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[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
Greetings. I am O-1. =)

[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
I am very old. I am very bored. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into. =)

[Image: 7XQ5hmk.gif]

[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
I’d like a new coat. Fact! There are many coats to choose from. Why don’t you help me pick one? =)

[Image: xDE3QRa.png]
o-2 | o-3 | o-5
o-7 | o-9 | o-11
C | H | M
P | X | Z

>O-7, nobody will be expecting it!
H-erbalist! Let's get high and then just destroy a pile of twinkies
O-5. Punchy time.
> O-9
C-class. Let's see how much we can mess up as a drone!
H-class sounds like fun.
Plants, plants, and more plants. What's not to like?
M-aternal or 0-9! Gotta love those children, they're the future!
> O-9
> O-7 or the X class!
O-9 or the M class.
O-7 and P class
[Image: o0YjDQ2.png]

[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
Did you know? O-9 likes to hide, but she can't hide from me. =)

[Image: 00pZRLF.png]

[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
Oh! She’s checking up on the children... Dutiful! Dutiful! =)

[Image: lhzQN3s.png]
Perfect for some childish mischief. =)

[Image: 5pZu0Wt.png]

[Image: eMg0e74.png]
What fun shall we have today? =)
> be the one little monkey jumping on the bed. but try not to bump ur head. so o-9 wont call a s class, and the s class said,
no more notails jumping on the bed!!
> Time to prank her!!!! PRANK! PRANK! PRANK!
>go back to sleep. It's important to get a full night of rest.
> O-9 "Loves" children, lets go attempt to tackle hug O-9!
> "Hey, hey. Hey, nerd."
"psst, look behind you.=)" Then attack with a hug when they're distracted.
>Say "Hello. =)", then be creepy and stare.
> Hug! Hug! Hug!
[Image: tp3fYql.png]

[Image: eMg0e74.png]
Hmhm! Hmhmhmhm! You want to give her a hug? =)

[Image: eMg0e74.png]
Fact! Fact! O-9 is very smart and very fast, but I am smarter. Let's see what we can do… =)

[Image: eMg0e74.png]
Did you know? O-9 doesn’t like children! She’ll run from them given the chance. But, here’s another Fact! If a child is blocking her exit, then she has nowhere left to run. They all had nowhere left to run! =)

[Image: HvVh6Sg.png]

[Image: izL92PM.png]
New coat! New coat! Shhhh. =)

[Image: uQIZLNN.png]
Huh? What… :3

[Image: uQIZLNN.png]
What's going on… Where am I… :3

[Image: uQIZLNN.png]
H-hey! Wait! Who are you?? What are you doing??? :3

[Image: izL92PM.png]
So little! So small! Already so dedicated to their job. Notails are so

[Image: MXAHfym.png]

[Image: izL92PM.png]
She's distraaaaaacted! =)

[Image: uG4m0KS.png]

[Image: lL8ssNG.png]
I see a 20 sided die. It’s a 9! Did you do that? It wasn’t me. =)

[Image: 3HfIt0i.png]
>i think we broke her

>shit =)

>well uh
>lets juust
>bye :waving_emoji:
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