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Full Version: If I ran something like a mafia again, would people be interested?
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If I ran something like Fridge-fia again, would anyone be interested?

I used to make a loot of silly eagle time games, and seeing as I am approaching the end of classes on Monday (and my exams are distant), I want to host another. I know that the "mood" for mafias had disappeared for a while, but I want to see how the waters are.

I would also like to clarify that I host mafia-esque games, that are focused more on silly chaos and everyone having a good time than competitive strategy. For examples, here are the previous mafia games I have hosted:

Kill Your Evil Clone
Fridge Frenzy

Some planned mechanics I have in mind:
- Dead players continue to be active
- Lots of shenanigans
- Roles based off of player submissions
- Any number of players

So, interested?


It's up, check it out: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=2718
I'd be game although fair warning pretty busy until Chrimbus

(tbf always game for reyweld game :>)
I would enjoy a small mafia game with one or two quirky mechanics!
I'd be in.
i'd do.
i'll down
im down as well!
I also enjoy havok.