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It's that time of year again! Once again, Plaid and I will be running a little art/gift exchange for interested forumites.

All you need to do is sign up, and after the signup period closes, you'll be randomly assigned another participant to give an anonymous gift to. Your gift can be anything you're willing to provide - art, music, writing, photography, or even a package if you're so inclined. If you want to send a physical item, let us know and we'll see if your recipient is willing to give their address.

Plaid and I will both be participating, splitting the list in two so we don't know who our own Secret Santas are.

Signups will end on end-of-day midnight Mountain time on December 8th; that still leaves a bit over two weeks to put a gift together if you want it to be sent on Christmas. However, if you're going to be late, don't worry - we'll send the gift along when it's done.

That said, if you provide a gift by February 1 but have not received one, you can ask either of us for a gift in compensation.

Apologies for starting a bit later this year. So, without further ado, let's get this moving!


1. Dragon Fogel
2. Plaid
3. a52
4. Vancho1
5. Schazer
6. Reyweld
7. Justice Watch
8. Sanzh
9. seedy
10. Lankie
11. Fuzzy Pickles
12. NotABear
I will join!
Hey, sign me up
*reyweld voice* I'm in.
I'm less than confident in my ability to provide, but I will do my best.
Yeah okay I'm in.
I’ll sign up~
I'm down to clown.
I'm in!


Not, not to be confused with secret santana, which I'm pretty sure is still a good secret for people, nor secret satan, nor secret satin.

What I'm saying is I am in as well. ' <'
Signups are now closed.

Secret Santa assignments will be made very shortly.
Okay, my half has been randomized and I've sent off PMs informing people of their recipients.

As a reminder, if you're not sure what to get for your recipient, feel free to contact me (or Plaid, if she assigned your recipient) and we can pass along questions anonymously, or make requests for an address if you want to send something through the mail.
Alrighty, my half are sent off too.

Okily dokily, time for gift suggestions :0

i'd love art of my d&d characters!

i also love pokemon, breath of the wild, d&d, cats... Oh, and she ra, lately. if you need any other ideas then Schazer or Mirdini are the people to ask.

oh and i'm totally down for receiving stuff in the mail if you wanna send a thing; let fogel know and i'll give him my address! if you wanted to send physical things i love weird candy or drinks from around the place (i'm nz based, also vegetarian) oooooor paper.
To whoever got my name: As a writer, I'm always happy to get drawings of my characters. My main adventure these days is Swamped and I'm always happy to get art for that, but you can find links to several other works in my signature.

If you're not the drawing type, well, you can still feel free to take a look at my stuff and see if any of it gives you ideas.
I enjoy cats, Nintendo, (Mario, Zelda, etc) fantasy, colorful things, comics, astronomy, mice, bunnies, Ghibli movies.
Would enjoy: art, drawing, postcards or simple handmade things.

I don't really have much to ask for, and I would be perfectly happy not to receive anything if it's too much stress for you. But, if you must,

Great Haven is probably the most important thing in my life right now, and I would love fanart of that. And failing that, here's some silly bun refs.
I think I'm in a similar boat to Justice Watch and would basically love anything given to me (writing/art/audio/media/etc).

Pictures of my avatar are always a winner, recommendations of undiscovered reading/listening (ex. podcasts), funny stuff (I like bizarre humor)... I also have a large pool of threads you can dive into if you're lacking direction or inspiration.

I will be thrilled with whatever I get!
Just a reminder to everyone, Christmas is fast approaching! Please send in your gifts to whichever of Plaid or myself sent you a PM, and we'll pass them along anonymously. Feel free to include a message for your recipient, as well!
SECRET SANTA STATUS: i'm an idiot and didn't factor in that I'd probably be hanging out with family a lot during Christmas time.

Hopefully I can get it done before the new year rolls around.
SECRET SANTA STATUS: I am a Fool and I didn't sleep! (which is fine because the holidays usually give me the anxieties anyway!)

SO I am DONE! Sending my gifts to my organizer. I am beat.
My gift is also going to be for between-new-years-and-christmas because I am busy foolish and totally idiot at time management Melonspa
Big same Aw beans!
Finally got an opportunity to see my gift.

I gotta say, Santa who is secret.

You have exceeded my expectations fourfold.

Minion Minion Minion Minion
New Year's gift in progress...!
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