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RE: Great Haven - To Felna - Justice Watch - 01-19-2018

(01-02-2018, 02:16 AM)SeaWyrm Wrote: Get him to show you where Felna is.

[Image: vxLVYhn.png]

You convince him to take you to Felna, though he says you won't be able to get very far before you're stopped. It sounds like the chieftains are all meeting with this Hawren called Farragus, who seems responsible for the clan's location. The massive food stockpile is only due to their size, not their wealth. "If it weren't for Farragus," he adds, "we'd all be stuck back at the old den, outside the city. That old place just wasn't working out, t'say the least."

"I can relate," you tell him.

He continues. "If I'm bein' honest, this place ain't gonna work out for too much longer neither. Especially at the rate we're picking up outsiders... no offense."

"I don't want to stay anyways," you say, waiting for a chance to interject. "Do you know how I can get my bandanna back? It was a gift from a friend."

He doesn't get what you mean at first. "Your what? You mean that blue shawl you were wearin' when you ran into Felna? Pretty sure they took that back to Farragus so they could see if it were one of theirs; non-scouting members aren't allowed to have neckwear or magical items. Maybe you ought to see them after all, but..."

[Image: TRUR7yf.png]

"...You're gonna have to get past Rye first."

You can sense that Felna and the rest of the chieftains are a short walk through a tunnel past that door.

"She'll put up one helluva fight, too. And I'd much rather watch the fights outside." The rumbling of the audience outside is louder down here. You thank him, and he begins to head up top, saying that you can meet him again by climbing until there's nothing left to climb. Though you can't say you're too excited about rubbing elbows with the locals just yet.

RE: Great Haven - To Felna - tronn - 01-19-2018

>Lie that you have something super important to tell to the chieftains, and it's for their ears only.

RE: Great Haven - To Felna - SeaWyrm - 01-20-2018

>Trick Rye by throwing a rock to make a distracting noise.
>If that doesn't work, just go watch the thing.

RE: Great Haven - To Felna - Wheat - 01-21-2018

Rye looks asleep. Seems like nothing could go wrong with you trying to sneak past them.

On second thought, tell them that you want to volunteer as a scouting member, temporarily.

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - Justice Watch - 02-20-2018

(01-21-2018, 09:23 PM)Wheat Wrote: Try to sneak past them.

[Image: XpF6Gpn.png]

You wave you new acquaintance goodbye, and wait for him to be out of sight before you do anything else. First, you throw a few rocks at the wall behind the guard - it seems pretty clear that she's asleep, so sneaking past should be easy. Shouldn't it?

Standing up tall on your hindlegs, you start to sidle on past her... until you need to think about the different routes you need to take. Above all else, you need to avoid the risk of touching her. Maybe it would be easier if you snuck underneath the wooden cover, but there's not very much space behind that and the bin of dried mortar either. The sound of it clattering to the ground would be disastrous. By now, you'd be thinking of ways you could snag the sword before she could...

[Image: HJZEEmB.png]

...But as you plan, the sight of Rye waking up sets a flutter of panic in your heart. "Hmnn," she yawns. "...What exactly are you doing over here, kid?"

You hold your position, until you decide that you've already seen the worst today. You couldn't have less respect for an authority that takes away your belongings. "I have a message for the chieftains," you tell her. "And it's for their ears only." You thought it up on the spot, but it wasn't entirely false.

Unfortunately, Rye is much more informed than you are. "The chieftains are already discussing matters known only to them. You may as well tell me, so I can go tell them myself. Weren't they talking with you earlier?"

"Well," you think aloud, wracking your mind for another convenient excuse. "It's important that I tell them myself, because..."

(01-21-2018, 09:23 PM)Wheat Wrote: Volunteer as a scouting member.

[Image: Lti5v6j.png]

"...I want to be a scouting member!" You put on the most comfortable face you can, something you are well practiced in. "Honestly didn't get a good chance to say it, but I always wanted to be with you guys and help provide for the clan. And, get some fresh air and... all that."

"We could all use the fresh air here," she replies.

[Image: PoilZY6.png]

She also points her sword at your chest; it wouldn't be the first time this happened to you in the last 24 hours. "I sure hope you're willing to stick to that story. So tell me, why should we let you be a scouting member?" Your will is visibly faltering. "You look a little young to me. What can you do that the others can't?"

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - Schazer - 02-20-2018

Magic. Not very good magic (yet), but magic nonetheless

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - bigro - 02-20-2018

"THIS" you proclaim as you proceed to do a sick backflip, awing everyone in the vicinity and several that are not. Finish it up with finger guns to really seal the deal as they say on the streets.

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - Wheat - 02-20-2018

Knock out a rozo with a single electric shock. (don't ask me to do it now though, it takes a while; one reason why I don't want to tell many people is because my old clan thought it was a "curse" and I don't know how superstitious you all are.)

To be completely frank, I want to use do it for personal reasons. Just today I was part of a job that made me owed a pretty good sum of money. I was supposed to meet with the person who was going to give it to me when all this happened. If I'm a scout, I can more easily find my contact, get my money, and do whatever it is I'm doing next, giving this clan something for its hospitality if I'm going on my way. I don't know what I'll be doing next though, that depends on how I feel after meeting with the chieftains.

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - Smurfton - 02-21-2018

Do as wheat says. Rye will want evidence of any skill you claim to have, so try not to exaggerate.

Is there a way to demonstrate your magical abilities without knocking out Rye? Having the ability to use magic is the only thing you can offer, and Rye would be blind to ignore the value of magic in favor of superstition.

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - SeaWyrm - 02-21-2018

"w-well, I may not be experienced, but I have a lot of heart! And determination! And, uh, I was always really good at hide-and-seek..."

RE: Great Haven - Sneak - tronn - 02-21-2018

>you can do personal favors, if she knows what you mean hint hint nudge nudge

RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - Justice Watch - 03-27-2018

(02-20-2018, 09:43 PM)Schazer Wrote: Magic.

[Image: 4UEDYLX.png]

You don't know how to answer that. It's not that you don't know the obvious answer - it's how you fear she would react. Who knows what the people here think of magic? If anything was a curse at your old den, it was the stigma... and you're still not sure what to think of it yourself. So you decide to start with the smaller stuff, and take a step backward from the sword's tip. "...I'll be honest," you say, "I don't have a lot of experience, but... I was always real good at hide and seek, and I can make a good snowhiir."

Rye looks unimpressed, and lowers her sword to see if there were others waiting for her to be distracted. She doesn't bother to stand up. You didn't come all this way to be trapped in a place like this, so you brace yourself and add, "I can use magic pretty well, too."

She sighs. "That doesn't sound particularly special. Anyone can throw sparks with enough practice, you know." She demonstrates by snapping little arcs of electricity between her digits.

Now comes the moment of truth. "Just yesterday," you continue, "I took down a rozo by myself. One zap, and he was out."

"Please. You're a bad liar." She swishes her tail behind her and yawns, eyes heavy as though she wanted to go back to sleep. "Hmm. But at least you're not cocky about it." She scratched her chin in thought. "...I'll tell you what. If you can show me you're as powerful as you say, then I'll let you down to see the chieftains with Farragus."

You choke a little as you speak. "...I don't actually have a lot of control over it. And I don't want to hurt you."

"So what I'm hearing is, you don't have any evidence for it?"

(02-21-2018, 12:03 AM)Smurfton Wrote: Try not to exaggerate.

[Image: SFhLPI3.png]

Beating around the bush doesn't seem to help your case, and you're getting tired of not being taken seriously. At least, being a magic user doesn't seem to hold the same weight here as it did back home. It's at this moment that you realize you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. So you tell her everything.

"...Okay. I don't even want to be a scout." You note the change of tone in your voice. "I was about to buy a tunic earlier today, with money that I got for knocking out that rozo. I had... I had over ten thousand spice given to me, and then taken away, today. And now I'm here. ...I just wanna find the toril who still has it, before they leave town."

You pause, feeling a familiar dryness in your throat. "...I'd do anything," you say, "to find her."

She did save your life, after all.

[Image: 4fnp1RT.png]

Rye stands up with a look of grim curiosity. "...Okay. Let's say what you're telling me is true, and let's say we find that torill. What are you going to do after?"

Her stance reminds you of your small stature. "...I'll give the clan some of the money, and then I'll be on my way."

"...And how much money did you say you had?"

"I had eighty-seven hundred spice, when I lost it," you say.

[Image: 2g5YnUY.png]

Suddenly, a there is a familiar ringing in your ears. The source is obvious this time; Rye is talking to the chieftains.

"Ahem. Rohan, this is Rye. You guys happened to find a small bag while you were out there, didn't you?"

There is a delay, until another voice comes from somewhere far beneath you. "Yeees, yes, this is Rohan. We have the one. This had better be good, Rye."

"I have an important question," she responds. "Did you find it in the sea?"

"Yes, we did," came the other voice again.

"And just about how many guards did you kill to get it?"

There is another delay, about ten seconds long - and a slight stirring in the air as the other hiiri start to wake up. The crowd outside was one thing, but this was kind of hard to ignore. Finally, a third voice pierces the darkness. "This is Moe. I counted there to be seven yellow ones, and eight purple ones."

Rye takes a deep breath, and sighs. "...It appears that bag belongs to the young one you found wandering outside, and he wants to be a scout to get it back."

"What?" says a voice, which you recognize as Felna's. And then there is a long, long silence.

[Image: jylwfMT.png]

Growing impatient, she steps aside. "Just go down, already," she says out loud, preparing herself to fend off the small crowd gathering nearby. "The rest of you can back off."

You just follow your orders.


[Image: G8CzkRa.png]

The way down is pretty straightforward, although it's dark, even for a hiir. But at least you can catch the bends in the path before you run into them. Sometimes the floor gets steeper, or a wooden frame lines the walls... and you only seem to take left turns. The voices of chieftains arguing about you bounce around in your head, and you are tempted to tell them all to shut up - but you know better, and instead flatten your ears to try and quiet them.

You are really glad telling the truth seemed to work; you aren't particularly proud of some of the things you would have tried otherwise.

Eventually, you see a light...

[Image: R3L7m58.png]

...And find yourself in a quaint little room.

Upon seeing you, the Hawren standing over the group shakes his head. "What on earth is going on? Why won't you guys tell me anything?"

You definitely recognize the rest, but you don't know their names. Someone who looks like Felna is sitting in the back, but you can tell it isn't her. The first one to speak among them, the grey one, must be Moe. "...Hello again," he says, pulling on his scarf.

Everyone else just stares at you, like they don't know what to say. ...You don't really know what to say, either.

RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - Robottobt - 03-27-2018

>Introduce yourself politely and tell them what you are here for.

RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - Wessolf27 - 03-27-2018

Tell them that you really miss your friend

RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - tronn - 03-28-2018

>Your bag was enchanted by the person who disappeared with your money, and you need it to track her.
>Get assigned an unlikely partner, start your search for Maya in a buddy cop movie fashion where you learn to appeciate your differences.

RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - Wheat - 03-28-2018

>hey if you guys are playing strip balloondraw i won't be able to join if i don't have my scarf back

>oh i hope this isn't racist but a harwen showed me i can do time magic earlier today, do you know how to show me anything?


RE: Great Haven - Be Honest - box - 03-31-2018

Tell them why you came here. Its safer to tell the truth than to tell lies. ...they'll probably know anyways.