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Full Version: Springbok Steals
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In an effort to beat weird mental health stuff regarding actually starting and putting effort into things and schedules, I made a lil weekly comic!
It's called Springbok Steals. Each page is mostly drawn during my lunch breaks at work. There are 8 up right now, but i'll post a new one each wednesday.

click the [size=enormous]big[/huge] frog.

[Image: kYQbysA.jpg]

This is mostly me trying stuff out and learning like, how to make quick messy things that are actually interesting so like, if you folks have any feedback hit me up.

[Image: bYyIh0F.png]

edit: shit i made the words too big click crazy frog instead.
edit 2: on behest of my violet, i made the phrase "click the BIG frog" bold.
springboxteals is a good webcomic
thanks i made it myself
springbok stole once more

is it poor taste for me to post here every time it updates? Maybe i should like, not do that.
Announcing updates is an entirely legitimate use of this subforum. Feel free to keep doing it.
i love axel
but what about big coat big goat
yo these are really cute!!
thank you myeth.
coelecanth i will take that under advisement.
Springboks late. Thought id get home to upload it today but that didnt happen. Tomorrow though.

[Image: tumblr_p1pm3kTo4A1un6tmko1_540.png]

in other news i miss being able to just click the url button and put a url on here. Why did we remove the advanced settings and stuff in the preview post thing anyway?
its them
This is SSA Credit, please return all stolen contraband to your nearest federal bureau office
Catch me if you can pig
spring bok 15 maust (get it, its a joke on faust, bc shes a mouse)

[Image: o6Kko7g.png]

Hang on. What’d Springbok steal this time? The spoon? The pease porridge? The show!?
springbok stole the author's golden fleece
Ah, a vague metaphor for something nice but that nobody seems to agree on what exactly. Got it.
Springbok stole that cereal, probably.
[Image: DTxqXO_WkAEjohA.jpg]

i spilled water on this page
bbong water
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