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RE: Great Haven - Time Stopper - Justice Watch - 02-06-2017

(01-31-2017, 01:14 PM)Schazer Wrote: »"Um,'

[Image: FEPs9RN.png]

The secretary grumbles under her breath. "Ugh. Why, why would he do this... That's just... Oooooghh, I was almost done with the last block, too..."

(02-01-2017, 04:13 PM)tronn Wrote: »>Ask the secretary what that was about

Meekly, you sit up and ask the busy lady what in the world just happened. "You mean you don't... Oh, who am I kidding, you're a Hiir."

She explains, "What you just did was a very exceptional display of innate magic. This isn't all that common in Hiiri, that we know of, and I suppose Aloysius is pretty excited because that was also a particular type of magic that he's been trying to legitimize for a while, from the school of Time."

(02-01-2017, 09:32 PM)Thegreath3rpa Wrote: »>Ask what it was for as you have seem to have not noticed and/or forgotten.

You tell her your ears ring, and ask why that experience was so confusing as a whole. So she tells you, "When that pendulum was held in front of you, he only let it wave once or twice before he let go. For the rest of the test, it was simply swinging in the empty air, and how long it does is usually a good measure of how willing you are to focus on your own Force magics. And... you did really well with that. Most people drop it when he asks them to count his feathers, and they realize he isn't holding it any longer. But for you, he realized that he could do something extra... if he clearly wasn't prepared for it."

"And what was that?" you ask.

"By startling you with the book," she explains, "He managed to get you to slow down time itself. The pendulum stopped swinging, and that was your doing whether you knew it or not. That's never really happened before, but.. again, neither has this." She refers to the mess of papers she had begun to clean up.

[Image: dFWh4o9.png]

You look at the other two. Maya looks ecstatic. "Gosh, I didn't know you had that sort of thing in you!"

But... Deline's expression is difficult to parse, as usual.

There's clearly a lot you don't know about magic.

RE: Great Haven - Time Stopper - Schazer - 02-06-2017

"So uh just between you and me, strictly off the record, is time magic a crime"

RE: Great Haven - Time Stopper - Wheat - 02-06-2017

I'm sorry for messing up your papers. I didn't mean to. If I could help you sort them back up would you please not punish me for it

RE: Great Haven - Time Stopper - tronn - 02-06-2017

>Help the secretary to get into her good graces. Being sociable like that is good for making friends!
>Ask Maya what she thinks of the doctor. Would he try to take advantage of you and your talents? Is it safe to stick around here?

RE: Great Haven - Ward - Justice Watch - 02-20-2017

(02-06-2017, 06:57 AM)Wheat Wrote: »I'm sorry for messing up your papers.

[Image: pcdRBZT.png]

"Ack. No, I'm not mad at you, you don't have to do a thing. This is just what I get for wanting a so-called quiet office job."

She mutters under her breath, her voice barely audible. "...You wouldn't know what to do with this anyways."

(02-06-2017, 06:32 AM)Schazer Wrote: »"is time magic a crime?"

It seems to you that time magic might be illegal... it would make sense. Tentatively, you ask the secretary about it.

"...Not really. I don't think there's any known kind of magic that has the potential to be illegal, actually. Time magic simply isn't recognized by the scientific community at large, since most of what happened could just as easily be explained by force magic. Though, Aloysius says he can use that same sort of criticism against the school of healing, since that can just as easily be explained by time magic. I have no idea how he intends to prove that, especially with how he's just so-"

[Image: NiI7g7k.png]

The esteemed scholar enters the room again, carrying what appears to be a small ward.

"...Reckless." She quickly gets out of his way.

[Image: EatVBo2.png]

With a small amount of stumbling, the hawren manages to set the ward down on the desk without breaking it, or you. He looks at you in anticipation. "Try to lift this please," he requests.

(02-06-2017, 07:39 AM)tronn Wrote: »>Ask Maya what she thinks of the doctor.

You only have to look at her. She mouths to you, "I have no idea what he's doing."

RE: Great Haven - Ward - Dragon Fogel - 02-20-2017

Well, uh. Think real hard about lifting it, then?

RE: Great Haven - Ward - a52 - 02-20-2017

knock it off the table, shattering it. run out of the room in fear.

RE: Great Haven - Ward - Wheat - 02-20-2017

remember to stretch before lifting or you might pull something

RE: Great Haven - Ward - Smurfton - 02-21-2017

It's a pity that the book didn't get stopped before hitting the wall. If it was time magic, the book would have continued on its course when the spell ended, but if it was force magic, it would have clattered to the ground.

Also, I think Raoul will get the best results by not trying, and just actually moving to pick it up. He wasn't exactly trying to swing the pendulum or anything, it just kinda happened.

RE: Great Haven - Lift - Justice Watch - 03-01-2017

(02-20-2017, 09:46 PM)Wheat Wrote: »remember to stretch before lifting or you might pull something

[Image: mOpJbEJ.png]

Alright. There's no sense in not trying, you suppose. You pull on your shoulders and give yourself a good stretch.

[Image: oztWov9.png]

Anything could happen, but you'll be damned if you break your back from straining.

(02-20-2017, 05:06 PM)Dragon Fogel Wrote: »Think real hard about lifting it

[Image: I61ltdW.png]

You suppose the real problem is, how do you even begin? A ward like this is made from solid mithral stone, the properties of which you can only guess at, aside from being very, very heavy. In fact, you're not quite sure how that scrawny looking hawren managed to get it in here. Maybe it has something to do with how you focus on it mentally? To be fair, that seems to be your only lead on the task.

Tentatively, you place your paws on the base of the blue stone, feeling the natural bumps and curves on your digits. It makes your fur stand on end. After a bit of feeling around, you manage to find a workable grip (as far as one exists on the clunky thing), and you take a breath as deep as your hiiri lungs can handle...

[Image: CYfsfHb.png]

...And as you lift, to your surprise, you need to exert yourself for only a moment. Before your eyes, the ward rises up and off of the table in your very hands, balancing against the bridge of your nose if you lean back too far. You swear your fingers slip, but they stick to the surface like magnets.

[Image: DB3TUun.png]

It's buoyant. It's unreal. Between your shoulders and your spine, you don't feel a lick of pressure, not even on your feet or the ground beneath them. Completely weightless.

[Image: f6pxV2g.png]

...Although, now that you think about it, you can't even feel ground under your feet at all.

[Image: pnmiywf.png]

...It takes you a bit to realize it, but you've had a bit of help. How the physics of this works, you think you'll never know.

The sound of Aloysius's voice interrupts the thoughts trying to fit themselves together in your head. "Yes, yes... your body appears to be incredibly conductive, Raoul. You're doing very well. Now... if the two of you would very gently set the ward back down, please?"

(02-20-2017, 05:33 PM)a52 Wrote: »knock it off the table.

[Image: KWMkbMV.png]

Instead, you do the first thing that comes naturally in wild, unfamiliar situations like this: you panic. The static grip discharging from your fingertips is released, and you all watch in horror as the ward tumbles downward...

[Image: v8GSR9C.png]

...Well, downward at a leisurely pace. Maya manages to take several strides backwards before it even makes contact with the table.

[Image: cEXdw1I.png]

The ward casually rips through the unfortunate furniture, sculpting it to the uncomfortable sounds of creaking and splintering wood.

[Image: UfGzIE6.png]

As everyone stares, bits of the table fly out, and make graceful arcs in the air before settling on the ground.

The secretary is meanwhile screaming some words you didn't even know existed about how this room is becoming a nightmare.

RE: Great Haven - Lift - K25fF - 03-01-2017

>Apologise profusely. Ask how much a replacement table will be.

That was super cool, though.

RE: Great Haven - Lift - tronn - 03-02-2017

>This is super weird and you have to get out of here. There's no way that hawren won't abuse your powers to make himself wealthy!

Aww Raoul stretching looks really cute!

RE: Great Haven - Payment - Justice Watch - 03-20-2017

(03-01-2017, 10:49 PM)K25fF Wrote: »>Apologise profusely.

[Image: E66gX5W.png]

You've really done it this time, haven't you? Just as the surreality of the situation became less of a focus, you turn your tail and scurry into the nearest and safest spot you can find, all while chanting "I'm sorry" over and over. Your hear his voice, and go silent, bracing yourself for the worst...

[Image: zrrg1dQ.png]

...but he's laughing. You expected him to be fuming. "Eeehehee, you silly thing! You've done a lot more good here for me than you've done bad! It's clear you're not feeling your best, though, so I'm not going to ask you to do much more. I think I have a fair diagnosis, either way."

Deline pipes up from the back of the room. "What is it?"

"Oh, firstly, you should know that curses don't exist, yes? So certainly, Raoul isn't cursed - I should even call him blessed, for having such a strong connection with the forces of magic." He turns to you, still hiding in Maya's scarf. "That would explain most of what you've told me, after all. Uncontrollable bursts of thunder? Inexplicable events causing mayhem in your home life? You should be working on how to control these things, and I think you'll find your luck turning around. Perhaps your friends can help you with some basic force magic, if you haven't learned as much already. You can have my word that Magdeline is a very powerful magic user!"

Powerful or not, Deline only seems intent on giving you weird looks.

(03-01-2017, 10:49 PM)K25fF Wrote: »Ask how much a replacement table will be.

[Image: ORYd6Vk.png]

You bring up the topic of payment, particularly for his table, and he quiets down a little bit. "...Ah, yes. Well, that sort of thing was going to happen eventually, so I don't expect you to pay one spice, for that. In fact, that whole experience has given me a few more ideas for experiments I could try for my line of work. And then, the Grand Athenaeum will be giving me enough grant money to buy hundreds upon hundreds of desks!"

There's an awkward pause, before the secretary decides to close things off. "...But before he can buy a new desk, Aloysius and I will need to buy food. So that will be 3800 spice for the session."

[Image: SIPNpIA.png]

You're not quite sure if that helped or not.

At least you can ask Deline or Maya what they think while you're on your way to the arms market.

RE: Great Haven - Payment - Wheat - 03-20-2017

Oh well if it's going to be that much then you don't feel that bad about anything that happened and in fact might as well get your full money's worth of the cost of a session and keep going. You haven't seen more than 500 spice at once, after all, and 3800 is like... (look at fingers) much more times that.

RE: Great Haven - Payment - tronn - 03-22-2017

>Shop for extra​ arms
>Ask for recommendations on lodging, end up in a boarding house with quirky landlady and memorable clientele just waiting to be turned into a sitcom. Or Maya's house whichever is more convenient.

RE: Great Haven - Market - Justice Watch - 04-04-2017

[Image: j4acnmH.png]

Maya seems to know where to go. You made a mental list in your head earlier of things to buy. You thought of weapons, extra clothes... perhaps training on some sort of trade skill that could allow you to find a job. Though, you're not sure if you want to start investing years of training into something you're probably too small for, and right now, and in this city. But, it wouldn't be unwise to invest in a bank account. You tell Maya of your plans.

She says, "It might be a bit difficult to find someone who makes weapons your size, but Arioch is the largest city in the world; there's bound to be someone."

Deline interjects, "I would be surprised if you did; Hiiri have a vastly different body type from the rest of the six races, so anyone making swords or bucklers that small would have to be quite eccentric... If not more eccentric than Aloysius was."

"Raoul, how much money do you have now?"

You recount the coins in your bag. After the first time, and after counting Aloysius's payment, you're pretty sure you're getting faster at counting by units of 500. You have those, plus the four 50 spice coins you received in change. After after a short while, you declare, "There's still just about 8,700 spice in here."

"A good weapon your size will eat up more than half of that," Deline adds, "and you still need to think about paying for a place to stay. That is, unless you're okay with sleeping on the streets."

Before you can say that you probably would be, Maya offers a solution: "I wouldn't mind if he simply stayed with me. As long as he wanted, even! I have enough money to support him at this point."

There's a brief pause. You don't know what to say; you suppose you can never get used to such generosity.

Eventually, the conversation turns to how maya prefers not to have a weapon, and then to the versatility of her magic skills. Maya and Deline both agree that force magic makes a fine substitution for a weapon, but it can still be quite exhausting when switching to other magics, like the school of healing. Deline says she needs to be working on her skills with the school of power, since it makes the light shows in her line of work much more impressive; Maya says she never really saw the appeal of using power magic, though. Too dangerous, she says; force is much more useful. Though she wonders if there is anything worth looking into the school of space. Nobody really uses it for anything other than storage. Deline complains that her bag is too clumsy to carry around, and that she should probably invest in a saddlebag like yours or Maya's. She wished she had invested in spacebending thread early on, like Maya did - it's just too expensive to be practical now. Maya does say it made saving for her move a lot easier. Then everybody stops talking, and there's silence.

[Image: SqgRw4U.png]

Before you know it, a corner is turned, and then the usual stalls on the sides of the road multiply into a full-blown marketplace. It never occurred to you just how busy places like this could be under the daylight. Maya turns to the nearest vendor to ask about hiir-sized weapons and armor, and she's told there's a shop down the way that has a small selection... but then, there's so much stuff around, you could start looking almost anywhere. The question is, what do you really need?

RE: Great Haven - Market - Wheat - 04-04-2017

a collapsible shield that expands into a full protective ball where you are safe inside and no one can hurt you. the armoregg

RE: Great Haven - Market - tronn - 04-04-2017

>Pants would be nice

RE: Great Haven - Market - Zephyr Nepres - 04-05-2017

> Maya: Try and find something cute for Raoul, like a cute little hat (maybe a turquoise robin hood hat to match his scarf?)
> Deline: Suggest a much more practical use for the spice

RE: Great Haven - Choices - Justice Watch - 04-11-2017

(04-04-2017, 08:41 PM)tronn Wrote: »>Pants would be nice

[Image: tDxDMJN.png]

Some kind of defensive garments would be a priority, you think, but you're not sure if pants would be well suited for your body type. Being a Hiir, your legs are short and your hips are quite... round. Your limbs would get tangled up in the cloth too easily. Perhaps you would have better luck with...

[Image: IHZ0s8G.png]

A tunic? At the bare minimum, it gets the job done. Touring some of the stalls, you manage to find this one, and it doesn't look too bad... and it even has a matching hat for you to buy separately. Beyond being protective and upping your Defenses from all sources, the seller also claims it to have ward-like properties - meaning if someone particularly nasty were to try using offensive magic against you, most of it would be absorbed by the suit. So that means it would add a nice Will bonus as well. ...It sounds nice, but you also have doubts that it would be useful to you; Who would try using magic against someone small and fast enough to outrun it to begin with?

(01-09-2017, 03:48 PM)a52 Wrote: »>Buy a tiny buckler shield

[Image: ueAKA9t.png]

You also manage to find someone who sells hiir-sized bucklers. It's pretty lightweight, so there are no complaints there... it should give you a moderate Defense boost. The curious thing about it is, there appears to be a small button on the inside... and when you press it...

[Image: MNamLBJ.png]

...A force field pops up and surrounds you, and begins to roll freely around you like a ball. The seller claims that it's indestructible. Not only does that sound too good to be true, but it feels very claustrophobic to be trapped in a sphere like someone's pet. Your Agility would be noticeably reduced in this state.

(01-10-2017, 04:55 AM)Zephyr Nepres Wrote: »> Maybe a blade of a highly conductive metal

[Image: LMK4gGs.png]

After browsing through armor, you decide to look at the available weaponry. It turns out that the shop that Maya asked about earlier only had one real weapon your size - a rapier. It's fine iron-based metal, which would prove useful for practicing magic (should you try to do so), and it gives you quite a bit of reach... but as a weapon, you can only really see it as being truly useful in combat with other Hiir. Against any other race... it's basically a glorified needle. Still, something is better than nothing, and it should raise your Attack. You'll need to practice with it no matter what you do.

(01-10-2017, 05:33 PM)tronn Wrote: »>Buy a GUN

[Image: 10w3vC2.png]

And finally... the three of you manage to find a vendor that sells firearms. This one is designed to be held in one hand by a Rozo, but you can hold it in two just fine, if it's a little cumbersome. All firearms that you've seen in your lifetime generate their own bullets with force magic, though those only travel for a few meters before disappearing into thin air. They have quite the knockback... at least, the one your old clan had did. It was much bigger than this, and never really left the den. With your spacebending bag, you could carry this just about everywhere, and it would be invaluable defense against anyone or anything who meant you harm.

The biggest issue, you suppose, is the price. You have 8,700 spice.

The tunic costs 2000 spice, and 3800 with the ward upgrade.
The buckler is 500 alone, but with the bubble, it costs 5000, ten times the original price.
The rapier will fetch 3550 spice.
...And last but not least, the rozo pistol, a cannon in your hands, will drain you of almost all your money - a whopping 7500 spice.

Maya also suggests it would be a good idea to look at some potions as well - they hover around 1000 spice per bottle, but you haven't really looked at them in detail. Depending on their effects, they could cost less, or much, much more than that.

Oh, and the hat was 200 spice, if you wanted to grab that.

Of course, you don't want to be too hasty in these sorts of decisions; it would be wise to keep some money in a savings account, where it could gain interest, and you could always do a little more browsing...

RE: Great Haven - Choices - Schazer - 04-11-2017

Get that tunic and hat cuz it looks great on you

RE: Great Haven - Choices - Wheat - 04-11-2017

if we're interested in the bubble, ask if it can be tested by dropping a really heavy thing on it. also are there air holes in it?

don't buy gun or sword. you could easily fashion a swordwand yourself out of a rod in the ground

the hat is a must as it goes well with buckler or tunic (depending on which we go with, tunic is a better all-around starter thing and looks tight, bubble could help us get out of situations that would otherwise kill us and also provide an impromptu nest/fortification where there isn't one)

RE: Great Haven - Choices - Smurfton - 04-11-2017

I agree that hat and tunic are a must, but, not so sure about the warding effect. Not a fan of the bubble, and the cost doesn't seem worth it. Guns are fine, but let's do some saving first before we get one.

So what potions are there? Anything for making a quick escape?

RE: Great Haven - Choices - tronn - 04-12-2017

Let's get the hat and tunic with ward upgrade, it might help by absorbing any stray magical effects he accidentally generates. Also some kind of healing potion would be all around useful.

RE: Great Haven - Choices - Mirdini - 04-12-2017

Hat and the upgraded tunic, then check out what potions are on offer.

Also try to save at least 2000 or so spice for that bank account!