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Full Version: [Modded but not much] a Co-op fortuna game
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[Image: f8398fe9_56f7_470b_8bd9_04727e97e48d_by_...c3htvc.png] Your friend had given you version of fortuna that they modded themselves. Mostly they just changed textures and things of that sort. They were quite proud of it and wanted to play it with you and another person.

[Image: ppolblue.jpg]
Hey! Have you downloaded the game yet? If you did I need to give you the code so we can play together! Just tell me when your ready!
> Yeah I'm ready! Are we going for a certain type of run or?
>Dis gon be gud
[Image: a3784b53_d302_4415_a2b1_e89e9f0462ba_by_...c3iml9.png]
[Image: no_avatar.jpg] yep. I’m ready. Also, do we have any goals in mind?
[Image: ppolblue.jpg]1. the code it 25B.
2. Nope! We’re going to lookin’ for bugs a lil’ bit but other than that it can be a total murder fest!
[Image: f1d1e77f_d219_4e82_9f0f_9953493e2e77_by_...c3io7k.png]

[Image: 8f392204_88da_4687_a54c_4ebd608888a8_by_...c3ioca.png]
You put in the code and it takes you to the character creation menu while it loads Rraptorr’s game. It seems like you can create 4 crew members.
(02-18-2018, 04:40 AM)LoverIan Wrote: [ -> ]

I second this one.
[Image: eb8122ea_7117_42bb_8dc8_82dab4157dd0_by_...c3iwgy.png] you submit your first crew member, with any missing being automatically filled in.
[Image: 91f8b553_8313_4695_8044_4a802d9d3047_by_...c3iwyf.png]
Three more to go.
[Image: 3c6a12a9_ff28_423c_9d26_ab47144e2e0a_by_...c3kil8.png]

[Image: e3eca483_5ed7_4f7d_99d6_371782c6dd3f_by_...c3kiru.png]
*Tosses a bunch of dice*
[Image: c9d72a0e_109b_447f_ac4c_8160cef7c7b1_by_...c4kopd.png]

[Image: fb79e9da_c218_4fd3_b241_13df720d0bea_by_...c4kpke.png]
One last character, the captain.

[Image: 83d554ed_29c8_4596_9aef_b5e6feece59c_by_...c4np6z.png]

[Image: 99c250f6_e405_497b_b927_85e89945faf6_by_...npzi.png?4]
>Starting character: Margret
>Ship: Cupid
(03-02-2018, 12:28 AM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: [ -> ]>Starting character: Margret
>Ship: Cupid

>This but with Connie
(03-02-2018, 12:47 AM)LoverIan Wrote: [ -> ]
(03-02-2018, 12:28 AM)CosmicClaxon Wrote: [ -> ]>Starting character: Margret
>Ship: Cupid

>This but with Connie

>This but Connie too
>Coeus ship! Coeus ship!
>Start with Connie
[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc4s6jr.png]

[Image: r_by_mewqit-dc4s41l.png]

[Image: werk_by_mewqit-dc4s3id.png]

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc4s5r0.png]

[Image: oof_by_mewqit-dc4s70u.png]

[Image: t_by_mewqit-dc4s42v.png]

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc4s43v.png]

[Image: e_by_mewqit-dc4s3k3.png]

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc4s45j.png]

[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc4s46g.png]
[Image: f1b03c1d_d300_4d72_848b_22eb49e8f58c_by_...c4s1a2.jpg]
Oh,umm... is this working?
[Image: b09104ae_adb7_4121_afa3_2307f3534dec_by_...c4s1a9.jpg]
It is!
[Image: 42da495f_05b1_4ae9_89ed_3168ff8866fc_by_...c4s19o.jpg]
Phew, I’m glad that worked.
[Image: cb2ba05b_8658_45c7_b2d0_3b198cec4dc3_by_...c4s1ap.jpg] Well, tell me the deets when you choose your planet so we could coordinate something!
>Follow the smart, strong and interesting robot.

I picked a cupid ship! What did you pick out :0
>[Intrusive]: What put you in such a sour mood?
[Image: 3a7e319d_7400_4adf_9e3d_1424b18e59bb_by_...c51ya8.png]

[Image: cdd1a9ab_13a5_4494_b462_13d28dcf1179_by_...1yjt.png?5]

[Image: 815b13a7_cf19_4934_b3b8_e934031f13dc_by_...c51ypq.png]

[Image: d4e75447_e8fe_422a_a689_3fcef97a6dac_by_...1yql.png?2]

[Image: d10b91ca_bbcc_4d61_8f65_097f019a9916_by_...24ca.png?2]

[Image: 18f2d24c_c92d_4cc7_b65e_dde27fe2b57e_by_...c51z1e.png]

[Image: dfdbe185_21f7_4bfe_bed2_a42ff7dda93d_by_...c51z23.png]

[Image: 171915c5_abd2_4341_a33a_9c432d747e21_by_...c522ig.png]

[Image: a0b36ab0_d1ea_43df_8747_9b48114fb4c6_by_...20lr.png?5]

[Image: 8960946b_cb9b_413b_86e0_b093599ee9ff_by_...c523my.png]
Oh, I chose a Cupid ship. What did you choose?
[Image: e91cf045_2487_47d3_a2bc_92e3c8861c0d_by_...23nn.png?2]
Huh, so this is what my AI looks like!

[Image: cb2ba05b_8658_45c7_b2d0_3b198cec4dc3_by_...c4s1ap.jpg]
A Prometheus ship! Definitely my favorite patron as well.
[Image: 42da495f_05b1_4ae9_89ed_3168ff8866fc_by_...c4s19o.jpg]
Speaking of patrons... I should probably set is up so we can have them!
[Image: f1b03c1d_d300_4d72_848b_22eb49e8f58c_by_...c4s1a2.jpg]
I don’t think I have time to do that now though..
>Ok so we rolled amkear, merciaa, mendac-lum, and real yermo. The latter two sound like deathtraps.
>Both of the first two have good weapons hopefully.
>I wanna check out Amkear
>curious about looting bunkers on Merciaa
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