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Full Version: 2018 Hosting Fund-raiser and Fun-draiser
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Greetings and salutations! In that never-ending cycle of money that economists are still struggling to find a name for, it's come upon that time once again that we need to pay for the website to "continue to exist". As the prices for websites and such apparently haven't changed in the three years since we last did one of these fundraiseries, it's again a total of $135.50 for us to keep the lights on for the year. If anyone's inclined towards helping keep the site here and up and running, I found this donation button by the side of the road and figure it's as good a solution as any:

[button removed - goal has been met!]

Additionally, for those who haven't heard, we've got Sunspider working on some fixes and updates for the site, including improved spambot filtering and various UI fixes, so if you want to keep track of that as it's going on and pitch in a cup of coffee or three, make sure to check out that thread over here!
Thanks very much to everyone who's pitched in so far! I'll leave this up here until we surpass our goal for the year, as we're not quite there yet, but I wanted to give a shout-out to everyone helping to keep the bills paid around here.

EDIT: And we're over the line! Thanks again to everyone, and thanks especially to a couple of folks with some extremely substantial donations.