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Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-11-2018

I'm doing another game jam just for funsies. The theme is "Unnecessary Sequels", so I'm making Chess 2, naturally.

It's going to be inspired thematically by Pac man 2, which was a sidescrolling adventure game, for some unknown reason...

[Image: hqdefault.jpg]

Mechanically, it's probably going to be like The Lost Vikings, so the different pieces will have different platforming abilities, and they've got to work together to protect the king piece, and capture the enemy king piece.

[Image: 1179910-3341.jpg]

I haven't started work on anything yet, but I'm going to log here any new developments.

RE: Chess 2 - Reyweld - 07-11-2018

Are you going to make all the characters expendable save the King?

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-11-2018

(07-11-2018, 10:06 PM)Reyweld Wrote: ยปAre you going to make all the characters expendable save the King?

Yes, the current plan is to have one bishop, one knight, one rook as playable characters, in addition to the king. Maybe there will also be levels with a playable queen. You will only lose if the king dies, and you can collect pawns to promote into any missing pieces.

RE: Chess 2 - Reyweld - 07-11-2018

Maybe smash 7 will add Rook from Chess 2

RE: Chess 2 - Dragon Fogel - 07-11-2018

So what were you thinking for abilities?

Seems pretty obvious to have jumping as one of the knight's specialties, and the rook seems like it could be good as a mobile platform (like Olaf's shield).

RE: Chess 2 - Reyweld - 07-11-2018

You could have pawns be like lemmings walking towards their demise that you can save

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-11-2018

For abilities, I want to keep roughly the shape of the original movesets.

The king has a dagger that can attack in any direction.

The rook will be blocky in design, and has a tower shield that it can position forward or up (or down for surfing?), which can block attacks. Maybe can also throw the shield in a straight line.

The bishop will be angular in design, and will either be able to shoot beams of energy diagonally, or perform diagonal dashes.

The knight is probably going to be a guy with a horse head. Can jump and stomp on enemies.

This is all hypothetical, I haven't got into the actual programming or character design.

RE: Chess 2 - Electrum - 07-12-2018

I heard that Chess 2 already sincerely exists.

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-12-2018

I've also heard this, so I'm going to need a distinguishing suffix.

How about

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-13-2018

Made some piece mock ups. I'm going to work on movement and abilities before I draw them for real.

[Image: JlrUopo.png]

I'm going with black pieces for now. Maybe later there will be two campaigns, one for each side.

RE: Chess 2 - FlanDab - 07-13-2018

You know, for some reason, it makes me think Chess 2 would be a turn-based game.

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-14-2018

[Image: OAoXZhC.png]

Still working on abilities, but you can switch between the three characters, and the rook has a shield that can act as a platform and block movement.

Should I make the rook extra large?

[Image: m6PGnTt.png]

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-15-2018

[Image: lwzcxBV.png]

Did a bit of work on the character concepts.

RE: Chess 2 - Mirdini - 07-16-2018

nice chess

RE: Chess 2 - Mirdini - 07-16-2018

More seriously: Big Rook is pretty cool conceptually, and it might also mean you can have sections where you have to send the knight/bishop in because the rook's too large to fit?

Bonus thought: Having to set up Big Rook to hold the line somewhere while bishop/knight get work done somewhere else

RE: Chess 2 - a52 - 07-16-2018

You should add little (non-colliding) crenellations to the top of the rook, so it looks more like a castle.

RE: Chess 2 - Joe Starman - 07-23-2018

[Image: YobSezb.png]

New king character. Not sure if I should keep the goofy proportions, or make the legs taller.

RE: Chess 2 - Krill - 11-05-2018

I really dig the concept. Though maybe the aggressive look on the chesspieces is a bit off. They see, out of placewith the blue skies and soft coloured rocks.