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Full Version: Don't worry, you have not been TRICKED!
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You win! You entered this thread on your own volition, and now you're here, and it's so nice here! I think you're fantastic!
yay! I think you're fantastic too!
enter this thread to win even more!
(02-12-2018, 01:59 AM)Gatr Wrote: [ -> ]enter this thread to win even more!

aw, thank you!
This is the best day of my life!!
[Image: hNvQKes.png]
I appreciate it, thanks!
I don't know. I'm suspicious.
What if all this NOT TRICKED business is just a TRICK in disguise?
Thank you for not tricking me : )
some times eveyrthing goes just right. now is that time. thank you for your service.
How delightful!
Ive been untricked by Fellow..
I just want to remind everyone that by clicking on this thread, you're exercising your free will and your ability to perceive different parts of the world at different times! That's fucking awesome, yo! Have a wonderful day!
I did not get tricked.

The wool is firmly below my chin, and my smile is visible. The dealer is in gambling prison and I alone stand in triumph. The deal was fair, the path was safe, my mind is clear and my is wallet secure. The ride never started, and I'm getting out with a Disney World Fast Pass. By avoiding the link, I have not been deceived, defrauded, or deluded. I saw through the link disguised as one thing that would take me to another. I did not get linked to the tricked thread, and instead came here. The reason for this is that I prevented capture and dodged the falsities of modern times.

Regardless of feeling proud for having perceived or delighted by how I've discerned, ecstatic by how I've evaded or positive by how I've persevered, now that I've finally avoided being outwitted into visited the tricked thread, I must post to rejoice how I have escaped a set-up and the jester's itchy sweater being put over me.