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Full Version: Train.
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Trains are too long!
Trains are too screechy!
Trains look weird!
Trains don't and won't care for your feelings!
Would you trust this train?

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRYazmZWej-saM1nICMl9-...ptH7f3lnZQ]
[Image: BoElvVw.gif]
schkga schkga schkga schkga schkga...
[Image: 7Llzaej.gif]
train heart (warning: gore)

[Image: u1Y0t0Y.gif]
[Image: IFvUCeW.gif]
What is this TOMFOOLERY on my anti-train forum lost on ealge beagle time dot come, I say??
trains more like pains (to look at or be around)
[Image: BYbsjaa.png]
[Image: GDuNHPI.png]
[Image: g9zeS3P.jpg]
[Image: untitled_by_mewqit-dc83hkv.jpg]
Haha you know that moment when you lose all your trains?
I post "untrain", the yugioh card that undoes one train upon being played