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ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

[3:04 AM] Loather
[Image: d3k3eF.jpg]

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

[3:06 AM] great: "Converting the teaching industry into a pure bit 2-part info exchange"

[3:07 AM] MrQBear: "Applying MMO Farming Techniques to Modern Actual Farming"

[3:07 AM] ☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆: how to use only one square of toilet paper
[3:07 AM] ☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆: and save the earth

[3:08 AM] MrQBear: "How to save the Earth with one square MILE of toilet paper"

[3:08 AM] great: "Disruptor on the Roof: Impact of Musical Theater on the Info Economy"

[3:10 AM] MrQBear: "Post-Modern Micro-Sociolological Economic Factors to keep in mind when applying for a job in our Modern-Parallel Macro-Technological Infomorphic World"

[3:10 AM] great: "Introversion and the Millenial Age Cohort: Why Shopping Malls are Empty"

[3:11 AM] MrQBear: "How Paint By Numbers can be applied to Surgical Techniques"

[3:11 AM] great: "The Bible 2.0"

[3:11 AM] DragonFogel: "Do You Have Enough Regrets In Your Life? Here's How To Get More"

[3:12 AM] great: "Why Stress Is Actually Millenials"

[3:13 AM] MrQBear: "The technlogical equivalent of puff pastry: How micro-wafer board-stack technology is going to advance us into the new age of Neo-Cyberism Cloth-Punk"

[3:14 AM] great: "Reimagining Your Ted Talk Titles Through A New Foundational Comedy Theory"

[3:14 AM] DragonFogel: "Millenials Are Standing On My Lawn Pointing At Me And Laughing"

[3:14 AM] thegreenspark: "Reinventing the Concept of Picking a Nickel Up Off the Floor"

[3:14 AM] Pharmacy: "Millennials stole my wife and ruined my crops"

[3:15 AM] MrQBear: "Ted Talk, TedX Talk, or Amusing Parody? : How to determine how interested you should be while also allowing for enough somber reflection to understand that some of these are fake."

[3:15 AM] great: "Pokemon...Stop? Why Stationary Gaming Is Actually Important"

[3:15 AM] DragonFogel: "Yelling At Your Inner Child To Get Off Your Lawn"

[3:16 AM] MrQBear: "Advanced New-Age Black Ops Technology and how it can be leveraged in your Modern Gastronomical Dining Vision"

[3:17 AM] thegreenspark: "The Thing That's Bothering You is a Scary Monster Metaphor and How to Overcome It (The Metaphor)"

[3:17 AM] MrQBear: "Not the monster. Overcoming the monster is in two hours with 'Slaying your inner demons for outer peace.'"

[3:18 AM] DragonFogel: "How To Enhance Your Vocabulary To Produce More Impressive TED Talk Titles"

[3:18 AM] great: "Neural Processing Techniques and the Evolution of Kindergarten Teaching Possibilities"

[3:18 AM] DragonFogel: "I Made Some Money, Here's How You Probably Can't Make Money The Same Way"

[3:18 AM] MrQBear: "Help, I'm stuck in a factory that is nesting these ideas together: The key is at the back door under a rock labeled 'please get me out of here' (I've run out of paper to eat for sustinence)"

[3:19 AM] great: "No Really, Trapping Kindergarten Children Inside a Virtual Prison and Making THem Solve Sliding Block Puzzles For 6 Hours A Day Until They Are Picked Up From School. The Parents Will Never Find Out."

[3:20 AM] MrQBear: New from TedJR. "How to convince your parents that enrolling you in the school that traps you in a virtual reality prison and 'forcing' you to play video games all day is a really bad idea because reverse psychology is the only way to get anything out of your parents when you are a child."

[3:21 AM] thegreenspark: "Selling Yourself Short: How to Commodify Not Being Tall"

[3:21 AM] great: "This Is Really Tron For Kids. They Must Deal With 3-D Colors, Letters, Numbers And Words That Fly At Them In A Frightening Manner And Assemble Them In An Acceptable Time Period Or They Will Experience Partial Defragmenting."

[3:22 AM] thegreenspark: "How Minecraft Revolutionizes the Way Kids Prepare for the Inevitable Skeleton War"

[3:23 AM] great: "A Hand Coming OUt of The Computer Screen: Get You A New Cyber Job"

[3:23 AM] great: "Is Reality All That 'Worth It'? Nah. Let's Play Second Life"

[3:24 AM] thegreenspark: "The Trolley Problem: Why I Think Trolleys are a Huge Problem"

[3:24 AM] great: "Life Hack: More Like Life Whack. Doing Things The Old Fashion Way"

[3:24 AM] DragonFogel: "Should You See This Talk? Yes Because Then I Get Your Money"

[3:25 AM] thegreenspark: "Youyous: Internet Jokes as a Form of Self Exploration"

[3:26 AM] thegreenspark: "Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Everywhere: How to Be Spared in the Solar Uprising"

[3:26 AM] Kaynato: I just had a short nap due to jet lag
[3:26 AM] Kaynato: And had the most amazing / bizarre dresm
[3:27 AM] Kaynato: i faced off robot lex luthor on a flying island made of a radio-shielded giant jellyfish corpse

[3:27 AM] DragonFogel: Okay, Kaynato wins, that's the best TED talk name.

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Whoa Shit I Just Downloaded a Ghoul. How Glitches Can Teach Us A New Way

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Making Your Dog Open Source

RE: ted talk titles - NotABear - 05-28-2017

"Putting all your eggs in one basket: Getting your ducks in a row: Doing something at the drop of a hat: Calling it a day: Crossing that bridge when you come to it: How to workshop idioms."

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

You Only Use 10% Of Your Brain, But You Could Make It An Easy 15 or 18 If You Wired Up To Big Data

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Say "Yes" to "Bread": A New Grain-Charity Paradigm For Today's Learners

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

How Napster Changed Everything. Nuff Said.

RE: ted talk titles - Dragon Fogel - 05-28-2017

"My Name Is Ted, Yours Can Be Too"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"World Peace Is None Of Your Business: I Talk About A Morrissey Song For 29 Minutes Without Stopping For Water Or Bathroom"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"The REAL Zodiac Exposed"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Why I Think That Racism Is Pretty Much Not For Me. Also Neural Networks

RE: ted talk titles - thegreenspark - 05-28-2017

"Pea-Podcasts: What We Can Learn When We Listen to Edamame for 45 Minutes at a Time"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Should Computers Be Allowed To Vote?

RE: ted talk titles - thegreenspark - 05-28-2017

"Drones. Are They Coming for You? Yes They Are."

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"Startups: It Only Takes A Few Hundo-Thou. Why Not Start One Today About Something Like, I Dunno, Solving Pollution?"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"Creativity. Creativity. Creative. Create. The One Difference Between Creativity People and People Who Aren't That"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"Inventing Tomorrow's Cat Today Through Annual Animal Divestments"

RE: ted talk titles - thegreenspark - 05-28-2017

TG Why F: The Science Behind Friday on Calendars

RE: ted talk titles - Loather - 05-28-2017

The Money Orangutan

RE: ted talk titles - Loather - 05-28-2017

The Money Orangutang

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

I Started A Cult!!!

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

Lessons From Watching All Thirty Six Seasons Of Doctor Who In One Sitting (And How Emulate My Glory)

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"Steve Jobs Steve Jobs Steve Jobs STEVE JOBS"

RE: ted talk titles - Wheat - 05-28-2017

"You're All Just Rats In A Maze. Nyeh"