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Full Version: clown art online: trouble with twinks
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hey fellow jokesters, i've been leveling a buffoon alt (pie chucker spec) to prep for the Clowntaclysm expac coming up in a couple months, but ive been having trouble with world pvp. and i keep getting ganked by huge groups of perfectly geared twinks in their clown car mounts. I *want* to level in zones like Humorist Highlands and Trapeze Tundra because of their questing potential, but world PvPers are camping all their entrances. swapping instances just gets me halfway to the zone until i get dove by twelve jesters.

is the exp & gag bonus not worth playing on a PvP server? should i try a more stealth based clown like harlequin and avoid the high density traveling routes? what should i do????? thanks :o)
But are they handsome jesters?
(good post op. I wish I wasn't too high to contribute bc I love this)