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Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - spümpkin - 01-10-2018



Sand. Sand in your teeth, sand in your hair. Sand everywhere. You choke on it, rolling over. A great meal sand does not make. The shore laps at your hands, outstretched in pain. 1... 4.... 8, yes, all your fingers are still attached.

You move an inch and regret it immediately as pain wracks your body. Okay, not quite yet.

The water licks at the top of your hair. You think there might be some seaweed in there too. You turn your neck, as the rust fades in loud cracks. Looking upwards, you see the ocean. Looking forwards, the sky. Something is circling you, far far above. In fact, it's probably circling the clouds above rather than you.

Your knees make horrid sounds as you stretch your legs out ahead of you. Hm. It seems something took your boots. A shame, truly. You liked those boots. They were your only pair.

...Not that that matters now. Your stuff is probably scattered throughout this beach, if not somewhere deep in the ocean. You feel your clothes clinging to your body, however, which is a relief. They might be a bit tattered, but you're decent.

You suddenly rush to your left side, and breathe a sigh of relief to find your PDA there. Without it you'd never make it off this accursed island.

You hear a long beep, and your spirits sink once more.

Of course it's out of batteries.



Lying here, in the sand, is probably the least productive thing you can do. May as well get on with it. Slowly standing, you stretch all your limbs, wiping grime off your metallic shell. Looking in your vicinity, you pick up your cap. Must've fallen off.

It even has your name on it!

And that is...?


RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - kilozombie - 01-10-2018

Oyte. Most people think it's something nonsensical that's been placed on your hat as a joke, and then get all awkward when you say your name out loud.

This is one reason you don't like being around people.

This is one reason you left.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Wheat - 01-10-2018


RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Myeth - 01-10-2018

Ur name is Bumble. It isnt your real name but your real name sucked so you just took this one from one of your favourite superheros, Captain Bumble, Bee necromancer and the buzz of the 76 seas

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - NotABear - 01-10-2018

Douglas. It's a plain name, but it's yours. In a world full of names that have numbers in them, or are verbs, or just plain incomprehensible, you have a fairly plain name. So you had it put on your hat.

Which is a shame that everybody just Calls you Hatty and that's what's written on all your ID now as a result. Nuts.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - spümpkin - 01-10-2018

Ah yes, that's right! Your name is Bumble, and you remember that because your hat has a little bee on it. It's very cute, and contrasts the black of the cap otherwise.

Donning it, you remember how people used to call you names when you had "Bumble" on your hat. They assumed you meant the verb, not the cute insect, and thus called you a bumbling fool. Whatever, you're far from them now. A new life, this was supposed to be...

Your introspection is cut short by more shinies, and clunking further down the beach you find two very important things, your ID Card and your weapon. Without those you would be defenseless, from both the rules of society and rampaging monsters.

Your ID is a little faded, though... You can barely make out the details:

Name: Bumble 'Hatty' B.
D.O.B.: ˤ/ϗϗ/ЖД
Serial No.: 00-13

There's also a photo of you that was taken just before your voyage. It's a little dirty though, and scrubbing it off you see... your face. What a surprise.

Well, with that over with, you can get to testing out your weapon once more. You haven't trained very much, leaving service Ϩ months ago. You do, however, possess a skill of some kind, and you're awfully proud of it.

Now to just remember how to do it...

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RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Myeth - 01-10-2018

>Very androgynous, with a face thats neither too feminine or masculine.
>Weapon is a small beehive shaped keyring that you hang on your buckle at all times. To activate it, you must at first make a very quiet buzzing noise, slowly getting louder and louder (which may attract enemies), and the beehive will grow in size. Size depends on how loud you can go. the larger it is, the more bees emerge, but more bees will be harder to control than a smaller amount, though they are useful for large attacks.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Lordlyhour - 01-10-2018

>No Face. You traded it away to an entity from outside time for... something. YOu can't remember what it was, exactly. You were very, very drunk at the time. You're Sure that it wasn't just something to eat. You are almost 98% certain!
>A Small Gremlin that lives in your clothing. It's very good at taking things apart and getting into places it isn't supposed to, but yours isn't very well behaved (most aren't) or terribly well trained. It can Disassemble Most Machinery Easily. This includes yours.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - FlanDab - 01-10-2018

>You have three sharp triangular horns that point backwards, orange eyes that faintly glow, mouth filled very sharp teeth, and several small spikes that grew in the sides of your head. Though, you always had doubted that your face still looked like those in the pictures; you always grown abnormally fast. People always assume that you're twice your age.
>Your weapon had always been your arms and claws. You've always been abnormally strong for someone skinny. Whatever you kill or wound with your claws and then die, you get some of their skills and abilities.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - kilozombie - 01-10-2018

You use your weapon non-lethally, regardless of its actual form. Throughout life, it's always felt easier to capture monsters and make them your friends than actually... make friends, out in the 'real' world.

You've always seen killing as wrong.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - ☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ - 01-10-2018

you're aaron carter with a glock

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - SeaWyrm - 01-10-2018

You have the face of a seal pup.

Your weapon is rad. That is to say, your weapon is the radiation that constantly spills from the power reactor in the center of your left bicep. You can sort of direct it in a 270 degree arc by flexing.

Your skill is origami.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - spümpkin - 01-12-2018

Your ID photo was as awkward as anyone else's, probably magnified by the fact that you do not possess many facial features. In fact, you only possess a large mouth lined with very sharp teeth, the rest you traded away for... who knows what, really. You can still function just fine, but most people get unnerved at the empty space where your eyes should be. Your large sunglasses (which you still haven't found...) solve most of those problems, but you still don't have a nose. Your hair also looks like garbage in this photo. Although it's probably not any better now, you run your hands through your mid-length spiky black mop, pulling out a large chunk of debris when you do.


Pocketing your ID card, you grab the glowing, beehive-esque sphere from the ground and affix it to the empty socket in your bicep. It squishes down as to not be a nuisance, but when you flex it bees begin to pour out in large quantities, buzzing and stinging foes. You have trained them to obey your commands, however, so they will only kill if you desire it, or if the enemy is allergic to bees, you suppose.

You also practice your skill, which you activate by buzzing loudly when you have bees summoned, and you command them to join together to make Bee-Constructs. You don't really know exactly how to do it, but making different sounds and tunes tends to get different results.


You feel ready to take on this island, now. Or at least find some proper clothes, and potentially a friendly face. Heading out from the beach and into the jungle, the thick brush crunching underneath your weight. The sound seems like a tactical curse, and as you enter a clearing to find a beast poised to strike, you affirm that suspicion.

The creature is a little bigger than you, standing at around 6ft tall on it's hind legs. It seems to be a cross between a crocodile and a wolf, with a reptilian lower half and a patchy fur-covered upper. It's maw is long like a crocodile's, and filled with vicious canines that don't all fit. It's body isn't bulky, although it has fairly broad shoulders leading down to it's reptilian legs and tail. As it's eyes dart across you and it's claws unfurl, your hit by a massive roar, and a horrid stench. Hygiene doesn't seem to be a priority for this one.

The beast lunges at you, but you manage to evade in time.

Looks like you're going to be fighting it now, though.

Status - OK

Status - FINE

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RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - ☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ - 01-12-2018

juke it so it runs into the ocean, drowning itself

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Wheat - 01-12-2018

"Hey, do you want to get stung by bees? It'd probably be a mild annoyance for you, so back off....."

get a bunch of sand to throw in its eyes so you can run off

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - wiltingMyosotis - 01-12-2018


RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Myeth - 01-12-2018

(01-12-2018, 01:06 PM)wiltingMyosotis Wrote: »and this is where we DO A SICK 360° FLIP AND DROP KICK IT IN THE LEGS!!!. BELIEVE IN YOUR FAR SUPERIOR PHYSICAL SKILLS. MAKE IT TRIP AND ALL THAT


RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - FlanDab - 01-12-2018

(01-12-2018, 01:15 PM)Myeth Wrote: »
(01-12-2018, 01:06 PM)wiltingMyosotis Wrote: »and this is where we DO A SICK 360° FLIP AND DROP KICK IT IN THE LEGS!!!. BELIEVE IN YOUR FAR SUPERIOR PHYSICAL SKILLS. MAKE IT TRIP AND ALL THAT



RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - spümpkin - 01-13-2018

In a second, the scene accelerates. You hop to the side as it charges past you and fells the trees in it's path.

"Hey, do you wanna get stung by bees?"

As you yell your taunt, the beast spins and lunges at you once more. Grabbing dirt, you throw it into the beast's eyes as it spins out of control. You run towards the beach where you came, but the beast catches you before you can. It only clips you with it's elongated claws, but they leave a vicious tear on your shirt and knock you down.

It towers above you on the ground, and your face is dripping with saliva by the time it's mouth is grabbed by two gloved hands. Stuck for a moment, the beast makes a guttural sound as it attempts to roar.

"Quick, kill it!"

You barely hear the voice as you leap off the ground with a back-flip, kicking the beast in the jaw with both your feet as you come up, dazing it. A kick to the head is all it takes to knock the thing out cold, and with the threat dispelled you see your mysterious savior.

A humanoid dressed in some sort of blacksmith's garb, with dark skin and flowing black hair. They wipe their hands on their apron, and offer a gloved shake.

"Hi there. The name's Frei. I heard a commotion 'round these parts and decided to check it out. Never seen you before though. What's your name?"


RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - FlanDab - 01-13-2018

The name's Bumble, but you can call me Poe.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - Myeth - 01-13-2018

"Uh, hey! Name's bumble, wus' yours though?"

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - ☆ C.H.W.O.K.A ☆ - 01-14-2018

john jacop jingleheimer schmidt

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - spümpkin - 01-15-2018

(01-13-2018, 08:34 AM)Myeth Wrote: »"Uh, hey! Name's bumble, wus' yours though?"

"Bumble, huh? Interesting name. Though I s'pose I'm not one to talk, huh? Anyway, I'll be heading back to my house for the night... You seem friendly enough. Want to come with?"

There is little hesitation as you follow behind them. You could really go with some food... or even just some new pants.


After some time you arrive at a humble cabin far into the jungle. The salty sting in the air is gone, and you sense something far earthier here. Frei guides you into the building, which is a fairly simple place. There is a table, one chair, and a large furnace covering the rest of the house. An outhouse outside answers your immediate thought, although you're still left a little concerned.

"Make yourself at home! I'll just be attending to my business, shout if you need something."

And with that, Frei pulls herself into the furnace, disappearing as she does so. You're not sure whether this is normal or not.

You gaze out the window for a while, and realize you're higher than you imagined. You appear to be on a slight hill in the middle of this dense jungle, and you manage to make out a plume of smoke to the north. Aside from that the only notable object is the... formidable gigantic tortoise out in the ocean.

It seems to be about the size of a continent, and doesn't seem to be moving. How curious.

"-y were you even...... no, no, you listen......goddammit."

Something seems to be talking, although they definitely aren't Frei. You can't make it all out... but they're near enough for you to hear.

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - NotABear - 01-15-2018

Let's be fair. Eavesdropping isn't cool. But you're stuck somewhere you don't really know, with nothing to your name but an unpowered PDA, an ID, and your beecep.

. . . Nice tortoise.

Is there a way you can eavesdrop without looking super obvious about it when Frei comes back? Admire the view closer to the voice(s?)?

RE: Monster Island: Explore - Act 1 - SeaWyrm - 01-15-2018

Poke your head into the furnace and see what the heck is in there.