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Making Posts
You can post on the forum either by creating new topics/threads, or replying to existing topics.

Creating a new thread
When you go to a forum you are interested in and you wish to create a new thread, click the button at the top right and bottom right of the forums entitled "New topic". We recommend browsing the forums first so you have a good idea where your topic belongs.

Click "Post Thread" under the text box to publish your new topic. You can also click "Preview Post" to see how your post will look when it is published, which can be useful if your post contains MyCode.

Creating a poll
When you create a thread, you have the additional option of creating a poll. After posting your thread, you will be directed to a separate page where you can edit the poll options.
See this topic for an example of a poll.

Replying to a thread
During the course of your visit, you may encounter a thread to which you would like to reply. To do so, simply click the "Post reply" button at the bottom or top of the thread, or use the Quick Reply field at the bottom of the page. The "Preview/advanced" button will also take you to the Post reply page.

Quoting posts
If you click the "Quote" button () underneath a post, the post's contents will be copied ("quoted") into a new reply. By writing your response after the quoted text, a reader can quickly tell what you are responding to.

You can select multiple posts to quote (even posts from threads other than the one you wish to reply to) with the "Multiquote" button (). After selecting all of your posts, click the "Post Reply" button at the top or bottom of the thread.

If a thread is closed, a moderator or administrator has closed it, preventing further replies. There is no way for a user to open such a thread without the help of a moderator or administrator.