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Full Version: Don't worry, you have not been TRICKED!
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You win! You entered this thread on your own volition, and now you're here, and it's so nice here! I think you're fantastic!
yay! I think you're fantastic too!
enter this thread to win even more!
(02-12-2018, 01:59 AM)Gatr Wrote: [ -> ]enter this thread to win even more!

aw, thank you!
This is the best day of my life!!
[Image: hNvQKes.png]
I appreciate it, thanks!
I don't know. I'm suspicious.
What if all this NOT TRICKED business is just a TRICK in disguise?
Thank you for not tricking me : )
some times eveyrthing goes just right. now is that time. thank you for your service.
How delightful!