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Probe 7 Wrote:*BLEEP BLEEP*
ASTEROID BM-720861i-809:

[Image: initial_map_cropped.png]

CONGRATULATIONS! Your bid (#1703) in the Galactic Frontiers Project has been accepted! Attached above is your first glimpse of the slated landing zone. We hope you and your lucky group of colonists are excited to complete the months-long one-way journey to ASTEROID BM-720861i-809 to begin your new lives.

But first, we need a little bit of information. As part of our program, we offer one of three starting packages to equip your new colony. Do you hope to build a better society? Make exciting new discoveries? Strike it rich and find your fortune? GFP will outfit you with the things you need for success!

Please select the equipment that will be sent down with you to the landing zone:

[Image: starting_choices.png]

(Additional supply drops may be offered upon request, but are not guaranteed.)

For the more technical-minded among you, here is some extra information about the equipment offered:



Whichever package you choose, please also register the professions of the additional specialist(s) you elect to bring with you. Once you've confirmed these details, preparation for your exciting voyage can begin!
we're here to start a better world. as such we brought a librarian
Package 2, with the aforementioned librarian as a specialist, as well as a chemist.
Package 2 (Light Indigo Box). I'm suggesting a chemist and an artist (for interior design and decoration (if you people object, I'm go for librarian)).
Interested in packages 2/3.
Need a bit more information first before choosing.

#2 and we bring a sports strategist and an artist. New discoveries! In the arts! And sports!
can we replace the biologist and geologist with cattle
package 3, only instead of one of the shelters, we bring a pro basketball player.
(01-01-2018, 04:31 AM)a52 Wrote: [ -> ]package 3, only instead of one of the shelters, we bring a pro basketball player.

I like the way you're thinkin
Package 3, we'll be movers and shakers of industry. Capitalism yay!
p.s. bring a mechanic
I am concerned with the questionable decisions and ethics people here suggest.
Select middle option, add another medic and another engineer just in case something breaks.
Your new colony is best equipped for scientific discovery. All of its 10 members are highly trained and have scientific backgrounds, but four of them in particular are experts in the fields of biology, geology, medicine, and engineering. One of them is also a notable artist, and another, a master archivist.

After a long but uneventful journey, the ship arrives and jettisons its crew and cargo to the surface of what has, until now, been called "ASTEROID BM-720861i-809". (That's a bit of a mouthful, though. You can rename it if you'd like!) The prefab shelters are quickly set up by the skilled colonists, and the other equipment unpacked.

[Image: map_1_cropped.gif]


...oh, but what now? Well, you have two drones: 1 Construction Drone, and 1 Compact Scouting Drone. The construction drone can use plasticarbon to build structures. The scouting drone is best used to look around the surface of the asteroid and push back the FOG-OF-WAR, and it can also do an up-close analysis of anything that seems interesting, or even take samples.

If you issue orders to the drones, your colonists will control them from the landing module, which is currently the location of your only signal antenna.

Your 10 colonists consume 1 unit of food apiece every turn. You have 20 units of food in storage, and your algae tank can produce 4 units of food every turn.

Rename asteroid the BIG BBALL IN THE SKY
let's build a better world even though we're all engineers. whoops we're libertarians
>Let's get our artist and engineer design a mine that's both efficient and attractive.
>Scout for minerals!
>Consider hydroponics.
>Rename asteroid name to BRiS (short for Big Rock in Space).

EDIT: Wait, should we build a laboratory or common room first?
I think we should be working on sustainability first, while we can still afford to. We should prioritize finding better food sources.
artist, my guy, my dude, my friend, paint everything currenty white, red
Nooo! Plain red on its own is very ugly. Its both straining to the eye when bright, and ugly as sin when dark. It's going to be a nightmare to look at. It'll bleach to pink after multiple cleanings which everyone does not appreciate. I like my whites and greys!

Food seems like a good idea. Research hydroponics! Also get soil samples. (I just realized we may not have any plants or seeds.)

Construction Drone: IDLE
Compact Scouting Drone: ANALYZING REGOLITH (Complete!)

Regolith in this area is composed of andalusite, dolomite, and trace clay minerals.
The biologist and geologist get in a minor argument over whether some of the readouts indicate the presence of organic compounds. No firm conclusion is reached.

The ansible crackles to life!
Galactic Frontiers Project: Colonist Outfitters Department Wrote:DROP POD EN ROUTE WITH SUPPLEMENTARY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT. KEEP AN EYE OUT.
They must have launched that while you were en route to the asteroid, or it could never get here so quickly.

[Image: map_2_cropped.gif]

A quick poll of the colonists decides that the asteroid's new name will be "Big Rock in the Sky" or "BRitS" for short.

The colony's artist and engineer put their heads together to draft up some plans for a hypothetical mine, but the engineer quickly realizes that it will be hard to formulate a concrete plan without a better understanding of the local rock composition. There is a rock formation to the west of the colony, as well as a larger rock structure to the northeast. Perhaps the scouting drone should be sent to one of these structures for a closer look?

While that project is on hold, the artist convinces the other colonists to let them start an art project on one of the uninhabited prefab shelters. They steal some time on the algae tank to manufacture 1 unit of red biopaint, which they use to repaint the shelter's white surfaces. (-1 Food Production this turn) The other colonists agree that red isn't very attractive, and that white was better. (+0 Morale) The artist is unperturbed - it was an experiment, after all.

The biologist spends some time researching hydroponics. They begin research on a Simple Hydroponics Vat (1 Turn to Blueprint Completion). Of course, that won't be much use without something to grow, and the GFP only saw fit to provide the colonists with algae samples. You can use the ansible to send a message to GFP asking for seeds in the next drop shipment, if you can spare the power. It'll be a while before anything they send can reach you, though.

In the meantime, you might want to consider building another Compact Algae Tank to help your colonists sustain themselves in the short term. (Building information updated with build prices - see first post, or below.)

The colonists debate the benefits of building a laboratory or a common room. They conclude that a laboratory would be very welcome, but that it will take time to plan (1 Turn to design blueprints for a Simple, General Purpose Laboratory). A common room, on the other hand, would be easy, since they can just scale up the blueprint for a Prefab Shelter. It won't be much - essentially just a pressurized, air-filled box with some simple chairs and a table - but it will give them a nicer space to socialize, eat algae-burgers together, and have community meetings without all needing to squeeze into a single prefab shelter. Only problem is, it'll take 25 plasticarbon units to build, which is more than you have right now. You'll have to dedicate the algae tank to growing plasticarbon instead of food. (Added to buildings list)

Food Consumed: 10 Units
Food Generated: 3 Units
Total Food: 13 Units


Food situation isn't great. To what extent can we ration things?

Build another algae tank, and if it can be operational on this turn, dedicate it and the other one to making plasticarbon. Next turn we should be able to build one additional algae tank and that'll be enough to sustain us while we grow more food backup and plasticarbon.

However, the supplies will also almost definitely contain food, so this might not be as necessary, but scientists eat fast. Let's not take any risks.

Also, ask the artist to chisel pieces off of the red paint to make patterns so that it's more appealing.
guys can we grow like

actual food

not sci-fi mush

i was dead fucking serious that cattle and farmland is far more useful to us than engineers and biologists
If we don't get more food supplies, we will be out of food in two turns. Let's talk about rationing. We won't need to right now, but it is better to be prepared for the event rather than have disaster suddenly upon us. Ask for volunteers now to split rations later if it comes to that. We can take the hit to morale now if we get it back by averting the crisis altogether.

Have the scout look to the northeast, too; we need to be on the lookout for that supply crate.
ok hear me out here

what if we used, ok, this is radical, what if we used the construction drone, ok you with me here? what if we used it to make, this is outrageous ok so just hold onto your hats, what if we had it make another algae tank.

Also artist, now that one pod is red, paint black lines on it.
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