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[Hermes]: Done for now! - Gimeurcookie - 11-11-2016

Technically the title is "The Tragedy of Hermes"

This is a messy topic at the moment, but this is where I will be posting all the speedtuna panels, as well as any extras that go with it!


Rules for me (The creator)
1. Speedtuna must be finished within 4 sessions (A month cycle) there are no if, ands, or buts. If I fail to finish the speedtuna in a month cycle, 1 of two things must happen, it must be tossed out and declared non canon, or everyone must die in the final hour. The latter is likely.

2. I am not allowed to plan any plot or set up any artwork until the speedtuna starts. Everything, plot, art, text, must be done in the speedtunas. The only thing that does not apply to this is the menu and character creation screen, as well as text boxes. I am also allowed to place minor game player text after a speedtuna session when it is posted.

3. Speedtunas must now stay as closely as possible to canon Fortuna rules as possible.

Rules for you guys (The crew)
1. Avoid spamming suggestions, also if a vote is called, please give in your vote, and then don't say anything else until the vote is over, this makes it easier for me to count it.

2. Please stay friendly with your fellow crew members! Everyone is on the same team so infighting is just silly.

3. If species suggestions are asked for, ONLY suggest species who are already in the cosmosdex OR have been approved to be in the cosmosdex but haven't been moved yet.

4. No starting a new game without beating the one running, no tutorials, no deleting the universe, but feel free to attempt to destroy it.

5. Understand that to keep up the speed of well, speedtuna, I might not go with suggestions that got the most 2nding, and might go with the one I saw first and though "Hey yeah that's a good one".

Here's some FAQs!

Q. What is a speedtuna?
A. A speedtuna is a speedrun of Fortuna, both in a game sense, and in a drawing sense. All the art is in the most bear-bones doodle format, so that we can get to the end of the game as soon as possible.

Q. When do speedtunas happen?
A. Speedtunas only happen if I get a certain amount on my patreon AND the donators vote to have speedtuna that month. Even though donators fund speedtuna, ANYONE is allowed to come, watch, and suggest for speedtunas. Speedtunas are open to all! Check the second post in this topic to see when the next speedtuna is!

Q. What are speedtunas like?
A. Over fast paced, a lot of people shouting suggestions, sometimes my internet shuts off in the middle of it it's great I'm telling you. Speedtunas tend to be a lot sillier in plot and characters as everything is yet again, made up on the spot.

If you have any other suggestions ask below.

RE: [Hermes]: Also Known as SpeedTuna - Gimeurcookie - 11-11-2016


It will be streamed over here!

RE: [Hermes]: Also Known as SpeedTuna - Gimeurcookie - 11-12-2016

[Image: YhUKwQQ.gif]

Today, you're going to speed run Fortuna for your channel. You're a causal speedrunner, normally people just watch because of how silly your games get, tending to dissolve in to madness after a few planets.

You haven't played Fortuna in awhile, so you're going to start small, keep it simple.

[Image: XXXV9Mc.gif]

You pick a Mors AI with an Athena ship. Should be interesting.

[Image: GvCAKkX.gif]

You head on to make your crew, putting in whatever you can think of quickly. No time to waste on crew building.

[Image: fwHZ3fw.gif]

[Image: 5PaD1tp.gif]

[Image: ZIGa7Zc.gif]

[Image: LmMmc6g.gif]

[Image: asHQFA4.gif]

Somnus is your patron, so you add in a Somnus so he can assist you.

[Image: yyq8jrI.gif]

Like the wind you finish up your crew.

[Image: TNlBpCV.gif]

You pick the amount of planets you want to run, and who you want to start as and press enter.

[Image: vJRDeLq.gif]

[Image: tJ88ZTB.gif]

[Image: xazBfSG.gif]

[Image: hUGWkyj.gif]

[Image: CeIGgXG.gif]

[Image: cOYsrwP.gif]

[Image: hKC7cX0.gif]

[Image: wwyCjtL.gif]

[Image: ybuFnjb.gif]

[Image: 6iUzvfL.gif]

[Image: L6KDJSP.gif]

[Image: M3Z6gIQ.gif]

[Image: D9AO3fH.gif]

[Image: LTuLovt.gif]

[Image: 4uW0HSt.gif]

[Image: 7s2Z5W7.gif]

[Image: YWdx3H9.gif]

[Image: 4UUvYe4.gif]

[Image: gZEYXTP.gif]

[Image: 4R82d2v.gif]

[Image: MVGp9d6.gif]

[Image: 01hEPEl.gif]

[Image: sLsUZxD.gif]

[Image: Sl3dTqh.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream NOV 18 7:00PM EST - GlowyMushroom - 11-12-2016

I made lil Ms paint pixel sprite things for the crew!

[Image: Psuatb8.png]
[Image: 6mXGDJj.png]
[Image: 2z5bqzB.png]
[Image: Yvhw9aO.png]
[Image: fjnW4MF.png]

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream NOV 18 7:00PM EST - BananaPanda - 11-13-2016

Well that was a fun stream, While sitting through it I thought I that I should make some doodles of it.

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream NOV 18 7:00PM EST - Gimeurcookie - 11-19-2016

[Image: 3I64oJi.gif]

[Image: XkXKjt5.gif]

[Image: 2kkxpBU.gif]

[Image: f5p1L72.gif]

[Image: CEVsU76.gif]

[Image: Jz7jYwY.gif]

[Image: OtTqUEL.gif]

[Image: 1x8ZVIm.gif]

[Image: tK8MzOi.gif]

[Image: GoypPvD.gif]

[Image: MmPen5r.gif]

[Image: RYlAold.gif]

[Image: j7QUULu.gif]

[Image: 7Yp9hhb.gif]

[Image: z3W3oBu.gif]

[Image: CY8S004.gif]

[Image: nmEB9ub.gif]

[Image: 5iyKcWl.gif]

[Image: 1F68I1g.gif]

[Image: Beb4JHO.gif]

[Image: nXllJSZ.gif]

[Image: 2soVnX0.gif]

[Image: KWK54NB.gif]

[Image: IDUxFdH.gif]

[Image: nCYl2vI.gif]

[Image: pVwzdnq.gif]

[Image: g3wNiTa.gif]

[Image: K4XiC7g.gif]

[Image: VNoxuKS.gif]

[Image: MydOIU1.gif]

[Image: BeS1Ugp.gif]

[Image: PNz59Je.gif]

[Image: kfFCwlQ.gif]

[Image: XUchpqS.gif]

[Image: aZxR0SG.gif]

[Image: 9z3YkKI.gif]

[Image: G8BOVcr.gif]

[Image: 9DrEBkf.gif]

[Image: GZCyWU9.gif]

[Image: pedCIYV.gif]

[Image: uvIgU3s.gif]

[Image: 6T6VYqf.gif]

[Image: qEu3UGK.gif]

[Image: 2xnmuFu.gif]

[Image: PLSv71v.gif]

[Image: BHsPVUS.gif]

[Image: efhkbwR.gif]

[Image: l8OV2w6.gif]

[Image: x107xgQ.gif]

[Image: 4LlsFlQ.gif]

[Image: UOGVuJA.gif]

[Image: WCMK4Sy.gif]

[Image: vDxnnsM.gif]

[Image: kWauIbd.gif]

[Image: 0lVSZgo.gif]

[Image: eX5kchS.gif]

[Image: 8h3c4KA.gif]

[Image: 3WJq2sc.gif]

[Image: Xd7HAAN.gif]

[Image: fvtW7hv.gif]

[Image: cK1q58S.gif]

[Image: JYIblc2.gif]

[Image: iTE1EJO.gif]

[Image: nxCzEXV.gif]

[Image: 1WUa9fY.gif]

[Image: 8FKXGEh.gif]

[Image: Z8rZuYY.gif]

[Image: MLSAeaN.gif]

[Image: FnqucqM.gif]

[Image: zRW2H0O.gif]

[Image: qoOxfgz.gif]

[Image: uuuRRPP.gif]

[Image: idFL4R3.gif]

[Image: o9fVVuQ.gif]

[Image: ZwrzYy5.gif]

[Image: 9NkZLmV.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream NOV 25 7:00PM EST - Gimeurcookie - 11-26-2016

[Image: VdFaBM9.gif]

[Image: 0lGqdw8.gif]

[Image: repHPFT.gif]

[Image: BptIxQf.gif]

[Image: UYlk8Cm.gif]

[Image: GC33f4P.gif]

[Image: i9J4v4X.gif]

[Image: VPhEn63.gif]

[Image: UwaP4No.gif]

[Image: cAr3tky.gif]

[Image: 0q7poM5.gif]

[Image: Gej7EVK.gif]

[Image: y8eUgxA.gif]

[Image: bG3L6nG.gif]

[Image: 5gD4IUx.gif]

[Image: wBW1ipK.gif]

[Image: pKvYt8u.gif]

[Image: FriRyRP.gif]

[Image: nniiRZo.gif]

[Image: gpl23wL.gif]

[Image: CYYR0n9.gif]

[Image: wKMvcNh.gif]

[Image: Wgf1KOg.gif]

[Image: fMTt4px.gif]

[Image: Ahnm2Vq.gif]

[Image: BwNhrQu.gif]

[Image: K5y8lgl.gif]

[Image: 1NnQalL.gif]

[Image: LjhM24D.gif]

[Image: IFL13l9.gif]

[Image: m1oR5wM.gif]

[Image: wKEvDbn.gif]

[Image: KjzzqRO.gif]

[Image: gufHuzE.gif]

[Image: MEqxs6W.gif]

[Image: OIBBAXI.gif]

[Image: NTAms5H.gif]

[Image: V2LRSyo.gif]

[Image: PBIIqjT.gif]

[Image: GkhTaDW.gif]

[Image: 61IJ7JD.gif]

[Image: VEEEzW5.gif]

[Image: ERwRGrB.gif]

[Image: cCqIcMe.gif]

[Image: N4j1Heg.gif]

[Image: Kq2AB4H.gif]

[Image: EDqLkXi.gif]

[Image: QX9Tz1L.gif]

[Image: nZKSjOZ.gif]

[Image: q086Ykf.gif]

[Image: i6VRbFg.gif]

[Image: 4iVJiop.gif]

[Image: KzR67WC.gif]

[Image: GZhjaBv.gif]

[Image: altjHF6.gif]

[Image: H1Lpd12.gif]

[Image: sx4BaVB.gif]

[Image: 8xXcLNk.gif]

[Image: OH4dcfn.gif]

[Image: DaV59p4.gif]

[Image: 7SrmLEC.gif]

[Image: qI3TkRz.gif]

[Image: sBb3E67.gif]

[Image: ctmupvN.gif]

[Image: CwgotoK.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: DEC 2ND, 7PM - GlowyMushroom - 12-02-2016

Shenanigans from the discord:
[Image: q2dhIu6.png]
[Image: CGcoq2E.png]

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-03-2016

[Image: 0ODsr0s.gif]

[Image: pBLIhg3.gif]

[Image: BuqKU4G.gif]

[Image: FScE4ly.gif]

[Image: jeje6IL.gif]

[Image: RuOXVIs.gif]

[Image: SqwdhUE.gif]

[Image: UMvcEYl.gif]

[Image: bTe0g36.gif]

[Image: CgqhLi6.gif]

[Image: Z8Cvrqf.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-03-2016

[Image: WPSMu4H.gif]

[Image: mR6Jcti.gif]

[Image: UFGGE7G.gif]

[Image: hiunTrT.gif]

[Image: Y9gL0aY.gif]

[Image: lfHTczx.gif]

[Image: aw0fq14.gif]

[Image: aSGofpE.gif]

[Image: OnLZtJW.gif]

[Image: qStvb2R.gif]

[Image: i91gfVZ.gif]

[Image: swMHgy6.gif]

[Image: wIMZKOx.gif]

[Image: a2I6aQA.gif]

[Image: dVws4rB.gif]

[Image: ThbtmHH.gif]

[Image: InQ0n02.gif]

[Image: A8IG7rj.gif]

[Image: 60xqa8h.gif]

[Image: h2lhwuy.gif]

[Image: RWq0k2e.gif]

[Image: FLUag7c.gif]

[Image: pJOEtaj.gif]

[Image: SkZ3EOK.gif]

[Image: zn4zxPF.gif]

[Image: BTFtcZT.gif]

[Image: oPFugAe.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream Friday at 7pm EST! - neferiusNexus - 12-03-2016

>Professor Salsafingers: Show them your rusty spoon collection. Oh how you love rusty objects.

...what, a creepy house filled with horses?! ...i can't be the only one who thought "Saladfingers season finale" xD

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream Friday at 7pm EST! - Wheat - 12-04-2016

okay so here's a possible plan:

1. we roomtrap helios
2. immediately ask why they're attacking us and we say we thought we were their friend, acting hurt and betrayed. this was the plan we agreed on last game, right? to meet up here? Or did... did you erase your memories again, helios? ;_;
3. we get helios to pet somnus, and either

4a. helios becomes a caretaker patron for somnus, and somnus is a therapy dog for helios. everyone is happy!!! or
4b. while helios is petting somnus and their guard is down, we push helios over somnus so that they stumble over onto a knife we secretly set up on the other side of somnus. helios falls onto the knife and dies with only enough time to feel how cruel and twisted this betrayal was. we take their power and get full knowledge of fortuna's ins and outs. taylor cries

RE: [Hermes]: Next Stream Friday at 7pm EST! - neferiusNexus - 12-04-2016

Seconding the room-trapping of the Helios and the therapy and the doggy and the happy. ^^

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

[Image: NsY3ySe.gif]

[Image: ceGgkJy.gif]

[Image: zD9zxIp.gif]

[Image: 0FUcgRI.gif]

[Image: CiYWwv2.gif]

[Image: BByCdb6.gif]

[Image: nwshPl4.gif]

[Image: 3EslSfv.gif]

[Image: OUzkUwQ.gif]

[Image: ZDQaLbp.gif]

[Image: EoU3MPN.gif]

[Image: skpCxk4.gif]

[Image: BWnIQHs.gif]

[Image: BkAaWSH.gif]

[Image: xo8cvWC.gif]

[Image: bgGhlgu.gif]

[Image: NP0XvhJ.gif]

[Image: lvKoWLY.gif]

[Image: p7GiQaP.gif]

[Image: naAmuVt.gif]

[Image: rycZfiw.gif]

[Image: uxEWSXt.gif]

[Image: U71NYBQ.gif]

[Image: xEjTOpU.gif]

[Image: bwECINA.gif]

[Image: iuKntZd.gif]

[Image: w4r6dIt.gif]

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Dorsidwarf - 12-10-2016

RIP Scruffney. Your poor navigational skills served ye... poorly.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

Taking up space so there can stop being so many pictures on the same page.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

More space taking look out we cannot be stopped.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

There's like 2 more spaces I need to take.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

I'll spread out the pages though this area.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

Or something like that.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

This should be the topper.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

Nope I'm totally wrong turns out I have to get to 25 or something.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

This is so gross and spammy but this is how life just works.

RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016


RE: [Hermes]: NOW - Gimeurcookie - 12-10-2016

To the next page and what not.