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Full Version: Snail Mail Derailment
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Let me tell you about my exorbitant shipping costs.

Here is a place for you peasants to talk about the things you get in precious packages, from fellow ET people or just whatever creeper sends you their next bundle of hair & fish. To start you off, feast your worthless eyes on schazer's glorious sending:

[Image: pic4_zpscfce2ec4.png]

3 pm, mailman is too terrified of what he must refer to as 'that house that plays so much Marina & the Diamonds I grow a cup size every time I walk past it' that he leaves the goods and runs. Here it is next to a box of tights. That shit was on sale.

[Image: pic3_zps8b7c8bf8.png]

The post office was kind enough to open and do a halfass resealing of it, as they let me know with this commemorative banner. Thanks, America.

[Image: pic2_zpsd2177786.png]

I feel like I'm tearing a butterfly from its cocoon. Look at all this fur. Feds probably think I'm a goddamn small game poacher.

(I might be)

[Image: pic1_zps31ecbbdd.png]

What does the letter say? You'll never know.

[Image: pic5_zpsdfdfc841.png]

And is that... ?


[Image: pic6_zps4c81fc90.png]

Yes it is.
...a stuffed monkey with an electric collar around its neck? XX, are you so protective of your merch, you're not willing to allow escape if it comes to life? Melonspa
Hahaha I'm glad it arrived in one piece, although I'm honestly not surprised that the feds opened it. "Craft Supplies" sounds skeevy as fuck for a customs declaration.

I'd laugh if they actually had read my letter and realised I fucking know what kind of animal remains I'm smuggling into your country, and let it slide.
Bweeeeee that is the cutest <3
What DID happen to that watch we were mailing around?
I think g0m had it? I kind of remember g0m saying something about it.
I guess I'll note it here, as even though I mention it a lot I'm sure there's people who haven't heard: a while back I mailed XX my extracted wisdom teeth. She wanted them for art (and also because, let's be honest, who doesn't want to be mailed some teeth).
You'd think there'd be legal issues over the trafficking of human parts.
Maybe, but I'm still the coolest kid at art school.
Do it, punk
I got two helmets from the Yugoslav Wars today.


The Serbians were nice enough to pack instructions on how to use them.


Here's me camwhoring in the JNA one.

Those is dope, Hobbesy, where'd you get them?
One of my friends found them in the military surplus section of The Sportsman's Guide. They were the cheapest out of any other store, and they dried up after the third day or so of being in stock.
You guys should look into cosplaying that at Hetaliacon this september, I heard that they might put together an RP of the bosnian genocide with realistic rape camps and everything!

warning: don't google image search the term "slobodan-san," the first page of results has full-on penetration yaoi of him and ratko mladić in animated gif form[/size]
(08-12-2013, 07:38 AM)Wheat Wrote: [ -> ]warning: don't google image search the term "slobodan-san," the first page of results has full-on penetration yaoi of him and ratko mladić in animated gif form[/size]

You don't know me very well.

[Image: N12za3h.png]
hobbesy this is you

Don't be ridiculous, it's not like that at all. I'd have to be a Croatian, and the Bosnians would have to be stripped of the M1919 machine guns.

Also I'm actually Serbian, and the Bosnians are actually Bosnian. Their parents have never not approved.
My Knifehead action figure just got here and I'm flipping my shit


This backing from the box is going on my dorm room door.

e: And here it is:

And here's the little shelf I made out of the packaging to make up for not having any free desk space:
Today was my 10 day pre-birthday, and NZ post responded accordingly!

First, the delivery of half an art trade a for a phone charm!

[Image: tumblr_mx7n5gW4n11ql1irgo1_500.png]
I'm super jazzed with it. I haven't stopped staring all day.

Plus an unexpected bonus: A froakie sticker, which i put straight onto my DS

[Image: IMAG1217.jpg]
(bonus squid charm from Schaz)

And a cute letter! (also bonus cute letter from Schaz)

[Image: IMAG1223.jpg]

Then about half an hour after i'd gotten those, a wonderful birthdaymas present arrived from Japan *jazz hands*

including Croagunk, who has made fast friends with Jose the Scraggy

[Image: IMAG1215.jpg]

Croagunk folder

[Image: IMAG1218.jpg]

Mystery instant icecream thingy (should i take photos of myself attempting to make this later?)

[Image: IMAG1221.jpg]
[Image: IMAG1222.jpg]

And possibly the best thing! M&M-like candy coated chocolate that has disguised itself (very accurately) as coffee beans. I can't stop eating them and they're almost gone already

[Image: IMAG1226.jpg]

Please do! (Re: the box of dubious sugar-based foodstuffs)

I think it lets you make tiny sugary replicas of large sugary real things? If you need me to translate the back of the box I'm happy to.
I'll ask you if i run into any problems, but the pictures seem pretty straightforward!

I've seen people make them on youtube and stuff. Fascinating, if a little weird.
Okay I'm being bad and making a double post because this thread is so little used no one will see it if i don't.

I made the thing:

[Image: IMAG1233.jpg]



[Image: 9a436bbba4dc648a0fd47fcdd0591aa9.png]


One uncharacteristically delayed pre-arranged pickup from the mailman later, I acquired myself a physical Christmas present after what was probably my weirdest Christmas ever (I spent most of the day at work surfing the net, because classes are over but I'm required to be there anyway).

I was a bit worried at first because I couldn't read that slip of paper above the "Size 2" and wondered if Customs had raided it, what with the minor denting the box had been dealt.

[Image: 952a11c7401235b79be3ee043f94d756.png]
This is the merch. The chocolate is officially my fourth block in the house now because my boyfriend has sent it my way as well. This is by no means a complaint because white chocolate with vaguely-lemonadish pop rocks is the shit. (also more New Zealand stickers because I go through those at work like nobody's business)

[Image: 198ee1f5c793c34656abd0f988ecb94c.png]
These are the bookmarks I commissioned as Christmas presents for the English teachers at my school, and they are bloody excellent. (Bonus points if you can name all four). The notebook was a gorgeous fucking surprise and I love it. I'm gonna draw sooooo many bugs in it

[Image: 2406d67d0b4e883cc48633c4b03d2755.png]
And a letter! Very swanky, the stationery's got an inkwell and shit embossed on it. The contents also reassured me that I hadn't been deprived of a surprise Christmas present of objectionable media or Raaaaage DRUGS Raaaaage - unless someone at Customs rewrote me a letter detailing a parcel full of MORALLY UPSTANDING GOODS?

Probably not.

In conclusion: Plaid you da bes Minion
And don't you forget it.
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