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Full Version: stop kicking living horses who are asleep you heartless savages
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I don't usually defend animals. I don't usually defend horses. But sometimes celestial spheres align in a particular order and I get the desire to protect what I don't like or understand.
You can't make me, Bob
You stinky liar, you like horses. Admit it.
(05-05-2018, 10:55 AM)Myeth Wrote: [ -> ]You can't make me, Bob
I will put lots of garbage into garbage bags and speak backwards until you finally cave.
If wishes were horses I'd be eating fresh horse constantly, gaining power from the absorbed wish essence contained within.
mouth too small to eat horses and you know it

that is until you kick their sleeping bodies into perfect eating size
Bobert Wrote:stop kicking living horses who are asleep you heartless savages

how about you stop making stupid threads. how about that.
making stupid threads is a god given right

as is kicking horses

you can't stop me im gonna do it bucko, put a foot right on that large horse ass, kablooey
(05-06-2018, 05:05 AM)bigro Wrote: [ -> ]making stupid threads is a god given right

as is kicking horses

you can't stop me im gonna do it bucko, put a foot right on that large horse ass, kablooey
You figured it out. You pass the test. As for the rest, burn in hell for all eternity.
((I was really down in the dumps through the weekend so this cheered me up a little))
Oh yea, I refuse to feed to Hawkspace anything but table scraps of content.
I try and keep my A-game to the other sub-forums, where I actually have some intent to provide quality and where there are unspoken standards both impersonal and personal that I am (eagerly) obligated to adhere to.
its ok i love scraps they're my favourite
Thank you Myeth, you're too kind. (This is post 616 a weird and arbitrary milestone that only makes sense to me). I'm very close to purchasing a scanner soon and I'm eager to slowly begin rebuilding my work ethic system. It crashed super hard in 2015 when I overworked myself and I haven't been the same since.
The day when my scanner arrives I will treat as a great reckoning. I've grown in a lot of odd ways but also probably self-destructed in too many others and I wish to communicate my ideas better and I want to make a sincere commitment to them. Impulsiveness will have no metaphysical room to occupy in my LIFE, eccentricity shunned, emotions sneered at. Nothing else matters but the process in a system where I am constantly living, breathing, eating and sleeping my work. The only leisure is to observe my handiwork in the present moment and then move on.
Frivolous and clownish people without an off-switch are dangerous and unreliable and they set a terrible example for the younger generations. But they are also just obnoxious to interact with because they are not cognisant of how disrespectful they truly are, it becomes more apparent as you observe them change topic to topic and not care enough about what you have to say. It's just bad manners.

In practical situations you will never get a tangible result out of these kinds of people, because you are dealing with toddlers stuck in late adolescent to adult bodies. Particularly egregious is when they begin vocalising a strong desire for respect and admiration. Those things are earned in the context of society and in the context of individual human beings, those things are fickle and conditional and vary from person to person.

It's why I admire the idea behind Hawkspace, all your impulsive flights of fancy have a large sub-forum containment thread and I am eternally grateful to the moderators for allowing this monument to idiocy. I can cryptically vent about domestic issues to remove needless emotional baggage. I can purify myself of stupid ideas that don't deserve effort. Having your cake and eating too implies an irrational outlook on limited options but Hawkspace allows it despite being a symbol of irrationality.
Being reserved and restrained have been some of my favourite qualities to personally work towards. Both in the public eye and in private. I tend to look at my strong bursts of emotion both positive and negative as kind of disgusting. Both can cloud judgement and open doors towards self-destructive systems of thought.