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I am a noted intellectual who carries on a voluminous correspondence with other noted intellectuals

Welcome, my well-read friends and correspondents

What intellectual stuff shall we talk about today

Flatulence from an anus.
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Yes, I am here also. An intellectual in The Intellectual Thread/.
(03-13-2018, 02:13 AM)Justice Watch Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I am here also. An intellectual in The Intellectual Thread/.

My apologies; it appears that I have made a typo.
Let K⊂S3 be an oriented knot or link, and F⊂S3 a connected oriented spanning surface for K. Let θ:H1(F)⨯H1→Z be the Seifert paring.

Two polynomials f(t),g(t)∈Z[t] are said to be balanced (written f≐g) if there is a non-negative integer n such that ±tnf(t)=g(t) or ±tng(t)=f(t). This definition is also extended to rational functions. Thus t+1/t and t2+1 are balanced and we write t+1/t≐t2+1.

Let K, F, θ be as above. The Alexander polynomial AK(t) is the balance class of the polynomial AK(t) = D(θ-tθ'). (It follows from S-equivalence that this determinant is well-defined on isotopy classes of knots and links up to multiplication by factors of the form ±tn)
sup my fellow intellectuals let us listen to some IDM together while laying face down on the floor
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Sorry, I thought this was The Unintelligible Thread.
what is this...this genius. You just told us the meaning of life and how to make a baked alaska at the same time and im crying
My lack of understanding for your mouth spaghetti is like, totally bogus, dude.
Hmm, yes, quite. I do find it so, indubitably, wouldn't you agree? It is inevitable, at least, one should expect it to be so.

Yes, quite.
Truly, this enigma is most intruiging. It's inconcievable! The nature of an enigma is quite incorrigble. A series of letters, unbenknownst to us, hide the true definition of life.

Also I can't spell.
But what of the eternal soul of the dingus?
Good question, shall coverse with lord and saivor ???? on subject matter.
(03-15-2018, 03:45 AM)Schazer Wrote: [ -> ]Piss