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Full Version: Ludum Dare 40 - In Temperance Ruin
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I've done a couple of Ludum Dares before, but mostly by myself. Does anyone want to join forces and make a strange game with me in the upcoming LD, this weekend?

EDIT: Game is available here.

I have made these games in the past:
Okay, I'm going by myself, but I've got a kicking idea for the game jam. Further bulletins as events warrant.
Theme is "The more you have, the worse it is", so I'm working on a dungeon crawl where the dungeon becomes tougher as you pick up treasure.

[Image: Ow0yng5.png]
UI is in place, mostly. You can roam the dungeon and generate text popups.

[Image: N4mMGpc.png]
Looking good!
Combat exists now!

When you run out of health, you don't die; instead, you take damage to one of your stats, making combat more difficult. The game is over if any of these stats reach 0.

[Image: Ok9iULt.png]
Game is released! Go here to play it. Bring graph paper if you're hardcore, or you can draw on the map templates I added.

[Image: KqO5gO0.png]
Whoops I played this until 1:30 and still haven't beaten it. It's Good.

Are there more than 61 coins collectable in the dungeon?
There are, I believe, 71 coins to collect: 52 around the dungeon, and 19 from beating each monster the first time.

Thanks for playing my game! I've been working on the game a lot, especially over the weekend, and some pretty big changes are going live tonight.
I changed the game to be proper 3D so it would be easier to explore and navigate without a map.


[Image: LJZDxXX.gif]


[Image: YulbDWj.gif]

You can also name your character, save / load games and visit a couple of healing fountains in the dungeon.
It's rare I see a First-Person Dungeon Crawler come out of Ludum Dare. Pretty nifty!

I very much appreciate the use of full 3D; the smooth movement transitions definitely help with navigating, and making sense of the space!
Oh right, I forgot about it but I made complete maps of every level, I should upload those some time.
Oooooh, this is pretty impressive
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

I plan on making a fully-fledged, fully-3D dungeon crawling rpg some day.