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Superego - Jovian - 04-08-2016

Spoiler :
Dropbox ended its Public Folder support and Photobucket wanted me to pay up in order to hotlink images, so I moved all of Superego to a personal webspace. Links on the mirror site are all updated, but I really cannot be bothered to edit image links in the forum posts here.

I feel that this will have no impact on new readers, since the old threads don't even exist anymore anyway, so your only choice to catch up is the mirror regardless! Thanks for tolerating the messy-looking posts due to this setback though :P

If there is a Superego image you remember seeing once upon a time and isn't a part of the main comic (April Fool's images, for example, such as the below post mentions), feel free to request it and I will reupload it for you.

[Image: logo.png]


Hello there! I am Jovian, creator of a forum adventure you may or may not have heard of before. Superego is my big adventure project I started back in 2011 about ten people with Issues that need to work out those Issues. It's better than it sounds. I think. People like it.

If you're a new reader, you can catch up using the mirror. As of now, we're at page 2086, and I know that sounds intimidating, but I try to avoid textwalls as much as I can, so I like to think it goes by quickly. At any rate, with MSPAF down, I had no forum thread and I had to update! So now I'm taking it here. I'm also taking it to Omegaupdate, so you might see some suggestions from those forums as I update here.

If you're NOT a new reader, welcome back! Here are the new updates from page 2086 onward, in spoilers, to...well, avoid spoiling new readers. Just in case.

First of all, there was an April Fool's 2016 update posted previously on the mirror only. I since took it down because I like the mirror to be a streamlined experience, but HERE IT IS AGAIN:

Spoiler :
Sometime in the distant past...

[Image: 01.gif]

[Image: 02.gif]

"You've all made me very proud today. Not only did this test provide me with valuable data, but you all succeeded as individuals and triumphed over your personal struggles."

[Image: 03.gif]

"As a token of my thanks, I would like to show you something."

[Image: 04.gif]


[Image: 05.gif]

You are all one hundred percent certain that this is the best day of your lives.

[Image: 06.gif]

And now, here is the April 7 update:

Spoiler :
>Cherry: Remember, this thing is you, kinda.

[Image: 2090.gif]

You're well aware! Nothing she says is any different from the things you tell yourself all the time!

>Are you a bully, Cherry?

[Image: 2091.gif]

-lets be realistic here
-everyone has ugly thoughts sometimes
-you included
-wouldnt it be so good to get them out for once?
-but no
-you just let everyone step all over you

[Image: 2092.gif]

-remember that job you had over the summer
-you quit after three days because you kept panicking!
-you totally heard them gossip
-about you
-didnt you
-you cant even handle a simple retail job
-how are you going to handle the real world

[Image: 2093.gif]

-and lets not forget all the girls you never had the nerve to ask ou--

"Knock it off, already!"

>Why can't you impress her? What are you doing wrong?

[Image: 2094.gif]

"Give her a minute to respond, would you?!"

Thank you for reading, old and new readers alike! Suggest away!

RE: Superego - Viridis - 04-08-2016

> Rick: You promised yourself you'd step back, but maybe a mediator role could be useful here! Otherwise, will this be anything but a feedback loop of self-loathing?

> Cherry: Can you honestly even envision yourself as a bolder person? Is it something you see as achievable for you?

RE: Superego - Cauchemar - 04-08-2016

> Cherry: Ask yourself out

RE: Superego - Schazer - 04-08-2016

Cherry: Kiss and make upout

RE: Superego - NonAnalogue - 04-08-2016

Cherry: Thank Rick for the support, but fortify yourself and assure him you've got this covered.

RE: Superego - LoverIan - 04-08-2016

>Cherry: It always seemed better to just keep them inside
>Nothing nice to say, just don't speak right?

RE: Superego - supajackle - 04-08-2016

>cherry: say something, anything.

RE: Superego - Whimbrel - 04-09-2016

Respond with uncoordinated jibbering. Maybe you can manage to speak your mind if you don't think too hard about what you're saying

RE: Superego - PigFacedLady - 04-10-2016

> do a punch

RE: Superego - Dalmationer - 04-11-2016

>Rick, try to help Cherry get a word in, but make sure you don't make this about you! You gotta be a supportive friend!

RE: Superego - Papers - 04-12-2016

Rain: intensify

RE: Superego - Jovian - 04-14-2016

>Rick, try to help Cherry get a word in, but make sure you don't make this about you! You gotta be a supportive friend!

[Image: 2095.gif]

"Thank you, b-b-but I..."
"It's okay to be--"

>Cherry: say something, anything.

[Image: 2096.gif]

"Now's not the t-time!"

[Image: 2097.gif]

-you dont even know the first thing to do
-do you

"Wh-where are you going?"
-youre done here

[Image: 2098.gif]

-why dont you just leave me alone

[Image: 2099.gif]

RE: Superego - Benedict - 04-14-2016

>Rick: Use ATHLETIC ABILITIES to swim the both of you to safety!

RE: Superego - Papers - 04-14-2016

Trade glasses

RE: Superego - NonAnalogue - 04-14-2016

That water's probably illusory, right?

RE: Superego - Schazer - 04-14-2016

that's... an improvement? They could've kicked you out of this room completely, but this is... a chance to prove you'll power through to a conclusion on this, however indirectly. Sink or swim, as they say.

RE: Superego - Viridis - 04-14-2016

> Cherry: Totally beef it.

RE: Superego - ICan'tGiveCredit - 04-14-2016

you require 8 glasses of water a day so you might as well drink all of it

RE: Superego - Jovian - 04-18-2016

>Cherry: Totally beef it.

[Image: 2100.gif]

[Image: 2101.gif]

[Image: 2102.gif]

[Image: 2103.gif]

"So, is everything down here administrative stuff?"
"Er, or, everything that's SUPPOSED to be--"

"Not everything. But a lot of it, yes."

God, small talk is so awkward. What do you even say to him? He doesn't make it easy. Why did you agree to work with such a weirdo in the first place??

RE: Superego - Papers - 04-18-2016

Try to check his pockets when he's distracted

RE: Superego - Taylor - 04-18-2016

> So what else is supposed to be down here?
> Can this simulation run any other location or program?
> How many simulations have you run before?
> What are your thoughts about the state of this run?

> Grey: "Please stop asking so many questions."

RE: Superego - Benedict - 04-18-2016

(i absentmindedly read that last bit of narration as grey instead of sam and burst out laughing)

>"So, what do we do if there's something in the way?"

RE: Superego - Viridis - 04-18-2016

(04-18-2016, 04:41 AM)Benedict Wrote: (i absentmindedly read that last bit of narration as grey instead of sam and burst out laughing)

>"So, what do we do if there's something in the way?"

Haha, me too.

> Well, hey, at least you're trying to talk to people, right? It's probably gonna take some time to learn the ins and outs of it. Don't be so hard on yourself, for once.

RE: Superego - Cauchemar - 04-18-2016

Sam: "So, uh, saw any good movie recently?"

RE: Superego - PigFacedLady - 04-18-2016

> Bristle your fur defensively to ward off predators