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Full Version: ONE NIGHT BAMBOOZLE [Game Results Posted]
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This game is a bizarre, twisted version of One Night Werewolf, where the puzzle is to figure out what the heck everything means just well enough to satisfy your wincon by day end. Example roles: Dark Clapper, Bamboo Scout, Census Taker, Chimney Sweep. It may or may not be in your best interests to hold bamboo at the end of the game, but whatever you do, look out for three hundred puppies!

Game 1 was a while ago here: http://eagle-time.com/showthread.php?tid=1895
This one will have the same rules/roles/whatever. I'm looking for 10 players again:
1. a52
2. Reyweld
3. Joe Starman
4. wiltingMyosotis
5. awkwardcarapace
6. Gatr
7. Justice Watch
8. Palamedes
9. Coldblooded
10. Robust Laser

Quote:Just like the One Night Werewolf game, you have a series of role-based night actions, and then a Day in which to vote who to Bamboozle. You can also vote to OVERTURN THE PICKLE BARREL to end the Day. At the end of the Day, whoever's got the most votes on them is Bamboozled, and we can also count the SPILLED PICKLES, which may or may not be important.

I'll join again.
Yes please.
Hello, I'd like to purchase one (1) ticket to bamboozle-town.
May I try joining?
sure, yeah
o k
Just need 3 more.
Where are you, 3 more?
Gonna bomp this one more time.
But if we don't get those three last players, then I guess we're a no-go.
Hi I can be a go.
I can go too, don't want that pickle to just go to waste after all.
okay fine i guess i have a pickle and all so
Sweet, that's 10.
I'll get the roles out at some point in the next 24 hours or something, I guess? Dunno. But keep an eye on your PMs.
Night has begun.
Roles have been sent. Please PM me confirmation that you received them, as well as any choices or targets your role actions tell you to pick.

* Everyone gets 1 bamboozle vote. At dayend, whichever player has received the most votes will be bamboozled. You can change your vote whenever you want.

* Day will last for about... uh... lessee... last game I think we decided was too short, so let's give this one a whole week or something. Especially since we'll probably intersect Christmas and other general holiday stuff.

* But if that turns out to be too long, you can always vote to OVERTURN THE PICKLE BARREL, bringing the day prematurely to a crashing halt. A simple majority (6 players) will be enough to make this happen. You'll get a little bit of extra time afterward to change or confirm your vote, but only a little.

* All players have access to this action during the day: You can give an object you hold to any other player. As soon as you post that action, the other player will be considered to have the object you gave them.

* You can lie about what you're holding all you want, but you can only give or do other verbs to objects that you actually, honestly have, and you can only give them to legitimate targets (players in this game who aren't you). You'll know what objects you have because either your end-of-night PM told you you were holding them, or someone in this thread posted that they gave them to you.

* There are probably other day actions that are useful and relevant, but I wouldn't bother guessing randomly. On the other hand, the other players might know something you don't. Or your role info might mention something you can do.

* There are no day actions that resolve in secret - everything that happens from here on out is public knowledge. Good grief, this game is complicated enough already. Likewise, any day action is performable by anyone, regardless of role, so if you see someone do something, you can do it too... probably.

* Finally, you can reveal (or lie about) whatever you want regarding your role or prior game knowledge, but please don't directly copy/paste role info from your PMs. That's just being a spoilsport. Note also that I may or may not have made some minor adjustments to the roles since the previous game.

A lot of you have a goal in common, but some will be directly opposed to it. Beyond that, you'll have to figure everything out as you go. Good luck, and keep an eye on the PICKLE BARREL!
Oh yeah, and as it's currently Night, your only available actions in this thread are
Mumble incoherently
[mumbles incoherently about agriculture]
[snores uncomfortably close to your face]
[mumbles incoherently about snoring.]
[snores incoherently]
During the night:
  • Everyone hears an ominous clapping
  • Everyone hears a whistle blow: Toot toot
  • Some other mysterious stuff happens
Additionally, you all hear multitudinous tiny barks. It seems there are many puppies about...

When you wake up:
It seems like a normal day. OR IS IT?

Day ends on Friday the 29th at 11:00pm Pacific Time, or if six people vote to OVERTURN THE PICKLE BARREL. You'll have 24 hours after that to finalize your vote. Alternately, if you'd like more time, you can vote to TIGHTEN THE SCREWS ON THE PICKLE BARREL and thereby extend the time limit.

Go to it and sort this mess out!
who noodled
somebody noodled who did it
I do not know what a noodle is, so it certainly wasn't me. :0
It's a shame there's a lotta puppies though
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