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The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [Round 6: Tidal Cove] - Pinary - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Pinary.

In a small, out-of-the-way way pocket universe, a single screen flickered to life, casting eerie shadows on the contraption in which it was entangled. Another came on, and another, and soon there were dozens of screens of varying sizes and brightnesses, all shining in towards a single viewer.

These screens, suspended amid a tangled mess of cables stretching up into the blackness, all bore different information to the occupant of the chair. Programs were initializing, systems were coming online, and links were being formed. Slowly, gradually, things were coming into place.

After a brief eternity, something broke the silence: a voice. There were no obstacles to obstruct it, so it rang out crisp and clear, not echoing or fading away.

"Gentlemen," it came, slow and purposeful, each syllable carefully and deliberately crafted to convey an equal mix of disdain and respect. "It begins."

There was anticipation there, the sort of hunger one feels when they order a particularly fine dessert that they can't wait to savour. The Controller leaned back, steepling his fingers before his face.

"Bring me subjects..."

"...for the Gradual M<font size="5">assacre."


Welcome to the Gradual Massacre, Battle 4 of Season 2 of The Grand Battle. I'm sure you've heard of Grand Battles before, and in function, this one will be no different. (If you haven't participated in one before, read the complete introduction and rules from the original.) The characters, of course, will be entirely original creations, and they will have no knowledge of this battle. Each round, you will compete with the other authors, and each round, the character whose author did the worst will be killed. Each round will take place in a new and different location.

I have arbitrarily decided on a 2.5-hour reserve limit. Multiple concurrent reserves will not be allowed.

Character Sheet:
Name: What should we call them?
Gender: "Yes please" is not an acceptable answer.
Race: What species are they?
Text Colour: Remember, readability. Try to avoid eyerapey colours. (No Bold #C84000 for you.)
Biography: Who are they? What have they done in their life? Where were they when they vanished into thin air?
Description: What do they look like? How do they act? What are their motivations?
Items/Abilities: What do they have with them? Do they have any special powers? Why were they chosen for this fight to the death?

Schazer: The Countess - #808080 (profile)
cyber95: Pluck - #804000 (profile) - DEAD TWICE
MrGuy: Holly Tallbirch - #BF0040 (profile)
Godbot: Ouroborous - #004400 (profile)
Hijack: Lucas Maxl & Co. - Bold #BFxxxx (profile) - EATEN
Ixcalibur slipsicle: Thane - #008000 (profile) - BURNED
Keerutaja: Sir Arnold Scarlet - #FF4000 (profile) - WISHING HE WERE DEAD
whoosh!: Acacia Skammer - #800080 (profile) - PLAG'D
MalkyTop: Algernon - #3B4990 (profile)

(Yes yes, 9 slots. Don't worry about it. All in good time.)

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - Robust Laser - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by cyber95.

Name: Pluck
Gender: Male
Race: Werewolf
Text Colour: #804000
Description:[Image: pluckline.png]
Personality-wise, he's a bit of a jerk. Not a fan of killing innocents, but what he deems innocent is up to him. Totally up for causing havoc, though. Always fun.

Items/Abilities: Can take whatever his target is thinking of at the time, and make it real, assuming it can manifest into a physical thing. Sorry, Sally, your dream of world peace is going to need somebody else. Incidentally, he can't read minds, so it's often a crapshoot. It also doesn't work on himself.
He also keeps a dagger and revolver concealed in his trenchcoat. The dagger he can use pretty good, and while he does know how to use the gun properly, he's not that great with it.

Biography: Pluck was born a healthy human child, Peter Lind Contour. Life for him was overall unremarkable until age 7, when he discovered his ability. He was at a friend's house, watching some giant robot anime with him, when he accidentally used his ability on his friend. On a related note, he wasn't allowed over to his friend's house again after that. Within the year he had learned exactly what his ability was, and started using it on a regular basis, usually for personal gain.
When he was 13 years old, his power created a werewolf. He got bitten, and that explains that. For the next three years he struggled with his lycanthropic form, at first doing the whole 'lock self up in room to prevent mindless killing' bit, but his wolfyness gradually came out more often, until he was a lycanthrope for every day except the full moon. He still went to school with this, but overall, nobody felt it too strange. After all, since he gained his power, there had been plenty of stranger things anyway.
He graduated high school after just turning 18, and quickly within a few months managed to get in trouble with the mafia. Whenever he used his power to get more wealth, somebody was there to take it from him, and a year later, sick of it all, he came up with a plan to kill the Don, and succeeded. For the next five years he spent his life on the road, keeping away from the angry mafiosos who were looking for him. Eventually, he was cornered, with nobody's mind nearby to pull something useful from. Backed into one room, ready to be defeated, he was pulled into this game, for better or worse.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

I've half a mind to enter this.

And by half a mind, I mean I'm probably going to anyways. You just got reSERVED motherfuckers

EDIT: Oh, and Cyber, I don't care if it's not an anime, but he had better have been watching Iron Giant.

Because that is the best movie.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - Ixcaliber - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Ixcalibur.

Name: Thane
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Old One
Text Colour: Dark Green
Biography: Thane is the son of a great hero called Pery. Pery had been born into a time of great oppression by a Dark Overlord, who ruled over the kingdom, oppressing and controlling all. He trained and became a great warrior and eventually destroyed the Dark Overlord and dismantled his Dark Empire freeing the people from his psionic grasp. He was praised by the people and held in regard as one of the greatest heroes ever. Eventually he fell in love and had a son, Thane.

Thane spent his life living in his father's shadow. He sought to prove that he was just as much a hero as his father had been. He trained hard, becoming a great warrior, an average psion and frankly a mediocre magic-user. He grew resentful of his father, for he would never have an opportunity to live up to his momentous reputation. No matter how hard he trained, how much he pushed his body and mind he would never accomplish anything like what Pery had, simply because the land had been rid of the great evil that had plagued it. Though he was to be a great hero he would have no great villain to fight. The world was at peace and would have remained so for a long time had Thane not done what he inevitably did. At some point he came to believe that if there was no great villain for him to fight, or no great evil for him to right then he would have to create one himself. He planned to bring about an evil so awful that in it's defeat he would finally overshadow his father.

He delved into the dark arts, learning more and more, planning to summon forth greater evils with every page he read. He would show his father that he was not worthless, he would show the entire world how capable a fighter he was. He would save them all, just like his father had, only better. Eventually he had decided. He collected the equipment and the reagents he would need to carry out a very old ritual. The ritual required a sacrifice of power and he saw no better option than his own father, the hero of the entire land who would have to die so that it could be saved again anew. He took this equipment and his father, under false pretence to an old stone circle where reality was weak and there he carried out the ritual and opened a way into the world for the Great Old One Yt'hroloth. The terrifying abomination, as tall as a building, was made of flesh and bone and rotting sinew, his body was adorned with countless faces of the dead. Countless disgusting tentacles probed the stone circle feeling this way and that. Old dead eyes as large as his head stared blankly at him and scores of mouths opened up to address him.

Thane tried to reason with the Old One, to strike a bargain that Thane would allow Yt'hroloth to become feared and powerful before he would strike it down. The Elder God laughed in his face and reached out with it's mind and made Thane it's vessel. It twisted and corrupted his body to resemble the Old Ones. It took control of him, leaving his mind intact so that he could see the horror that he had wrought upon the world and to experience the abominations that Yt'hroloth would, with his own body, commit. Yt'hroloth placed a part of it's mind permanently inside him, to control him as his dark lieutenant, and sent him off to wage war upon the world. It is years later, when Yt'hroloth has all but conquered Thane's world that Thane mysteriously vanishes, even from Yt'hroloth's sphere of comprehension.

Description: Thane's body is twisted and disgusting. His head is unnaturally shaped, his mouth gone and replaced by a couple of long prehensile tentacles. His eyes are black and stare vacantly, his nose is flattened out into just a pair of nostrils on his pallid white face, he is completely bald, his hair long since torn out in angry white clumps. He wears nightmare black and dark green plate armour and carries a corrupted soulsword (a blade from his world, bound to the one for whom it was forged, was corrupted when he was taken over by Yt'hroloth), this shows physical signs of being corrupted; a dark green taint and unnatural curve in the blade.

Items/Abilities: Thane carries a corrupted soulsword which is very proficient with. He has reasonable psionic abilities to cause people to see nightmarish visions or drive them slowly insane. He communicates telepathically.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Keerutaja.

Name: Sir Arnold Scarlet
Gender: man
Race: human
Text Colour: is this good?
Biography: He was a knight in King Arthur's court. He was sent on an a quest to slay a dragon, and on the way he was nearly hit by a strange meteor. When he went to look at it, he touched a strange goop, which made him immortal. He had to move from place to place every few years so people didn't see how he didn't age. He lived to modern times, and he has an apartment in Seattle. He's a cop instead of a knight but he still maintains his principles oh honor and protecting the innocent. He was on patrol when he vanished.
Description: He is tall and strong, and he has a beard. He stopped wearing his armor to become a cop but he wouldn't give up his sword so they let him take it with him. He always wants to do the right thing and help people who need it.
Items/Abilities: He has a sword and a gun. He heals very fast and doesn't age.

(I hope I did this right [img]images/smilies/icon_redface.gif[/img] I've never done one of these before)

Edit: Is this better??

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

Name: Lucas Maxl (The Vessel)
Name: Wrath
Name: Envy
Name: Greed
Name: Lust

Yeah, I went there. I went there.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - whoosh! - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by whoosh!.

Name: Acacia Skammer, of 3rd Eden Division

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Text colour: #800080

Biography: When the world collapsed under the weight of numerous, terrible ecological disasters Acacia swore to return the world to a stable state and elevate it to the Eden that humanity had always dreamed of. She was a skilled botanist that was part of what came to be the Last Sanctum, a group of the scientific elite that shared Acacia's dream. They started with pure intentions, but as the years wore on they grew more brutal and believed anyone left alive in the wide world were little more than an animals. Most had succumbed to the plague that had accompanied the impending disasters of the world's pre-apocalyptic years, some remained alive but diseased or insane and very few indeed were what could be classed as normal anymore.

The Last Sanctum responded by arming their scientists with increasingly advanced weaponry as they went out into the world. All of it complied to rules initially created to protect the people of the world that could be saved, but their use completely missed the point. Every day unfortunates would be tortured and maimed for no reason other than being in the way of the Sanctum's forces. Acacia was among these, her worldview gradually becoming more and more twisted and her inherent sadism growing swiftly.

Acacia Skammer was part of the group of botanists creating a sealed Eden that, in theory, only those proved to be free of the plague would be allowed to enter. She worked on breeding 'superplants', such as those that had a greater intake of carbon dioxide, offered greater benefits to humans when consumed or produced incredible amounts of produce. She was in the Eden when she vanished into thin air. Her colleagues assumed that the sealed off land had been breached by the 'plags' and responded by going on a hunting spree.

Description: Acacia is a slight woman of average height with dark hair cropped to a stubble and pock-marked skin from a pox she caught when she was younger. Her eyes are grey and initially disarmingly friendly. She smiles and laughs with above-average frequency, but stick around and you'll start to notice small signs that something's not quite right about her. The occasionally unfocused eyes, smiling at the wrong moment and her intent observation of others, to name a few. She's fast and agile, but most of the time you won't even hear her due to the effects of her boomer. That can get a little creepy too.

But she'll stay friends with you right up 'til the moment you stop being useful. Then she doesn't care what you think, only how much you'll squeal when she breaks your legs. Fortunately she gets bored her victims fairly quickly and she doesn't always go far enough to kill her playthings. She only cares about getting as much as she can out of people, be it help or fun.

She normally wears the uniform of the Last Sanctum, which consists of a long white jacket that buttons up to side, covering a Kevlar vest and other armoured pieces. Her shoes are steel-capped boots pitted with use and the rest of her outfit is made up of loose and comfortable clothing designed to be waterproof, fire-resistant and tear-proof. She also wears the steel collar of the 3rd Eden Division (useful for when the plags try to slit your throat).

Items/Abilities: She, like all of the members of the Seventh Sanctum, swore not to harm any people, but in truth was equipped with a standard issue 'boomer' (artifial voicebox that links into her metal collar, where it can be emitted through speakers in the steel) that could manipulate sonic sound waves to deter, torture and deafen others. It can also cloak small noises she makes and allow her to see in a similar way to a bat. However, she was surgically deafened so she would not be harmed by the effects of her boomer and as such she cannot hear anything. She can register the sound waves from her boomer as they are received and sent straight to her brain, but this only allows her to use her bat sight. She is also skilled with a stout hand pistol used for 'mercy killing'.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by snoomanwaff.

Tenatively reserved.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - MalkyTop - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by MalkyTop.

Name: Algernon. (Please don't call him Algy, he's heard it before and it's not funny. Nor are jokes about mice.)
Gender: Male. Definitely.
Race: Boring ol human. Also has a huge, red worm gnawing on his skull.
Text Colour: #3B4990, derp derp
Biography: Algernon lived a happy childhood with his younger sister, which means, of course, something bad happens. His parents divorced when he was seven and while he stayed with his dad, his sister went with his mom. While he was a little unhappy with that, he lived with it. And then a few years later, the apocalypse happened. Okay, that's an exaggeration. Earth was simply pelted with some meteors (meteorites? I keep confusing them) that seemed to carry a bunch of space worms, all of them rather unique. The worms started latching on to certain people and these people gained great power and so on. The worms in turn fed off of them in some way. Of course, chaos ensued and those without space worms went into hiding while those with started forming gangs and started territory wars and blah blah blah. Algernon's dad died eventually, caught in the middle of one of the said wars and so he started wandering around to look for his sister. Algernon got a wormy pal while scavenging around in a city for some food. Opening a trashcan, the thing jumped him. He doesn't really mind it, though it is a little itchy.
Items/Abilities: Algernon doesn't really have anything much besides the worm on his head and a gun that he never bothered to load. The ability lent to him by the worm is the ability to create pretty much anything, but as soon as he uses it, the worm starts eating his memories, which he'd really like to keep, thank you very much. He usually uses it to create bullets (normal or otherwise) because he usually could just dismiss them as soon as they shot someone and thus use up the least amount of memories.
Description: Algernon is pretty filthy. An apocalypse does that to you. The worm covers most of his black hair, but it still peeks out (long hair yaaaay). He is covered with dirt and quite grimy. He wears a faded navy blue turtleneck under a blue vest and very worn jeans. His sneakers are pretty holey. He is pretty scrawny and pale, though it's hard to tell under all the dirt. He wears a silver locket that has a picture of his sister in it. Algernon is not exactly a violent person. He's more of a diplomat type. And although he is very determined to get back to his sister again, he tends to find himself helping all sorts of people. He's a sucker for sob stories. He's rather laid back and friendly. He doesn't like to rely on his power, instead trying to use some quick thinking and leaving the whole 'creating' thing as a last resort.


Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - Dragon Fogel - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Dragon Fogel.

Pinary Wrote:Reserved - Schazer
...You're in three out of four so far this season?

Just how many are you planning to enter?

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

Hey, these are pretty fun, though, so there is reason to it (I hope). This one is my second this season, personally.

I mainly find it fun because I don't usually get far enough into it where it begins to become a pain to write. [img]images/smilies/pc_chummy.gif[/img]

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..


Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Apply Within! ] - Woffles - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Wojjan.

Can I get a reserve?
Apparently not! Have fun you guys!

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - Pinary - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Pinary.

Jegus, that was fast. Just a quick issue to clear up:

Hijack and Keerutaja, your text colours overlap, and since the point of them is to differentiate players, I'd like to avoid that. I'll let you two work out who's keeping what.

One the remaining reserves are claimed and that issue's dealt with, we can begin. I didn't expect this fast a reaction, though, so there will likely be something of a delay before we begin while I write up the intro.

(And Hijack, I think something needs to be alive before it can die. [img]images/smilies/pc_pranky.gif[/img] )

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - Not The Author - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Not The Author.

Foo. And here I was all prepared to join and be horribly killed.

Maybe next time.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Keerutaja.

Oops [img]images/smilies/icon_redface.gif[/img] I'll change my text color


Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

I was going to apologize and change the text colors for all of mine but it seems he is doing so, then.

Also, I just realized how hard it is going to be to play 5 people all at once, and with my habit of making uselessly-long textwalls for simple things, shit's gonna get realer than


something that's really real or something i dunno


quantum foam

yeah that works

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by PlumFinder.

We're allowed to join more of those at the same time!?
I didn't know that. [img]images/smilies/pc_bemused.gif[/img]
Wouldn't that be problematic if you somehow win two and end up fighting yourself int he finale?

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - Pinary - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Pinary.

PlumFinder Wrote:We're allowed to join more of those at the same time!?
I didn't know that. [img]images/smilies/pc_bemused.gif[/img]
Wouldn't that be problematic if you somehow win two and end up fighting yourself int he finale?
The general consensus is that the second-place player would go on.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

PlumFinder Wrote:We're allowed to join more of those at the same time!?
I didn't know that. [img]images/smilies/pc_bemused.gif[/img]
Wouldn't that be problematic if you somehow win two and end up fighting yourself int he finale?
Yeah but there is no way in hell that I'm gonna make it that far, lol.

But look at Dragon Fogel, he's managing to pull it off relatively well with Konka Rar and Eximo being in the same group of battles.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by PlumFinder.

Sweet, I'm gonna join the next one. I've got this awesome character in mind.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - Godbot - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Godbot.

Name: Ouroborous
Gender: Collectively, both at the same time
Race: Recursively parasitic ecosystem of Ouroborites (see below)
Text Colour: #004400

Items/Abilities: Rapid life cycle, high reproductive rate, fast metabolism, corrosive saliva, thousands of eyes, teeth, and claws, pheromone-based communication, and a collective screech that is overwhelming to lesser minds.

Description: An Ouroborite is a carnivorous insect that is about 4-6 inches long and vaguely resembles a prawn. Ouroborites have voracious appetites, various natural weapons, and a brief six-hour life cycle starting from when they hatch from their egg. It has red-orange carapace and dozens of short, spindly legs in two rows along its yellowish underbelly. It has two sets of strong barbed mandibles arranged in a crosshair in front of its mouth, and two smaller, padded mandibles that help pry food off of of the crosshair-mandibles and easily swallow it. It also has a long, thin proboscis that is highly abrasive to the touch, which helps it flay soft flesh off of its prey. Harder materials are torn apart by its slightly-corrosive saliva, which it spits onto its prey before devouring it, and its two barbed claws that fold against themselves like a mantis when they are not in use. An Ouroborite sees through two small, beady black eyes and four long antennae, two on each side of the head, one above the eye and one below. It also has smaller, less sensitive antennae along its sides. On its flanks are two thin, papery wings that are encased in carapace when not in use, like a beetle. (After the second hour of their life cycle, Ouroborites become too heavy to fly with their wings, but if they leap into the air they can get a small boost by flapping them rapidly.) An Ouroborite also has long, smooth black stripe along its underbelly that makes a piercing screech when scraped with its legs, and a series of holes that spew pheromone gas for communication. To anyone without the proper receptors, this pheromone gas is a very mild neurotoxin. A small concentration of pheromone gas is harmless, and only causes a sluggish feeling, but as the gas thickens it becomes more potent. Its tail ends in a cluster of fishhook-like barbs. Ouroborites also secrete a clear purplish fluid made mostly out of the blood of their prey, which thickly coats most of their carapace, to allow for heat retention. Ouroborites are attracted to the smell of each other's fluid coating, and so they will viciously attack anything that gets coating on it, including each other. Fortunately, they are barely sentient.

Although a single Ouroborite is certainly dangerous on its own, it has such a brief lifespan that it cannot possibly survive for more than a few generations before running out of sources of food and dying. To overcome this, a swarm of Ouroborites managed to create a recursively parasitic relationship with itself, the parts of the whole constantly devouring each other for nutrients and energy to survive and reproduce, creating a small-scale self-sustaining ecosystem collectively known as "Ouroborous." Although slow-moving and not terribly intelligent, Ouroborous is extremely difficult to kill, because any wounds that are inflicted on an individual Ouroborite is neutralized when said Ouroborite is quickly devoured by the others for energy, followed by who- or whatever inflicted the wound. Although the screech of just one Ouroborite is annoying at best, the screech of hundreds of them all at once can be overwhelming and terrifying, and can cause insanity in lesser minds. If enough Ouroborites spread the same pheromone, Ouroborous will collectively become more focused on the task at hand, generally imminent danger to its continued survival. Otherwise, Ouroborous is little more than a large swarm of Ouroborites, unable to act as a unit beyond collectively moving in more or less the same direction.

Biography: Ouroborites are the result of a long chain of failed genetic experiments that occurred (or are to occur) in an alternate future timeline of Earth. Their focus was to create entirely new macroorganisms, or creatures that are visible to the naked eye, rather than the traditional genetically-engineered microorganisms. Eventually, through extensive research, testing, and splicing the DNA of failed projects together, a barely-sentient insect was created. The scientific community was astounded by the final result of the project, but the organism was rather unremarkable. A conclusion was reached that there was one exciting new possible use for the new lifeform: Since it was created from entirely new DNA that did not exist in the genetic code of anything else on Earth, the insect could be used to research, or even prove the theory of evolution. An experiment was devised in which a sample of the organisms' life cycles were artificially accelerated to an extremely rapid pace. Sample organisms would hatch, reproduce and die in under an hour, and samples were regularly collected to test for the minute changes in their behavior and DNA. However, as the as the experiment progressed, more and more mutations occurred, some of them drastic. The sudden appearance of larger specimens, longer lifespans or additional sets of limbs were observed as the experiment progressed. These mutated specimens almost always became the top of the contained food chain.
Evolution is in itself chaos at work. When anomalies and mutations occur, they are 'tested' against the surrounding world. If they give the organism an advantage, they are passed on to future generations. Slowly but surely, advantageous traits are allowed to grow as organisms with favorable traits produce offspring with more potent versions of the trait. But when evolution is sped up, the chaos is worsened, and anomalous traits are arbitrarily included in future generations. For the insect specimens, the only way to create a biological edge was with natural weaponry.
So, had the experiment not been performed confidentially, outsiders might have noticed when anomalies became more and more frequent, and more and more drastic, such as the sudden introduction of pheromone gas, or the appearance of entirely new organs such as wings and mandibles. There might have been outcry for the experiment to be stopped, but as it was, the researchers were too focused on results and profit, and the experiment was allowed to continue.
Finally, the hideously mutated organisms reached a point where they were able to break free of their simulated habitat, and devour the entire team of scientists, guards, and the entire research facility. The surrounding town followed, and the towns surrounding that town, and eventually cities, and eventually countries. As a species introduced to an alien habitat, the specimen had no natural predators, barring each other, and so they ravaged the planet, a cancer at a macroorganic scale.
Fascinated by mankind's capacity to destroy itself, The Controller plucked a sample of 'Ouroborous' from the alternate future Earth, deeming it a very interesting addition to his roster of combatants.

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - GBCE - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by The Dr..

You know, Godbot, I was actually going to suggest you make it so that the Ouroborites evolve since their lifespan and reproduction rate is so high, but I realized that's too good an idea and I want it for a future battler. [img]images/smilies/pc_chummy.gif[/img] DIBS!

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - Godbot - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by Godbot.

Even if it's barely sentient, I think Ouro's powerful enough as it is without being able to spontaneously evolve, don't you?

Re: The Gradual Massacre (GBS2G4) [ Loading... ] - MaxieSatan - 05-30-2010

Originally posted on MSPA by MrGuy.

Name: Holly Tallbirch.
Gender: Female.
Race: Elf (OH SNAP, FOLKS.)
Text Colour: #BF0040

Biography: Born in a long line of wizards, Holly was trained in magic from a young age. However, the rather loose rules of her family led to her becoming quite spoiled and more than a bit mean-spirited, and when it was time to select a magical discipline she quite deliberately chose one that would allow her to mess with people.

After finishing her training, she began wandering around the world, frequently stopping off to sow havoc. She had just finished causing the mayor of a certain town to start insulting voters when she was summoned.

Description: Fairly tall. Noticeable "assets". Dirty blonde hair in a long ponytail. Gray eyes. Wears a navy blue dress with dark red triangles.

Seems stoic/placid (occasionally flirty) on the surface, but is actually a manipulative bitch. Enjoys screwing with people's minds. Gets very frazzled when anything goes wrong for her. Prefers to avoid direct combat, but when involved in it likes to inflict pain rather than lasting damage.

Items: Whip fashioned out of thorny vines. Clawed gauntlet. Topaz ring designed as a conduit for magic. Large backpack.
Ability: Pathomancy, which can be more or less considered an offshoot of alchemy. Essentially, a Pathomancer can change matter/energy into emotions, or vice versa. For example, they could destroy a rock to make someone "stoic", or use someone's anger as a source of heat.