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Full Version: Mistakes Were Made
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Warning: This adventure will contain themes that may not be appropriate for all viewers, this includes (so far):
Graphic descriptions of bodily harm.
Body Horror.

I will tag relevant posts at the top of the posts in addition to this list. Please, enjoy reading and let me know if you want something tagged!


You awaken in a hazy state, lying on your back staring at the ceiling. The white fluorescent light feels like torture in your head. Short of the headache, you can't feel a whole lot, nor can you hear anything.

Look around a moment. The floor's uncomfortable, the lights even worse-- but first instinct is to figure out if we've still got all of our body parts.

Try and recall if this is something that's happened before.
extend tentacles to light switch
You're a bit too close to the ceiling to be on the floor, you hope. You don't think you'd be able to stand comfortably in this room if this was the case at any rate. But that's the least of your concerns right now as you attempt to sit up but find your muscles not agreeing with the notion. You can very barely turn your neck to the right, and this feels like an olympic feat to you. No matter how hard you try though, you just cannot turn your neck back to center now let alone left, you're stuck like this for the time being, it would be uncomfortable if you could feel it. Using all your might you raise your right arm, or try to, you feel a light tug on your body after a monumental effort. Most likely your arm just fell off the side of a bed and is dangling in the air now. But this means you have a right arm, so that's a relief. The wall to your right is a plain white wall with a grid of white ceramic tiles on its lower half extending all the way to the floor. They are very clean.
You can't recall this having ever happened before, but then again you can't recall anything period. You don't even know your own name! Your mind is hazy and you are feeling tired. While the light is no longer in your eyes the headache has not faded. A thought crosses your mind to try and extend tentacles to the light switch. What a novel thought, how the life of a cephalopod must be a life of convenience you think to yourself.

Name yourself Cephalopod. Just because you can.
Cephalopod, Ceph for short, is a suitable name. You're feeling about as mobile as a fish out of water anyway.

Call out as best you can, see if you've still got a voice-- and if anyone else is in this room. This could be a bunk bed, after all.
>Josefus. Your name is Josefus.
>Maybe you're supposed to drink medication but forgot it.
youre probably in a hospital and its best to ask someone what your name is
> yell for help
You've made a life choice here and now, a life of convenience is what you aspire to. Cephalopod is your name, Ceph for short. You have a small internal giggle to yourself that you are even entertaining the idea of this name. A small chill runs down your spine, the sort you get when you think you are being watched. Weird.
You're probably in hospital you have deduced and as such you are going to call out for help. "Hello" you shout. Or, you think you shouted? You are either deaf or mute, or both. Hopefully not both!
And so you wait.
And wait.
And wait for what seems like an hour or so. No one has come to your aid from your viewpoint. You try one more time to move your head to the left to no avail and decide it might be best to sleep now and close your eyes. That is, this is what you would have done if you could. For some reason you cannot close your eyes, as though your eyelids just do not exist. A worrying development, not that you are worried, you aren't feeling much of anything right now.

You briefly come up with the idea that you might be some kind of horrific skeleton creature, but rest easy as you realize that no cephalopod has any bones.

...though it would make sense that you don't have any way to hear, seeing as you probably lack ears, too. And vocal cords.

You force every ounce of effort to getting off this bed. Maybe you're just especially tired-- a good fall will surely wake you up.
CW: Graphic description of bodily harm.

"I am a skeleton here to spook everyone" You think to yourself. Oh the thoughts you have when you have quite literally nothing to do. A more cheeky thought crosses your head however. What if you fell off the bed? Surely that'd provoke a response from something if there was something at all out there right? Haha yes, you are a genius.
With a herculean effort, you begin to gradually shuffle your legs and body to the right of the bed. Bit by bit, inch by inch, your right leg joins your arm and you feel a bigger tug. Progress, its now a little easier to shuffle along until eventually you fall down, flipping onto your left in the process. You feel the thud of hitting the tiled floor.
On the other side of the room, from under the bed you can see the other wall and the door. The door is a a simple white, but the wall is a mirror. You can see yourself in all your glory.
Or, glory is what you'd have thought if you weren't looking into abject terror. Running your eyes up and down your body you see stitches and blood. There is no part of your body left untouched, the fall must have agitated some of these wounds as you are oozing small amounts of blood from your entire body. Your head has a layer of bandaging wrapped around your ears, an indent on the right side of your head makes it look as though a large chunk of your head is missing there. It would explain the deafness at any rate. There are rows of incisions lining your scalp, which is totally devoid of hair, these continue down to your face which is hardly recognizable as human. Your nose is really not present, your eyes are weeping blood from the tops and bottoms of them, your lower jaw seems to be missing some bone, as your chin doesn't leave much of a presence in the slightest. Looking down your neck and chest you see nothing but more cuts and more blood, your skin is very much red at this point. You cant see your legs as they are coated in a blanket, that must have come off the bed with you.
Despite being in this state you can hardly bring yourself to register a panic and you simply stare at yourself.
A short time period passes, enough that the small pool of blood growing beneath you is now well in your vision, before the door opens and someone wearing plain black leather shoes and blue pants walks in. You feel a small pressure in your neck shortly afterwards and everything fades to black.


You awaken in a hazy state, lying on your back staring at the ceiling. This time, its dark, and you can most definitely feel things, your legs itch. The gentle whirring of a ceiling fan permeates the silence.

try making a ghostly howl. do you feel your vocal cords vibrating?
Gosh, you really wish you had some sort of super regeneration or super endurance, or else, you might not last any longer.
No, no honestly no need to feel for vocalisations. You can hear perfectly fine now, honest! Here you're going to prove this to yourself and wail a little. It's just what you do, you know? And so, you wail like a ghost. Rattle some metaphorical chains so to speak.
Well, that wasn't the sound you required. But a sound nonetheless. That's fine right? Better than nothing?
You sit up. Woah hey you sat up! And it didn't feel like a struggle! Pretty good eh? Anyway you sit up and begin to ponder just how you went from before to now. Are you some sort of super freak? Did you just get-betterâ„¢? Who knows honestly! But you're back in business and man your legs are incredibly itchy.

>give'em a scratch
A brief moment of hesitation crosses you before you get right into those gangly appendages you call legs. "Stitches?" You think to yourself while you sit yourself up against the headboard. "If I scratch I might damage them" You think while you cross your legs and lay your hands just above your legs. "Probably not a good idea" You think to yourself as you scratch that itch. "Yeah I wont do that" You decide as you really dig those nails in.
Oh you fool. You complete nincompoop. You were scratching this whole time weren't you? But its fine, your worries about stitches were misguided, there were none. Though, your nails are pretty long! You'll file them down when you have the chance.

Well that over with what's the next step of the master plan? You're still in a dark room with a ceiling fan for your only company.

>Disassemble the ceiling fan for parts using your professional-level skills that you somehow have and is yet to be explained.
>rip ceiling fan from ceiling. It's worth a shot and you could perhaps get something interesting from either the ceiling or the ceiling fan.
> pick up bed
Curious as you ever were you decide the ceiling fan is going to be the victim of your exploratory desires. You get up and stand on the bed. It's springs crunch under your feet as you bounce up and down trying to reach the damn thing but you just can't do it, its too high up. You wont let this deter you, you hatch a plan to angle the bed upways and climb up it to reach it.
You hop off the bed and you are scared half to death as the lights turn on in a sudden blink. As your eyes adjust you can see the room to its full extent. Wooden floors, textured stucco walls and quite the high ceiling. There are two doors, one is a blueish colour and the other has a wooden varnish finish. Apart from this there is a small potted plant by the wood door and nothing else. Its odd that there is no light switch.
Nevetheless you have a mission and a plan, and can clearly see you'll be able to reach the fan if you tip the bed up. With all your might you pick up the metal frame and tip it upwards. The mattress inside of the frame thumps onto the floor gently, somewhat securing the frame in its new position as the headboard is pinned to the ground by the mattress. You climb up it, its precarious but you will persevere.
You grab the fan. Its slow turn is interrupted by your body in between its blades and it puts up no struggle to keep moving and just gives up. The thing is bolted on pretty tight, just tugging won't work.

>Something is clearly hidden in the plant pot. Get digging.
>jump and hang onto the fan, hope you weigh enough to separate it from the ceiling.
You grab ahold of the fan, leaning your body into it and just kinda lift up your knees. You hear a slight groan but nothing much more than this. A dissapointment, but in hindsight if it had fallen it would have taken you with it. That's quite the fall.
You climb back down the bed frame and consider the potted plant. There's probably something hidden there, you think, they wouldn't put it here just for looks. You hop over the fallen mattress and head to the pot. It's plastic and the faux-turf lid just comes off. You reach into the pot and lay your hands on some material. Bingo! You think to yourself pulling it out.
It's a bloodied set of scrubs! It is at this point you realise you are butt naked.

>putting on clothes sounds like a good idea.
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