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hey folks. some people know me some don't. im ivy langley and i am in school for art. i want to post it on this forum so i will do that here. welcome

content warning because a lot of the stuff i make is about death/blood/eye gore especially. sometimes there is implied self harm but usually not.


i only really started getting serious abt art this year thanks to the help of dalm, chwoka, lt fish, myeth, g0m, and still probably others who gave me a lot of feedback and encouragement so i like having the ability to look at how much ive improved and im sure this will make a good time capsule for the future. i hope my work is enjoyable for those who havent seen it before! i would love feedback/thoughts/compliments/anything at all from anyone so feel free to speak your mind. and if anybody has any questions about how i did anything i sure would love to answer them. im going to do my best to keep posting new stuff as i make it in this thread....... 自称霊能力者 霊幻新隆
Eyeball gore? Sounds right up my alley. I will look at these when the internet works (right now I can only view the last one).
[Image: demon_punks_color2.png]

i've gotten back to my art school for the next quarter so there will be some exciting progress there hopefully but here is my first piece of the new year (which i made new years day) and some other stuff i made/revised since around the last post will be in the spoiler below.


trying to branch out a little more in the future. im in a color theory class this semester so hopefully that will help lol