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[mors] - Ap0ll0 - 09-15-2017

Spoiler :
All characters in this adventure use they/them pronouns unless otherwise shown. Comments and suggestions misgendering them will be ignored, and also make us very upset. You don't want that, do you? Of course you don't. Remember to pronoun responsibly.

[Image: Mk0MD9z.png]

[Image: CqyyQtR.png]

[Image: IK8pbVJ.gif]

RE: [mors] - Kíeros - 09-15-2017

> Find way to test loading screen's tip.

RE: [mors] - Wheat - 09-15-2017

press the buttons to go faster.

RE: [mors] - Artem1s - 09-15-2017


>load game

RE: [mors] - MaeShi - 09-15-2017

say the fuck word

RE: [mors] - Clockwork Dragon - 09-15-2017

Hold B. It'll give you a better chance of catching the Pokémon Sun God.

RE: [mors] - Apo11o - 09-15-2017

[Image: 7bWjYv8.png]

[Image: 3VDKDCN.png]

[Image: WfndWE6.png]

[Image: 3V32Xep.png]

[Image: HruGwGT.png]

[Image: XQAy7s1.png]

[Image: HaqCw3E.png]

[Image: iBbbu7N.png]

[Image: DihwBPQ.png]

[Image: p175JID.png]

[Image: 9ahb4rd.png]

[Image: fBk9rGT.png]

[Image: 9d7K5KG.png]

[Image: Kv4Tebv.png]

[Image: AZAc34F.png]

[Image: iyf0Bjz.png]

[Image: Ff04nM0.png]

[Image: bysQZeC.png]

[Image: SEgXFUI.png]

[Image: yLY4Fye.png]

[Image: 5nCCnty.png]

[Image: 4516yxH.png]

[Image: 1u4IR2p.png]

[Image: 6x5fqdh.png]

[Image: t56xf0j.png]

[Image: VLPvMC2.png]

[Image: 5cUuHdB.png]

[Image: 38sOZL6.png]

[Image: urgol1f.png]

[Image: qlEvnrw.png]

[Image: GXUerpP.png]

[Image: zFwtNfK.png]

[Image: nodo2dN.png]

[Image: LMMxTLi.png]

[Image: tFdDXcL.png]

[Image: ZEm7Ahd.png]

[Image: KD5HepB.png]

[Image: 6VXmWV4.png]

[Image: nGehFih.png]

[Image: n0qP8Jt.png]

[Image: Dt2Spsp.png]

[Image: Ig7m4Hb.png]

RE: [mors] - wiltingMyosotis - 09-15-2017

> Someone: Punch them in the FACE

RE: [mors] - Artem1s - 09-15-2017

>Who's this asshole?

RE: [mors] - [Robocoon] - 09-15-2017

>:3 back angrily to show dominance

RE: [mors] - Apo11o - 09-21-2017

[Image: d4n8A3n.png]

[Image: 5LzFiTA.png]

[Image: 0mrI3he.png]

[Image: umXdp8K.png]

[Image: cTW0GfA.png]

[Image: m8Vr5UD.png]

[Image: 0emAfdd.png]

[Image: w5lIPzA.png]

[Image: GUZA6iC.png]

[Image: vE3PAoo.png]

[Image: jRbvXys.png]

[Image: VV3n1Mh.png]

[Image: BhA0M0W.png]

[Image: pNwYuUI.png]

[Image: uvjWEcf.png]

[Image: lGkOBmu.png]

[Image: upqkhyl.png]

[Image: 4s1BFgE.png]

[Image: JXRIOXw.png]

[Image: 0FQAqet.png]

[Image: 8sNZdRK.png]

[Image: GwvMwut.png]

[Image: nC1QFcy.png]

[Image: d6241kp.png]

[Image: q5b5Kzr.png]

[Image: TxminZu.png]

[Image: 0sif4ul.png]

[Image: WNZXxaU.png]

[Image: wp00rJ9.png]

[Image: X15NGQ5.png]

[Image: 2M8zVCa.png]

[Image: ZMHUPpN.png]

[Image: WPKuiZA.png]

[Image: 8RelNDG.png]

[Image: UI8SCMA.png]

[Image: QVXq7Ny.png]

[Image: oOUaP7W.png]

[Image: PAsctx1.png]

[Image: ehed75B.png]

[Image: ia8KM1Z.png]

[Image: hE97Qg7.png]

Spoiler :
Just a helpful note to let you know that all new characters in this update use they/them pronouns!

RE: [mors] - Wheat - 09-21-2017

quid: this is it. now is the time you summon your courage and challenge them to a dune buggy drag race for keeps or even to the death

RE: [mors] - wiltingMyosotis - 09-21-2017

> quo + quid: you gotta go get fuel my dudes, but you gotta do it before they do
> in other words: [i]race to fuel[/i[ but don't tell bot and ai

RE: [mors] - [Robocoon] - 09-21-2017

(09-21-2017, 03:17 AM)wiltingMyosotis Wrote: > quo + quid: you gotta go get fuel my dudes, but you gotta do it before they do
> in other words: [i]race to fuel[/i[ but don't tell bot and ai

super secret race, we gotta do it while tip toeing

RE: [mors] - Artem1s - 09-22-2017

(09-21-2017, 03:17 AM)wiltingMyosotis Wrote: > quo + quid: you gotta go get fuel my dudes, but you gotta do it before they do
> in other words: [i]race to fuel[/i[ but don't tell bot and ai

race! race! race! race!

RE: [mors] - Ap0ll0 - 10-01-2017

[Image: fMqGuwH.png]
[Image: ZBV6ff3.png]
[Image: rmEWHqt.png]
[Image: X0Q66qW.png]
[Image: m1RKm3J.png]
[Image: kM2oRAe.png]
[Image: ZW4HyFG.png]
[Image: wGOaBFK.png]
[Image: lstDnQW.png]
[Image: 0FNARZk.png]
[Image: QDBdxRg.png]
[Image: 0aGyyGf.png]
[Image: zy1tfYy.png]
[Image: MjFDxq7.png]
[Image: VIy4wXy.png]
[Image: 4EE5AOc.png]
[Image: I7Dw36P.png]
[Image: pDmUzCr.png]
[Image: 6JQEHRl.png]
[Image: jvG0Dhu.png]
[Image: CXV1Y8l.png]
[Image: W6jR9Y9.png]
[Image: ISsiPkN.png]
[Image: LX8lBOo.png]
[Image: NYLhbPe.png]
[Image: D4YDZer.png]
[Image: kxKojn0.png]
[Image: arnYx54.png]
[Image: ePaLcsi.png]
[Image: b2wP7ks.png]
[Image: BISorjw.png]
[Image: Ig4kWww.png]
[Image: T6XzyHA.png]
[Image: 7RCKdfC.png]
[Image: TTgixT3.png]
[Image: 3OGmwov.png]
[Image: UYN0hK4.png]
[Image: lqGZcp7.png]
[Image: E0WZc2G.png]
[Image: e5JGOcE.png]
[Image: cQuBA8l.png]
[Image: zCCzl5K.png]
[Image: D37D6FZ.png]
[Image: IWKKht7.png]
[Image: NtDI5ab.png]
[Image: h6J4Mi6.png]
[Image: MUzuwH4.png]
[Image: K6DZgSW.png]
[Image: kIYFBhA.png]
[Image: 0pk8ORE.png]
[Image: jIz2fZ7.png]
[Image: gtLVhfw.png]
[Image: bA8our9.png]
[Image: OoW1d3C.png]
[Image: rcAwUCm.png]
[Image: KoVCpgx.png]
[Image: hSdlAiT.png]
[Image: JuAoKys.png]
[Image: AyK6F0b.png]
[Image: 1zT0via.png]

RE: [mors] - Wheat - 10-01-2017

>follow the death race so we can see people dying.

RE: [mors] - Clockwork Dragon - 10-01-2017


RE: [mors] - Artem1s - 10-01-2017

quid and quo!

RE: [mors] - [Robocoon] - 10-02-2017

>Quid n quo

slams hands upon table
death race!

RE: [mors] - Apo11o - 10-12-2017

[Image: BcjXX2S.gif]

[Image: abnJQHw.png]

[Image: BFu0bO8.png]

[Image: L7CksXP.png]

[Image: HyAYbNm.png]

[Image: jBSueRb.png]

[Image: VP3KZLU.png]

[Image: kD8BKeF.gif]

[Image: y7uJRdo.png]

[Image: Tyxk7kQ.png]

[Image: HDqlkfW.png]

[Image: 8rf7lU9.png]

[Image: 81sRcBv.png]

[Image: EZHNQ4s.png]

[Image: R2WikSB.png]

[Image: zpd4QVD.png]

[Image: i7nM9Dn.png]

[Image: JnzEFHG.png]

[Image: gAVIfs1.png]

[Image: 8lT4Xdl.png]

[Image: KEPyLQ0.png]

[Image: hsM1nrr.png]

[Image: qONYSLw.png]

[Image: SQSfW95.png]

[Image: 65xJGdR.png]

[Image: b2doWxT.png]

[Image: bOZWIQK.png]

[Image: Hgy1N41.png]

[Image: S5xHcYo.png]

[Image: EXNJHz3.png]

[Image: nedeiFu.png]

[Image: ltKGneG.png]

RE: [mors] - Artem1s - 10-12-2017

>interfere! interfere! interfere! interfere!

RE: [mors] - Wheat - 10-12-2017

interfere by throwing a shiny object in your inventory past the drakon while shouting "FREE SHINY!" and then while they are distracted buy the fuel right quicklike

RE: [mors] - [Robocoon] - 10-12-2017


RE: [mors] - awkwardcarapace - 10-14-2017

> Talk to the generic.
"Hello, fuel?"