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Dating Sum - Reyweld - 04-20-2017

A server takes away your dishes, and leaves something behind. Your date looks across the table expectantly. In front of you, a bill:

Hamburger -     2.50
Hamburger -     2.50
Pop -           0.99
Water -         0.25
Birthday Cake - 8.79

TOTAL -         13.23

You sweat nervously. Should you say anything?

RE: Dating Sum - Myeth - 04-20-2017

>"Do you believe in the dark lord Cuthulu? If so, that's pretty hot."

RE: Dating Sum - Schazer - 04-20-2017

If the service and food was good: "Yeah, uh, I think they've undercharged us?" If the service sucked though just think "heck yeah two dollars off" and offer to cover the cost of dinner

RE: Dating Sum - btp - 04-20-2017

Yeah, you'll pay it.

It would have been nice if they didn't eat all of it themselves.

RE: Dating Sum - SC - 04-20-2017

> Pay for it, but only in obscure con-currencies that people on the Internet made up. It's alright. They'll understand.

RE: Dating Sum - typeandkey - 04-20-2017

>Panic and make a fool of yourself. Your terrified shaking threw the food everywhere.

RE: Dating Sum - Solekii - 04-20-2017

>Sing a beautiful ballad to distract everyone as you walk out without paying. But take your date's hand, make it romantic.

RE: Dating Sum - video - 04-21-2017

> Run out of the restaurant while the employees aren't looking.

RE: Dating Sum - Reyweld - 04-21-2017

You sigh, and pull out your wallet. Apparently, your date doesn't mess around when it comes to post-dinner snacks. Watching the two burgers fly down their hatch with an expeditious grace was suprising, and when the whole birthday cake arrived...

You wish you could have at least gotten some of the frosting.

At least you got two dollars off the meal. You considered pointing out the price to the server, but you already have to pay for something you didn't enjoy yourself.

"I'll pay for the meal."

You open your wallet and slap down some Moo-Lah.

Your date looks gracious and gives a small smile. The server, however, is miffed.

"Sorry, but we only take cash and debit."

You blink.


"We only take cash and debit."

You stare down at the white bills with black cows on them (some had brown cows, you had exact change). "I don't understand."

"Sir, I'm afraid we cannot accept this currency."

You start shaking. You didn't bring any real money with you. You had not planned for this detour.

The server clicks her tongue. "Am I going to have to call security, sir?"

You stand up, and the dishes in front of you fall to the floor and shatter. Every other patron looks up from their meals. Silence descends.

You sweat, and then, out of the blue (no not the server):

"♪ Do you believe in the dark lord Cuthulu? If so, that's pretty hot. ♫"

The catchy beginning of the second song in the famous musical "Tentacles for Two" sprung from your lips. The song captured the audience, server included.

You continue to sing as you pack up your things, pulling your date's chair out and holding them by the arm. The two of you dance to the doorway. Your date is flustered, but they look like their having fun.

"♪ It's not often that I say this and I know this heart's old rot, but if you know our darkest saviour... then you shouldn't be forgot! You're, hotttttttt~! ♫"

You bow out of the doorway, as applause descends on the crowd.

Your date smiles. They sign that the date was fun, even if you can't do simple maths. They're looking forward to a second opportunity. You 'walk' (read: run) them home(with no notable encounters) and say your goodbyes.

+10 with Jen Erik
-5 with ?????

+Singing Skill (I)
+Improv (I)
+Conning (I)


+2 Skill Points!
(spend them!)

You are sitting on the mattress in your apartment. It is getting dark. You are hungry, but you could also do with waiting until morning (as long as you have additional food).

RE: Dating Sum - Schazer - 04-21-2017

Spend skill points on Improbable Sleeping Postures and Spontaneous Musicals

RE: Dating Sum - typeandkey - 04-21-2017

>You think YOU'RE hungry? The beast under your bed is hungier.

RE: Dating Sum - Kaynato - 04-21-2017

Spend 5 skill points on Bad Maths.

RE: Dating Sum - Myeth - 04-21-2017

(04-21-2017, 02:41 AM)Schazer Wrote: Spend skill points on Improbable Sleeping Postures and Spontaneous Musicals

Yes to spontaneous musicals, preferably to the dark lord.

RE: Dating Sum - Tuesbirdy - 04-22-2017

Spend skill points on Spontaneous Musicals and Bad Maths.

RE: Dating Sum - Kíeros - 04-22-2017

> Eat the void

RE: Dating Sum - SC - 04-22-2017


RE: Dating Sum - Myeth - 04-22-2017

>eat the void of HELL