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>Check out the active arcade game!
>Explore Every square inch of floor space in the room, who knows, maybe there's sweet loot to be found!
[Image: g5w65F8.png]

Quote:> Jokingly consider the idea of seducing Doc.

Hey, Doc?

[Image: IfRhgbP.png]

Nice legs.

[Image: LFpHgI6.png]

[Image: npH2M1K.png]

[Image: DoyzVYi.png]

[Image: eMitqMu.png]

[Image: oyIuMph.png]

Quote:>Explore every square inch of floor space in the room, who knows, maybe there's sweet loot to be found!

[Image: EwFlyXm.png]

Quote:> What's in those cases, prizes?

Quote:> Steal the prize claw!

[Image: VGFauAy.png]

[Image: zgWsEE6.png]

[Image: G33C49i.png]

[Image: S2GP5jr.png]

Quote:>Quinn : Use the psychic powers if something goes bad and wrong.

[Image: evJ9jHY.png]

[Image: cSe7D7V.png]

[Image: zV5SDMA.png]

Quote:>Nick coins off machines. Quarters and pennies must be rust-proof or something, right? Those stuff might still have value. Even if they're already long demonetized, you can auction them off to some collector, unless those machines took credits straight from cards.

[Image: zMPPDx8.png]

[Image: D917jAt.png]

[Image: sRoO40f.png]

[Image: 6mkgMSD.png]

[Image: jYIYhZY.png]

[Image: bHTmpdR.png]

[Image: QOagsCe.png]

[Image: FJhF9Ph.png]

[Image: rV4b5oU.png]

[Image: gJgHN5F.png]

Quote:> What's in that big old hole?

[Image: TRNx2kp.png]


[Image: dO1axQq.gif]

[Image: eeAJPTN.png]

[Image: KskuHG0.png]

[Image: oAw2XhC.png]

[Image: 4HiNbic.png]

[Image: OARQvzk.png]

[Image: Q9wx9Vn.png]

[Image: kGLbxgT.png]

[Image: mCbmZiF.png]

[Image: jSMpu9M.png]

[Image: sE1P6RN.png]

[Image: ZleXqFd.png]

[Image: T9B9AvG.png]

[Image: e0JHb9I.png]

Quote:>Quinn: Move the vines carefully and then spin the wheel
>Coreen: Check the prize counter, but failing that see if the coin exchange machine could be scrapped for...well scrap and wires
>Doc, (if you are ok with it): INT check on the kaikian robot in the back, is it likely to turn on?

Quote:>While I doubt it will turn on due to the Crash once again wiping tech, investigate the robot anyways! It'll be fun. Maybe we can fix it!

[Image: oQJlbLy.png]

Quote:>Careful with the robot back there. No idea how will it's programming has held up over the years.

[Image: QYF6Dle.png]

[Image: QANEUEE.png]

[Image: R08Sjx4.png]

[Image: 5YuT39e.png]

Quote:>...Why is that machine in the back on. It shouldn't be on.

[Image: 7BpSZO8.png]

[Image: wKMZGHi.png]

Quote:>This whole place reeks of bad vibes, stay as far away from that glowing arcade as possible. It’s wrong, everything about it is wrong

[Image: dgGsO6P.png]

Quote:>Check out the active arcade game!

[Image: j7vdsDf.gif]

[Image: OCSPeCM.png]

[Image: ppZOVEm.png]

[Image: 9qZ1itu.png]

[Image: 0qspVBt.png]

> Don’t don’t do it!!!
>Nope. Back away from the machine.
>Place is spooky enough without messing with the haunted arcade cabinet.
How about, nah.
>D O N ' T
(02-14-2018, 01:51 PM)Clockwork Dragon Wrote: [ -> ]>D O N ' T

>Coreen: See this and make an Int Check about if the game console is some sort of trap, or could even be powered
> Do it
>No. Don't.
> Just don't do it!!!!!
> Do it
>Do it for science and curiousity.
Start Inner Monologue about what happened and how your not going to do that.

Fortuna rolls strongly in your favor. Anything below a 5 on a d20 would cause Quinn to act on impulse, while anything above causes them to resume with the wheel. Fortuna rolls twice and chooses the higher number.

You are unable to see the numbers.

[Image: hVoiCne.png]

[Image: J6iXncs.png]

But they did not roll well.

[Image: fNBIWnt.png]

[Image: 5FBbmqn.png]

[Image: fAykogp.png]

[Image: klaAy3B.gif]

[Image: eUDiflF.gif]

[Image: AtCFvc1.gif]

[Image: X9UkFd0.gif]

[Image: 9gZ59FH.png]

[Image: igtKVv5.png]

[Image: oJC60Xb.png]

[Image: MnGOjn9.png]

[Image: z8OlAdH.png]

[Image: CLvu3ST.png]

[Image: 1q0Qw3V.png]

[Image: W3Wa657.png]

[Image: tVXvp5Z.gif]

[Image: FmmGiUa.png]

[Image: BbNa2Pd.gif]

[Image: bEiAPBf.png]

[Image: eAuLlNt.gif]

[Image: FrIEVSn.png]

Staring at your black screen, you begin to panic. You hope you didn’t just murder your entire crew. You didn’t mean to…

[Image: FrIEVSn.png]

The screen stays black for what feels like hours. You hold your breath.

[Image: FrIEVSn.png]

[Image: FrIEVSn.png]

[Image: IX0KXsr.gif]

And finally breath.

> null/n0ll
> Leave Null for last, lets go with paint brush.
(02-26-2018, 05:56 AM)Gimeurcookie Wrote: [ -> ]> Leave Null for last, lets go with paint brush.

Seconding. If it screws up our game, at least we can see one dream first.
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