd honestly love to join but it seems like I'm going to continue to be way too busy to reliably read (much less post in) anything for another 7ish weeks so I figured best to let folks who'll be active give it a shot.

Thank you for running another PLgame though PL, this one looks very neat (as always) :>
(11-08-2017, 05:05 AM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]looks like i'm going to be always in a hurry for at least a week, so i'll unreserve and let ac join instead. It's Larry!

Whoa, thanks man!! It's Larry! It's Larry! It's Larry!

Name: Lloyd "Loz" Fleckenshteimer
Short description: Loz is moderately tall, tan and is usually seen wearing an orange shirt with a blue bomber jacket. She has short, brown, curly hair (no hat) and wears glasses. She also wears a red fanny pack to match the color of her boots. Confident and "quirky", Loz always feels ready to take on the world - despite not actually being able to.
Culture: From the east coast of the F.R.o.S. Uses moderate SCIENCE regularly but has disdain for those who go too far in the name of SCIENCE.
Greatest dream: To watch the downfall of a major SCIENCE institution that dabbles in human experimentation.
Strength: Able to drink really quickly, flexible, skilled at engineering.
Weakness: Has a habit of "leading" people despite being in no position to do so, impulsive.
Three items you own: A beach-style metal detector, a mini-toolkit, one of those tourist phrasebooks for the native language.
MAILSTROM mod: In addition to normal headlights, Loz has installed laser headlights. Because.
Name: Griel Yuverra
Short description: A middle-aged man, he is of average height and his skin is a chestnut shade of brown. He has short black-and-grey hair. It would pretty difficult to make him out in a crowd, if it wasn’t for the large scar he has running down the right side of his forehead. He is wearing a brown parka with black slacks and hiking boots.
Culture: He grew up on the slums of F.R.o.S. though he has been living in the Grey Area for some time now, on the run from the authorities in all 3 major countries. He was a drug dealer and all-purpose criminal, and he used to lead a complex network of contacts who will sacrifice themselves for him if necessary. Now, he’s a bit washed out, though very much wanted. He has joined the team of the MAILSTROM as his cover.
Greatest dream: He only wants a life of peace. Well, and money. Money makes the world go around, and it is especially what allowed him to escape the slums. Sadly, peace and money are often mutually exclusive.
Strengths: Ruthlessness – He knows how to get things done. Pharmaceuticals – Thanks to his shady life, he knows the good drugs, and he can hook you up. Marksmanship – He’s also pretty handy with a pistol.
Weaknesses: Addiction – unfortunately, he imbibes in drugs himself. Nothing too strong, so it doesn’t really affect him, but if left without any, he will go into withdrawal. Wanted – Also, he’s a dangerous criminal with a bounty on him.
Three items: Pistol (with ammo), supply of illegal narcotics, and a pocket knife.
MAILSTROM mod: Minigun. Mounted on top.

Feel free to touch my character up a bit, or boot me out if you absolutely can't make this character work. Yes, I know it's a somewhat silly adventure, that's the point.
i should probably have posted this in here, the relevant thread, at some point.
Six shall it be! I'll have to get my bearings, and figure out some tweaks, but I'll eventually start the game.

Also, as I have said, that is a beautiful picture...
[Image: MAT1LSC.png]

Your MAILlicense has been printed. Are the photos correct?
Hmm, this card definitely isn't as fancy as his Royal ID, but Reese thinks that he can make this one work.
it works, yeah. not to be picky but since youre asking, the eyes are a bit off and scars shouldnt be red
Looks good!
Seems to be in order!
[Image: cF0DgzM.png]
Griel has been updated! Still waiting on Ana.
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