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RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - Justice Watch - 06-28-2017


(05-30-2017, 03:22 PM)Schazer Wrote: »Tell them that the merchants are too suspicious.

[Image: PASJwbm.png]

You close your eyes. A tinge of panic strikes your heart.

Like this, you can pinpoint almost exactly where the other Hiiri are - but, as you've been silent, they would have no idea that you were even there. So, in your attempt to be as helpful as possible, you speak up. Your ears twitch and turn just so... and your voice rings as clearly as those around you.

"It's not safe." you rehearse in your head. "You guys need to go home. If you try anything, the merchants are definitely going to catch you."

[Image: MAf33eW.png]

There's silence, and then a commotion as the others try to figure out who this new voice is, and why they're apparently out in the open. You try to quell their frustration with a sheepish apology. You're sorry. ...Maybe you don't sound sincere enough. You're really sorry.

You would offer them your money to make up for it, but what's the point of that if the one person you thought you trusted ran away with it? You didn't want to give it credence until now, but Maya has been gone for hours. She walked away, and you barely gave it a second thought. You just sat there and fantasized about all the armor and food that money could buy you. If you weren't such a clumsy idiot, you would have followed her, taken the money and ran away while you still could. But instead, you counted your rocks until sundown, and told yourself she would be back. And now it's gone forever.

And now these people get to starve, just like your clan did.

[Image: ipRokWj.png]

There is a rustling from the pot.

"Who the hell are you?"

(05-30-2017, 03:22 PM)Schazer Wrote: »It's not your fault.

[Image: pEbtlZl.png]

"I-I didn't mean to..."

RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - Wheat - 06-28-2017

There there it will be okay... youre doing a lot better than earlier today...

Ask a merchant if there's a chair or waiting area you can wait in while you wait for your ward to come back. if theyre not back by the time they close up shop you'll leave. Also your new friend here can wait there too, if someone notices them.

"i'm raoul and i'm waiting for a friend to give me money here. i could treat your whole clan to a nice meal if you don't mind waiting.

RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - Zephyr Nepres - 06-28-2017

> Just be a bawling mess for like... 10 minutes straight. Pot lady is trying so hard.

RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - tronn - 06-29-2017

>both of you: get chased off by a suddenly appearing hostile and bond over a series of narrow escapes where you help one another

RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - Zephyr Nepres - 07-23-2017

So I did another pixel art. Hope you enjoy!

[Image: yfDR49h.png]

RE: Great Haven - Tell Them - Justice Watch - 08-11-2017

(06-28-2017, 02:40 PM)Zephyr Nepres Wrote: »> Just be a bawling mess.

[Image: q9ixsPh.png]

You turn away, tail still tucked between your legs. Hell, you can't even bear to look up to her. You can feel the weight of disappointment pounding in the form of a stare against your back. And in time, you're sure, the weight of dozens more.

But, you've been through this feeling many times before. As much as you'd like to, you can't simply stay silent. Silence is just as bad as saying the wrong things. And anything you could say could be the wrong thing. You don't even know who this Hiir is, and you've already ruined your first impression - the seconds between seeing her face and now felt like hours, as if you were making up for the lost time waiting for Maya to come back.

You want to tell her your name, or at least what you're doing there, but you choke on your tears. If you managed to open your mouth at all, you fear the only noise you could make is a low, warbled -

[Image: LDzF9qV.png]

"AAUUgghh, dammit, dammit!!"

[Image: AljiMPk.png]

There's a shattering of clay behind you, and you turn back around to see the culprit: and arrow had itself buried into the hip of your new acquaintance. Grain spills out onto the platform and onto the ground below as she struggles to escape from the shattered pot - and she's swearing up a storm. She must be gathering all kinds of attention - and that arrow means that somebody was already watching her.

And you.

...You feel like you might faint.


RE: Great Haven - Bawl - wiltingMyosotis - 08-11-2017

> take the arrow off.

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - Smurfton - 08-12-2017

Do not do that ^ that makes the bleeding worse. Rather work on getting medical attention, after getting both of you out of the archer's line of sight. Speaking of, you should probably look up and somewhat left to see where the archer is.

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - Wheat - 08-12-2017

Try to summon whatever couage and power(s) you have and concentrate as hard as you can on where the arrow came from. Then do whatever you can to make sure of your new hiir friend 's safety. It may be your fault but you can still hopefully fix things!

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - tronn - 08-13-2017

>Notice that all her friends have scattered and ran away, it's up to you to carry her to the relative safety of the alleyway!

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - FlanDab - 08-20-2017

>Flee from immediate scene. Find a good place to at least partially hide from the source of the arrow.

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - Zephyr Nepres - 08-20-2017

> Cauterise the wound with your flame magics.

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - Wessolf27 - 08-20-2017

>Carry her with you ASAP! Drag her if you must, but most importantly, use your instincts to find the best hiding space for the both of you!

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - gloomyMoron - 08-23-2017

> Well, this isn't gonna look good for you. They're gonna assume you're with them. Time to panic and plead.

> Magic: Be uncontrollable.

RE: Great Haven - Bawl - Justice Watch - 09-16-2017

[Image: ApOBmDL.png]

Your heart pounds as a whirlwind of emotions washes over you, yet you somehow manage to step up and help the injured hiir free herself from the shattered pot. She can stand on her forepaws, but the weight of the round itself applies enough leverage to keep her off balance. Not to mention, it looks incredibly painful.

In between the sounds of each of your labored breaths, she speaks to you a second time. "...Kid, I don't know what possessed you to leave the tower, but if you want to go out with your elders, you're gonna have to play by the rules." She pauses for a second, biting her lip. "...I need you to break the arrow so I can move, but don't pull it out. And be quick, before the archer reloads."

Tumblr Anonymous Wrote:Break the arrow near the base.

[Image: dHgKuuU.png]

Your arms shake as you take the arrow between your teeth, careful not to make the wound worse - it's too thick to break right now, but hiiri have a knack for breaking things. The wood splinters easily as you gnaw, and it's rough on your dry mouth - but in seconds, the fibers are thin enough for you to bend with your arms, and it snaps in two; the lurching motion causes her some visible pain, but she shrugs it off. You barely have time to be impressed. Just then, you hear the heavy thunk of another arrow hitting against stone, missing you both by a generous margin before clattering to the paved ground below. A gust of winter's chilling wind just moments before must have knocked it off course.

(08-12-2017, 02:57 AM)Smurfton Wrote: »See where the archer is.

[Image: afYlenR.png]

You look toward the arrow's source, and spot a pair of silhouettes standing guard on the tallest nearby building, though you think only one is an archer. They'll be able to see you on the rooftops... and the ground won't be much help either, as the shopkeepers are doubtlessly well aware of the situation by now, packing up their things as they prepare to defend their product. You're wide open; all you can do is run and hope they don't hit their mark.

[Image: vbBIYsr.png]

Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted by a snap of the fingers. "You twit, are you even listening to me?" The lump in your throat keeps you from speaking; her voice must have faded into the radio chatter of hiiri talking through the air. "Go to the roof and get inside. Listen to your clanmates - they'll tell you how to get in. And for sky's sake, keep your ears up so you can hear them."

You stare at her blankly, like an untrained pup to its owner. It hurts to keep your eyes open.

"You can't stay here. You need to leave. Now."

You choke. She's frustrated.

[Image: th3PRmp.png]

She slaps you. "Go home to your mother."


[Image: Ebvglr4.png]

The chieftains in Arioch are a lot scarier than the ones back home. But at least they're nicer... sort of.

RE: Great Haven - Break - Wheat - 09-17-2017

well, you might as well have a look around here and immediately outside.

RE: Great Haven - Break - a52 - 09-17-2017

What are those green things?

RE: Great Haven - Break - Wessolf27 - 09-17-2017

>Could you ask anyone who's awake about this? Because you're not missing a mother, in fact, you're a traveler from another town. You have to insist that fact.

RE: Great Haven - Break - tronn - 09-18-2017

>Ask around if she made it back here, and if so can you talk to her?

RE: Great Haven - (Status update) - Justice Watch - 11-30-2017

As you all might have noticed, I haven't been updating very much lately. I still plan on it! My goal is to update every week.

However, I'm currently taking two majors in college right now, and that has swallowed up all my time. That means leisure time, sleep time, time to get a job and make money, and time to work on this comic. My life has been very stressful lately.

The good news is that, I'm taking steps to improve that - for the rest of the school year, I'll be taking fewer courses to help manage my stress level, and with that comes time to work, and time to have my hobbies again. I may even have time to set up a website for the various things I do, and possibly a Patreon. That would allow me a lot more freedom to work on the things I love.

My plan right now is to update again sometime next month, and return to weekly updates by the new year.

In any case, thanks for sticking with me for these several years - I'm looking forward to many more.

RE: Great Haven - (Status update) - kilozombie - 11-30-2017

I just caught up and this is absolutely magnificent. I love everything about your style, your characterization, your willingness to go with commands and interpret them in a fun way-- it's just an absolute treat. Especially the setting! There are lots of little details that remind me of other things, but it really carves out its own voice in a lot of fantastic ways. I can't wait to understand more of the lore and complexity, because what you've already shown of just the hiir is very, very compelling. Li'l mice people from a tower who have gangs and operate like completely mature adults? Yes.

Thank you, and thank you for the update. Good luck with everything, and good luck to Raoul!

RE: Great Haven - Look - Justice Watch - 01-02-2018

Wheat Wrote:have a look around here and immediately outside.

[Image: l86mahU.png]

Through this hole in the wall, you can see that you're quite a ways up. There are lots of cool lights, and from the sounds of things, lots of people too. You wonder what's going on.

[Image: UpP8CP6.png]

But you also wonder what's higher up. The air resonates with deep and regular regular clunks of metal, the spaces between which are filled with silent Hiiri chatter. The smell of oil and wet hay is overwhelming - it's a familiar scent, but somehow distinct from the den in Loroni. This place has magic-based heating, or you assume so, because even with an open window behind you, you're not standing in freezing night winter air.

You can sense that the size of this clan is over twice that of your old one, but most of them appear to sleep at this time; you can hear snippets of their dreams. You would join them, but you can't stand the noisiness yourself.

a52 Wrote:What are those green things?

[Image: jGKTFs7.png]

You've already had your fill of food after the local chieftains made a scene out of bringing you here. There's still a lot of melon bread left over, and all those dried fruits and meats - it makes for excellent comfort food, but you're mostly over what happened earlier today. You've been through worse. Probably.

They sure have a lot of food, though. You'll be damned if these guys aren't sitting on something good.

...You miss your bandanna.

Anonymous Wrote:Look around and see if you can find the leaders

[Image: R2JhDkC.png]

Well, you were going to sulk for a few days, but you suppose now is as good a time as any to start moving again - it felt like you were here just last week, but you know that's not true. You call the attention of someone listlessly hanging out, much like you are, and climb up next to them.

"...Pardon me," you ask. "Do you know where I can f-"

"Whutzat? Speak up, I can't hear ya, son."

The interruption reminds you of the bad taste you've had in your mouth since a few hours ago. But you were raised to be patient. "...Do you know where I can find the chieftains? I wanna know how to get out of this place."

"What?" His face twists in confusion until it looks like he realizes something. "Ooh, heck, you're that kid what stole a shawl to join the market raid. You've got guts."

"No," you say. "That isn't what happened. Where can I find the chieftains?" you ask again.

"The usual place. Why, are y'gonna take back that apology?"

You shudder, but somehow keep your composure. The worst is over now, and you tell yourself it's time to bounce back. "Where is the usual place? I'm... I'm not really from around here."

"Uh. They're down below, then, with Farragus and them. T'see about Felna's wound. I doubt they'll let you near her right now." He shifts his weight to begin standing up. "I can't sleep with the show going on tonight, so I figured I would go up top to watch it. It looks like you can't sleep neither, so I'd let you join me if you like."

You tell him you'll have to think about it.

"...Well, you've seen enough blood today, any which way. But if you're new here, I'll show you around - 'nless you really wanna see how Felna was doing. Up to you."

Hearing that makes you think sulking wasn't a bad idea after all.

RE: Great Haven - Look - SeaWyrm - 01-02-2018

>Get him to show you where Felna is, then try to secretly heal her with magic.

(This adventure is the bee's pajamas! Can't believe I didn't know about it sooner.)

RE: Great Haven - Look - Wheat - 01-02-2018

"Where did my bandana go? That was mine, it was the one thing I had from my old life."

Also don't see Felna yet if they're still in critical condition; wait until those attending them would be more likely to let you see them. They could use some time to recover and I don't think we have healing magic yet.

RE: Great Haven - Look - tronn - 01-02-2018

>Comment on how they have so much good stuff. How this clan became so wealthy?

Hiiri can sense what others see when they sleep? Do they have shared dreams?