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Emotes (or smilies) are small images you can add to a post. A selection can be found on the Post Reply page, to the left of the text field, and the rest are found by clicking [get more] underneath. Clicking the picture will add the appropriate emote to your post.

You can also add emotes by directly typing their keyboard shortcuts. If you want to type a keyboard shortcut without it turning into an emote, you can check the "Disable Smilies" checkbox under Post Options underneath your post.

Adding new emotes
Only administrators may add emotes. You can request a picture be turned into an emote by posting it in this thread. Emotes should have a transparent background and generally be less than 20 pixels in height, and their addition is at administrator discretion.

Emotes (Full List)

Name Shortcut Picture
Happy melon :happymelon:
Sad melon :meloncholy:
Cool melon :meloncooly:
Blank melon :blankaloupe:
Smooch melon :-3-:
MSPA melon :melonspa:
c: melon :cutermelon:
Smug melon :smugmelon:
Winky melon :winky:
:3atermelon ::3:
Rainbow melon :eternalmelon:
Sanji melon :sanjimelon:
Sanji (not a melon) :sanji:
Minion (<3) :minion:
Crying eagle :eaglecry:
Small angry flame :>:<:
Bitter McDonald's coffee :bitter:
Fact Seagull :factseagull:
Socktopus :socktopus:
Red (lobster with gun) :red:
Lefthand drudge duck :drudgeleft:
Righthand drudge duck :drudgeright:
Oh no! :ohno:
A spooky ghost :haunt:
A mysterous gost :itsa:
Dlorph :dlorph:
;A; ;-; ;^; :;A;:
Sen (doip) :doip:
Scofflaw :scoff:
It's Larry! :larry:
Manners Cat :mannerscat:
Cobalt "kinkshaming" Oortkins :cobalt: